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I have a fossil bone to pick with this flick… The Critic takes off the nostalgia googles and finally reviews Jurassic Park!

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  1. To be fair to the triceratops scene, it’s elaborated a lot more in the book. I’m pretty sure it only exists in the book to separate her from the group as well…but yeah, at least you can’t blame Spielberg for putting it in. Keeping it in and cutting her finding out WHY the dino was sick so it seems entirely random on the other hand…yeah, got nothing for that.

    Fun Fact: In the book, the lawyer is not that bad and wants the park shut down for safety reasons, while Hammond is actually kinda a bad guy. Instead of some Walt Disney-esque dude, he’s the guy who only cares about money.

    • Not to mention, the sick animal in the book was a Stegosaurus, not a Triceratops.

      And as for the “most marketable animals” coming from the stomach contents of mosquitos – I suspect that’s what Isla Sorna was for. 🙂

      Oh and that “Good luck getting this theme song out of your head” line always cracks me up.

  2. Phoenix Healing

    I just watched Jurassic world and guess what I had in my head the entire movie? 🙂

  3. I freakin love Jeff Golblum.

  4. God I love this movie. When I was a small kid, my dad tried showing it to me to scare me, but it entirely backfired because I adored this movie and for the longest time I wanted to be a paleontologist and I knew a dinosaur name for every letter of the alphabet, things like that. As for the sequels, I didn’t really care about Lost World, I hated 3, and I actually really like Jurassic World, even if the critic hated it until that last fight lol.

    • I was entirely unsurprised the critic hated it. Wouldn’t have been enough to just like the film, since it’s very good. I do agree the end scene is the most awesome, but JW was a very worthy sequel.

  5. Katheryn Blackadder

    Oh, I was geeking out over Jeff Goldblum way before Jurassic Park. Ever hear of The Fly? Earth Girls Are Easy? Uh, uh, other films from the 80s? <3

  6. That bloody raptor scene makes me jump even to this day XD

  7. Tony Ciccariello

    when the T Rex shows up, and one of your captions read.
    “Chuck Norris is my Butt Plug”
    Fuck almighty I was laughing

  8. Don’t nitpick science, it just comes across as condescending. Plenty of mosquitoes are found in amber all the time (it’s how Crichton GOT THE IDEA FOR THE FILM), and exactly half of all of them fed on blood. Since the only big warm-blooded animals at the time were dinosaurs it makes complete sense. You’d should’ve highlighted the problems getting intact dinosaur DNA (which is still well explained in the film – they filled in the gaps with existing animals), or successfully cloning healthy animals as a technology, which isn’t even reliable today.

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