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While it’s still in theaters? But how? The Nostalgia Critic reviews 2015’s box office smash, Jurassic World.

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  1. Would revewing the movie here, count as spoiling it?

    • futuremoviewriter

      I finished watching the review. It’s…different. It has to be seen to be believed.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Angry Comments to Doug Walker below my comment please just write it below mine and I will respond to them(the ones I want to anyway
        Video ^ (in which you ppl on this site don’t need my direction just if someone needed to watch it then I just pointed to it for them).

        • I don’t know if I’d characterise this as ‘angry’, but what the hell.

          While I found the review amusing, there were two main issues with it (for me):
          1) the bit at the start (the Hollywood bit, not the DVD cover bit) seemed unnecessarily angry and hateful. I mean, I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be to be at the receiving end of the worst of Hollywood’s copyright issues, and yes, they’re every bit as immature and stupid as you say. But it really did come off as hateful and nasty, and since it was the seeming rationale for the review, in-universe at least, that hatefulness kind of permeated the whole review. And angry/hateful isn’t really very funny, at least to me. So, that was a bit of a downer.
          2) Related to the above, doing this while it was still in theatres was either ‘hey, this is awesome, go see it!’ which, while not bad, is not what I watch this show for, or it’s ‘hey, these guys are douchebags, so I’m going to do my part to ruin their success!’, which really comes off as petty and spiteful. The third option ‘hey, this is really popular, let’s jump on the bandwagon before it fades!’ is less likely, given the past of Doug & Co., but not a good alternative.

          So, that’s my thoughts. Do with them as you will. I want to stress that I do like NC and the rest, just this particular video left me a bit cold.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            It’s a pain when companies copyright stuff is what he’s trying to say even though they fall under fair use they still remove it and that’s what the bit was about.

          • Yes, that’s astonishingly obvious. It’s still not overly fun to see, (for me) though

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Yeah and it’s too obvious when companies like Viacom and 20th century fox do it(well viacom doesn’t do it as much anymore but still you get the point).

          • Well, the movie does suck, so he isn’t really ruining anything.

            On a side-note, videos being taken down in a sort of questionably legal manner does make critics lose their jobs.

          • To be fair Hollywood, or execs therein using spurious copyright claims against channel awesome (spurious since as a review it would be fair use, but hey who has the bigger lawyers)
            Is directly hurting the sites revenue, for the NC to make a video, both calling them out for that and doing a review anyhow maybe somewhat angry but nobody could claim it is unprovoked, calling it hateful is the same as calling a kid who gets bullied hateful for standing up for himself.

          • 1. That’s a *terrible* analogy, and 2. I don’t give two craps if it’s justified or not. I did not enjoy this video because I don’t like to see people being hateful. As inspiring as your ‘standing up to bullies’ metaphor might be, it’s still not how I want to spend my free time, and the reason I gave my feedback was because I didn’t enjoy the video, and potentially others shared my perspective. Maybe they don’t, and I can be safely ignored; Doug/Rob don’t work for me, after all. But in the event that a decent number do agree with me, then hopefully my feedback will be of some help to Doug and Rob, however miniscule-y.

          • Well……to be fair, regardless of how you took the part about Critic flaming the Hollywood system, this happened at the beginning of the video before the review proper. Is it really Critic’s fault you ‘wasted your time’ on the entire thing? Plus, regardless of what his driving feelings were behind that segment, this review would have made zero sense to any of his viewers without the proper context.

        • Honestly i’m not angry with the way this review was handled, sure i would of liked to see the respective clips from the movie used but the explanation at the being i can understand. As for the actual review i can understand where the critic is coming from. I saw this movie opening night and i have to say it is a worthy sequel to Jurassic Park in the sense that it a least furthers the idea of dinosaurs brought back to life for a theme park. I mean the PARK IS ACTUALLY OPEN this time. We got to see something new in the series. However i myself have some major problems with the film, including the use of CGI, not that the use of it was bad but the fact that several scenes in this movie blatantly could have been done using practical effects. Plus i have seen some photos online of the animatronics used for the raptors in the muzzles and they looked fine. THE very first scene of the movie was a straight homage to the original and could/should have been done with practical effects. On a side-note i did love all of the the subtle easter-eggs referencing the first movie and other characters mainly all of the Jeff Goldblum books in the scenes. Definately better than the other sequels, but i cant stand to hear other people say that this one was better than the first. (i.e. MY cousin is an idiot for saying such a thing) Thank you for reading.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            I will agree that there is too much cgi in the film but them building the animatronic raptor then they wasted it on cgi is ridiculous for sure.

            Though I haven’t seen the original Jurassic park but just for reviews of it online so I can’t really say if it’s better then the original one or not. But like you I did enjoy it and think it is way better then both lost world and Jurassic park 3 combined.

        • Dang I did not make the runner up list, I actually put quite a bit of time into my cover design, can I ask why it did not make the cut?


          Not enough characters? Too cartoony? I was debating that one with myself but in the end I just went for it cause it seemed more fun at the time.

        • WoW… this Review was Ridiculously bad… i mean, NEW TYPE of Bad… it was Worst than Jupiter Ascending, Man of Steel and Bart’s nightmare Let’s Play

      • futuremoviewriter

        Jurassic World is a substantial cut above Lost World (which I kind of like) and an ENORMOUS step above Jurassic Park III (which I thought stunk). It’s on the level with Jurassic Park (which I like, but don’t love) or slightly below it. They seem like two halves of a whole. JP had the visuals, JW had the themes. The thinking I did during this movie about those themes really engaged me and that’s what I’d been hoping for with the first one that had ones that were interesting, but didn’t stand out enough.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Your right futuremoviewriter. I hope one day you become a big success!!!

    • Alec Hendrickson

      This review is awful and shows how immature Walker and all his fans are.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Don’t you think that’s taking it a bit too far it might make a lot of ppl upset(myself included)!!!

        • Alec Hendrickson

          I used to be a fan of Walker, but after a while I began noticing something. Immaturity, insufferable immaturity. Immaturity is not a good trait for a critic or a comedian. And the fact that people are following someone who is not acting their age shocks me. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing on this site? I’m collecting info for what NOT to do in my upcoming review series, where maturity will be present.

          • Ok, do better.

            I’ll be surprised if you even last a year.

          • why do people always have to act their age? people who are in the field of comedy never act their age. game grumps. AVGN, roosterteeth. they are all immature in different ways. why is it bad to you?

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            He’s kind of like Adam sander but way way funnier and that commenter makes a valid point comedians do never act there age.

          • Alec Hendrickson

            Have any of you ever seen people start acting that way after watching too much comedy like that? I have.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            I have and his name is Adam Sandler and every reviewer on the Internet ever!!!!!

          • Sa'ad Al-Khatib

            He has become an anime geek , it is obvious!
            even his new team and friends are anime geeks
            and since the critic is a fictional funny character he applies the stupid weird anime jokes into his videos , which makes him appear below his age he acts thinks and reacts like a stupid over-hyped anime character

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Phbt,probably but Tamara and Malcolm will be next and I’m sure of it!!!!!,!

          • Ok, point to me a comedian who REALLY acts their age, as if that’s even an excuse.

          • Because “acting your age” tends to not be funny.
            Where’s the humor if everyone is serious all the time?

          • Msr. Alec, I’m not certain if you’re aware, but by saying, “I’m more mature than him, ergo I am obviously better than him” is actually incredibly immature.

            Either way, as a mature adult, I’d like to wish you luck–entering into the ‘internet reviewer’ field is incredibly difficult, and generally requires years of work, earning little to no money whilst working a dead-end job, until you break through, and become something that everyone knows.

            Or, more likely, you’ll wind up at around 100,000 subs on youtube, and that’s about it. Either way, don’t give up, and keep trying, no matter what happens!

            (Though, don’t be afraid to laugh–if you can laugh, and be flexible, nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING can break you down.)

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Mr.luddwitz he will probably won’t make any jokes cause he has to be more mature. Yeah I hope that Alex guy fails!!!

          • Alec Hendrickson

            Don’t underestimate me Manchild. I have friends who can supply me with the right tech and I have a sense of humor greater then you’ve ever imagined. And my name is Alec.

            Cowardly Troll.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            At least I don’t try to rant!!!

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            I don’t try to tell people and I’m done here. Also sorry Ludditz for getting your name wrong.

          • Dude I’m getting sick of his shtick too but get off your high horse man! You don’t get to impugn someone’s moral character because they like something you don’t. It’s video on the internet. How bout you go expend that anger on something that matters; like Isis, police brutality, feminism, worker’s wages, homeless children, abused puppies…I don’t know, take your pick.

            TBF, I’m going to go on a rant of my own shortly…so I got your back on that front. Just keep it in perspective

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            K I’ll try to stop and just ignore him and I’ll keep what you said in mind. Your rant should be interesting and this for backing me up on this one.

          • Do…do you not understand how a character works? Because it’s like you don’t understand how a character works.

            I mean, like…unless you’re being a character right now and that character is a troll.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Yeah I know how a character works and I’m trying to stop being a troll.

          • Alec Hendrickson

            What irks me about Walker is the fact that people are actually influenced by his reviews and start becoming obnoxious, rude and immature manchildren like him. This is my final post, think about it.

          • ahaha there’s a reason i continue to watch walker and i probably won’t ever check out your channel mate, enjoying a review and finding the flaws in a comedic and entertaining way is one of the best ways to go about it, i can go watch jeremy jann’s or some other reviewer but god the critic is so much more interesting, well written and well acted to actually make me consider your opinion for even that, an opinion, self promoting on someone else’s site is pretty much as low as you go but yeah i hope your series finds an audience

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Influenced by his reviews and start acting like him. Well yeah but only Internet critics do but they don’t really get more rude to you they just get more childish and dumb. People in america who watch these videos are not just gonna think to act like there age like he does . Sure some ppl maybe will,but most people in America won’t go impersonate there favorite Internet reviewee(only if there cosplaying but that’s just a whole different situation for another day).

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            That’s a good point McCord that’s why I don’t nitpick dougs stuff cause it’s stupid and I’d be nitpicky if I did and that comment before this one is for Alecs comment above you(so that it doesn’t get confusing who’s commenting to who).

          • I look forward to not watching your show.

          • I watched all of NC videos (except a few I intend to watch after seeing the movie he reviews in those) and I don’t think he ever acted mature in any of them. I have to admit I began to watch him almost out of spite (I took a bit too seriously the AVGN/NC feud and considered Doug a poser on the same level of the Irate Gamer) and the more I saw, the more I enjoyed them.

            Now I’m a big fan, thanks to the so called immaturity you claim to be a disadvantage. He’s a critic/comedian, he riffs on overacting when he overacts himself, he points the finger to how repetitive some plots are when he’s been repetitive himself. If I wanted something more serious I’d be watching Renegade Cut alone (which I enjoy as well, Leon Thomas is awesome).
            Doug enjoys what he does and it shows, no matter how childish it might look to others. Hell, even my brother considers him a loon from the sound of his voice alone, but he’s my kind of loon. Same as James Rolfe, he’s hammy as hell and yet I love his reviews. Pointing out that being immature in a comedy show is bad is like going to a stand up comedy show and point out how the public is laughing about stuff that, under a careful analysis, should not be funny and sometimes even rather offensive. Are you the kind of person who would heckle George Carlin (RIP) because he begins his show by mocking ProLife people and their inability to get laid? No need to answer, it’s a rethorical question.

            Anyway, in this time and age, people needs entertainment and if you decide not to entertain people with your work, good luck with that.

          • Are you kidding me, dude. You are really commenting on his videos to say he is immature when his comedy is comical, and cartoony. He acts as an angry critic that wears a tie and a hat, in a particular outfit. He’s like Spongebob, only a lot smarter and a critic. Spongebob was just a reference to the style of comedy. You’re immature for coming to his page and telling him he is stupid for doing what he’s done though you claim to have once liked it.
            Get the fuck over yourself. Let people live. Like it or don’t, who is any of us to judge a person?

          • You do realise this is all played up significantly, right?

          • Orcish Librarian

            A great man once said: “Well, of course I’m being childish! There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

            Yeah, OK, it is a Doctor quote. But it is still valid. The Nostalgia Critic is a role, a gimmick. And the reviews? They are entertainment! Sure, there is truth in them… most of the time. He bashes bad movies (or the bad parts of ok or even good movies) in over the top ways, and that is what’s it all about. Fun! Why do you think there is a “Real Thoughts” series of videos? Jesus, guy!

            If you need to take notes HERE to do a serious review show… oh boy, you have some problems right there. And as someone else already pointed out: Good luck, if you don’t have entertainment value in your reviews, you won’t last long. People have better things to do to than to sit down and watch a smart*** talking about a movie for about half an hour.

            Watching someone making a complete fool out of themself while giving a little insight into a movie as a side dish on the other hand…

          • When you do not get the same numbers as Doug or the others on Channel Awesome, what will you conclude then?

      • It’s actually a clever way to review such awful and immature motion picture which somehow got a lot of praise from dumb and immature people along with pseudo-fans of the classic film.

      • Your so full of it your just mad because he didn’t like a movie you probably liked & how is making jokes in a comedy review show immature it’s suppose to be silly.

      • See, Mr. Hendrickson, immaturity is part of the Critic’s humour. Well, if immaturity is funny or not is a matter of opinion. But posting a comment on a site mostly visited by fanboys saying how much their idol sucks and how mature and awesome and funny you are, and on top of that seriously arguing with the fanboys about that, is by far the most immature thing I have seen in a long time. 10 year olds do that. But hey, at least you made me laugh. Keep up the good work!

      • Zartan The Destroyer

        Aww Muffin Kiss kiss?

    • I thought this review was clever and fun! The editing was concise; the acting and comedy especially on par…excellent review!! 🙂

    • Wouldn’t any of his reviews count as spoiling the movie? I mean he practically shows the movie in review.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Probably yeah that’s pretty much with any reviewer on the inter webs.

        • I’m pretty sure professional reviewers just don’t go and summarize the whole plot and then call it a “review”

          • Nostalgia Critic is a professional movie critic and reviewer. This is his day job after all.

            It’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that he is reviewing movie X in it’s entirety. I don’t think a single person watching this review cried out at the screen lamenting the lack of a spoiler warning.

            This is his MO after all. And if he didn’t, I would be deeply disappointed.

  2. i really have no idea how to feel about this review. Dougs getting really ballsy

    • ballsy or success shaming?
      Out of all the movies THIS is the one that gets an early review?
      It’s so based on the fact it’s successful is the bad thing.
      I agree it should get an NC,every human character was unintentionally hilarious to me,but NC should’ve waited for the Blu-Ray,it’s a flawed precedent.

      I skipped ahead,I’m not going to watch this.
      NC and Rob always say it’s their opinion and this is ours,but that’s telling people how THEIR brain works.
      I skipped to a random point in the video and Doug is complaining about the CG
      So now everytime I see the movie I have to be perplexed someone out there is pissy enough to bitch about the CG.The CG’s really not perfect,but that level of McNitpicking is when criticizing becomes bitching.

      Its like he’s doing the typical film student thing of bashing the big Hollywood movie..the weird sense of false pride and the catharsis of being better than something big is there..

      quality video,but it’s the weirdest episode since Bart’s Nightmare

      • I think this is the WORST episode since Bart’s Nightmare.

        • The weird thing is, I agree and yet enjoyed watching the Bart’s Nightmare video simply for how bad he played and got annoyed.

        • Yea, this is one of those reviews I couldn’t even bother to sit through. With his reviews, I often find myself skipping the skits because they’re just so needless, and beat a dead horse. This was less of a review as it was a 3 year old playing with dinosaurs going “rawrrrr”

          • I thought that it was hilarious when they re-acted the scenes to both avoid copyright issues and to make fun of people who just can’t grasp the idea of fair use.

            If you find yourself skipping most of the material, maybe you should ponder if you even want to watch his videos in the first place.

        • I have ever only posted twice in this website… Once for a Linkara Video I think… And today to agree that this has been the worst review since Bart’s Nightmare… I understand the NC’s comedy, and how in your face it sometimes is… But he just came off as insufferable this time…
          The last part of the review was the best part, with that said, maybe it as done like that, because in Jurassic World, the last part of the movie IS the best part of the movie… I’m just glad they don’t have the rating system in channelawesome anymore…

      • Complaining about the CGI isn’t nearly as nitpicky as you seem to think it is. It’s pretty much a universally agreed upon problem in critical circles: an overreliance on CGI hurts a film, and the only thing that can potentially recoup some of that is if the CGI is of fantastic quality.
        This is because, among other things, actors can’t react to CGI as effectively as they can to an actual, physical effect. If you can’t see what you’re supposed to be reacting to, it’s harder to do so.

        I think, despite all his screaming and intense reactions, his review can be boiled down to this: the movie has a good look, and an utterly fantastic finale, but it’s dumb. Its characters do dumb things. They have dumb plans. They are uninformed about basic information of which they should be completely aware.

        Chris Stuckmann, in his review, points out that what this leads to is apathy: I don’t give a shit about what’s happening when Dinosaurs aren’t on screen, because why should I? I say this as a man who watched it in theaters twice already. I really enjoy this movie. It’s also almost offensively stupid.

      • It’s Bart’s Nightmare all over again…and that’s very bad. Very bad.

      • You realize he didn’t wait for it to come out because he’s sick of his reviews getting taken down by movie studios and so made this so that not only would it be out while the film was in theaters, but also to ensure that no movie studio could flag it for using footage, right?

        • They are only taken down from his youtube Channel. Remind me why he made ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com again? Because he can have a way to do his show without Youtube bitching.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            That’s why he made this channel awesome website to replace tgwtg so all the videos can be found here if there not on his YouTube. That’s why he made this website so you can watch his old vids and new vids and videos if there copyrighted on YouTube then you can watch it on here. But were you even paying attention when he said that he was transitioning old videos from that guy with the glasses to his site ChannelAwesome.com?

      • thatkidwiththepimples

        “i skipped to a few arbitrary points in the video so i could watch random moments without any context, and obviously they’re just jealous and have no reasoning behind their decisions. i mean they explained their decisions but i skipped over that so who cares?”

  3. I’m sure the comments to this video are going to be cheerful, and not rage-filled in slightest…

    • Well, when you produce childish material, you’re going to get childish comments.

      • Dude, he’s reviewing a movie where movie science creates a hybrid dinosaur that Screen Junkies has verified does not act like an actual animal, let alone a dinosaur.

        Check your maturity at the door, sir/madam, because you’re in Jurassic World now.

        • Way to go! You just highlighted the whole point behind the antagonist dino and acted like you just spotted an enormous flaw!

          It was never supposed to act like just an animal. They even said in the movie;

          A. It’s part Raptor and has very high intelligence.
          B. Has predatory traits and enhanced behaviours that go along with it.

          There are animals that kill for gain (Lions, Chimpanzees). There are animals that kill for sheer enjoyment or sport (dolphins) and there are animals that kill for the sake of killing. (cats)

          This artificial animal is meant to have traits from many different creatures. When Wu is bombarded with questions about why the animal is so aggressive and dangerous, he gives the reasoning that you can’t just pick traits without behavioural systems to go along with them.

          In the end, you might well end up with a creature that acts out entirely differently than the sum of its parts.

          The end theme is that you don’t fuck with nature! The same theme as the first movie. Just told a little differently.

          The amount of mental rejects who can’t get such a simple theme and instead resort to pointless bashing simply because they don’t get it is immense!

  4. i wonder if he’ll review this again when it comes out on dvd

    • I could see it go either way. I think this review’s comedy relied heavily on the reenactments from the movie and if there was a version of this review with actual clips from the movie, that would be lost. Doug may revisit this movie when it’s released on DVD but I am doubting that that will happen.

  5. I know it was a stupid movie but I really enjoyed it.
    Yes a lot of things were insane like the ball the children where traveling in or the owner of the park but this still was very enjoyable.

    • I have no problem with Jurassic World. Hell, I also didn’t have much of a problem with the previous Jurassic movies. Why? Because they movies about genetically cloned dinosaurs that run a muck in the theme part they were created for.

  6. Lecherous Shapeshifter

    Remember when Doug reviewed nostalgic movies?

    Whatever happened to that?

    Hopefully this won’t become a recurring trend. I’d love to see some shitty 90’s kids films like the old days.

    • It kinda makes me wonder if he should’ve just kept the nostalgia critic dead, and maybe just review movies as himself. It’s basically what he’s doing every Nostalgia Critic episode

      • I’m sorry but that’s bs he is boring when he reviews it as himself and you know it. but him revieiwing the film so earlier is crazy.

        • I just meant that at this point it’s basically doug walker and not NC, he could still make jokes and do skits like linkara or todd does

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            Maybe he’ll review Osmosis Jones after fifty shades of grey.

          • actuyaly, we are talking about JURASSIC WORLD, you know….sequel to the Jurassic park franchise? which IS NOSTALGIC AS HECK? So….yea, I think this movie, and heck, even Star wars, kinda get a free pass of reviewing because they are not old, but they give continuity to what IS old.

      • That almost would’ve been best. Before he left, he was doing some great work with a pretty unique style at the time. I almost looked forward to his videos.

        Since his return, I feel like he’s bitter about his skit show failing and blames the fans for not supporting him, so he’ll now spend 1/3 of the review doing skits for no reason that feel forced.

        If he keeps doing more of these, then just kill off the NC again.

        • My God people still bitch about this? How long has it been? How many times does it need to be explained that he doesn’t want to just fire people he hired on because people didn’t like the skit show? Watch or don’t watch. Whatever, but the constant whining wont get you anywhere

      • I’m glad he brought NC back (because demo reel was…not good) and the whole reviewing newer Nostalgic material was a good idea…but he’s running on fumes. I think he’s out of material.

      • A potential thing that Doug could do is portray another character that likes to focus more on current material. I picture it happening like this: NC has a falling out with modern entertainment, retreating back to the comfort of nostalgia, but the part of him that was interested in modern films/TV splits off from NC into its own character with its own review series. This way the Nostalgia Critic goes back to being 100% nostalgic, and Doug can still review recent material in a similar fashion under a different persona.

    • Whwere have you been for the last two years…

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        He’s reviewed some nostalgic movies but mostly they’ve been from the 2000s(ya know like ya do)

          • And then at 23:23 he specifies that he “won’t review anything currently in theaters” and used the idea that seeing something after it’s left cinema is technically nostalgic as justification for keeping the NC name.

            I was okay with the Jupiter Ascending review (if a bit surprised) but there is no excusing this one. I’m a fan of the skits but thought that having them try and reenact the movie to cover the lack of footage was just stupid.

    • This is the latest in a franchise that holds a lot of Nostalgia. It makes sense to review it as part of that mindset.

    • thatkidwiththepimples

      If you’d watched his return video, you’d know exactly why he’s reviewing more modern films.

    • There’s only so many times you can go “Hey, look at this crap we used to watch. Wasn’t it crap?” before it gets dull. Opening up the show to more recent movies keeps things fresh.

  7. The thing is, this was all about funny reviews about bad movies. Now it’s all about dick reviews about movies Dog doesn’t like. Just for spite.

    • The nostalgia critic has become less of a character and more of a platform for him to gripe about movies he doesn’t like

      • Then don’t watch the videos asshole, I’m so sorry for saying that but does it matter? Jurassic world is still based off something nostalgic and he’s not gripping! This is probably the biggest bullshit i’ve heard from people, I’ve seen all the new stuff and he may yell and swear but in the end he still gives the movie some good critism but you have stupid nostalgia- fillled glasses to realize “Yeah he’s yelling a lot but at least he’s complimenting that.” but no its always “Oh he’s just whining why am i watching him!” Just shut up!

        • Always nice to see someone putting up the good fight against self entitled pricks dictating what Doug can and can’t do.

          And I thought I had anger issues. XD

          *high five*

          • All I did was point out how the show has changed, I don’t watch it anymore for that reason. You enjoy it if you enjoy it

        • Nice comment, Rachel J. 🙂

          I liked this review. Very creative. Pushing things to the next level when Hollywood would rather it be like in the 90s when people had no platform to discuss what makes a great work and what doesn’t.

      • I’m sorry i didn’t mean shut up I meant stop talking about him this way because you really don’t know him, you’re making guesses. Maybe he wanted to review the movie this way, shoot he has the option of reviewing as himself with his older brother or as the NC and he chooses both! So sue him!

        • I’m not going to watch it because I know I won’t enjoy it, I haven’t been watching his videos the last few months because he just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. He reviews stuff that came out this decade and the skits with the other actors aren’t as funny.

          • If you’re not going to watch it, don’t waste your time commenting here.


          • Then I must ask, why are you here? What about this video that made you come here and comment. I’m not trying to sound or act immature or irrational, like a troll, but just by seeing the title of this video, of course it wouldn’t appeal to you. Hell, I just saw the video and I don’t know what to make of it, but well, what did you expect, is what I’m asking.

          • And yet you still feel the need to go into the comments and bitch about just how much this review you haven’t seen TOTALLY sucks.

          • “you still feel the need to go into the comments”

            The comments are here to post opinions and such. You don’t get to tell people not to post here if they are going to be negative.
            If all you people want is a circle jerk, you can make a private group for that but THIS is a public commenting platform.

          • Necromancer Archon

            “You don’t get to tell people not to post here if they are going to be negative.”

            Then posts “If all you people want is a circle jerk, you can make a private group for that but THIS is a public commenting platform.” implying for them not to post comments because of them being negative.

            Are you for real?

            While this is a public commenting section, it is one dedicated to the video. This means the comments section is mainly meant for people to talk about the video and the site.

            This means someone posting about how they dislike a video they admit they have not seen nor intend to see, is kinda dumb. Why would they post at all when they admit they do not care about the video nor watch anything from the provider anymore? It gives everyone the impression that they are just here to complain unnecessarily, and nothing else. In fact that is exactly what they are doing.

            They mite be entitled to their opinions, but that does not make them any less stupid.

          • @Jason Hilton:

            I’m going to tell you something that I’ve told others in the past.

            Never take trolling lightly.

            Gonna troll, then go big or go home.

            Give the reader something entertaining, and clever.

            You shouldn’t just say you don’t watch NC anymore yet still stay up to date on his posting schedule and leave an utterly pointless comment that does nothing but waste our time.

            Up the bar is what I’m saying; if you’re going to waste your time, and ours…..make us laugh at the very least man.

            For example, those people that write a really long comments and then close it out by saying: read the first word of every sentence above.


            In all seriousness. You are on the right track, yet you’re forgetting that Free Speech comes with a certain caveat.

            When you express your opinion, others have the right to express their dislike of your opinion.

            In this case Jason says he hasn’t watched the series in some time, yet still keeps up with the posting schedule and makes a comment that says, in essence, nothing but “I don’t like this even though I haven’t and never plan on watching it.” that is utterly pointless, intellectually void, and mean-spirited.

            There is no room for intellectual discussion or debate, it is not entertaining, it’s just a waste of time for anyone reading it.

            There is no point in him posting that.

            Considering how easily comment sections can become completely consumed with such nonsense, it’s generally a wise option to try weeding such behavior out at the onset to keep the comment section at least somewhat enjoyable.

            Just some food for thought.

        • While we might not know him, when he uploads creative content, he’s fair-game to be critiqued. Do you think Doug has to know the writer of Jurassic World to critique the movie?

          I’ll just say this. The past year, Doug has shown a lot of strange creative choices that don’t paint him in the best light. From the “content” of asking for a 2 thousand dollar commission for 100 dollars and “exposure”, to doing quick reviews of the anniversary movies once MikeJ uploaded his then putting his own videos ahead of MikeJs, to the indieGoGo game show fiasco which…I can’t imagine anyone can justify the thousands fans donated for that and the time people waited for that final product.

          • The anniversary video review were particularly bizarre, given that the NC’s reviews of the anniversaries have existed for quite some time as DVD extras. For them to appear right when MikeJ decided to do them, and as you said, for the NC reviews of them to get higher billing that MikeJ’s newer, fresher reviews…it really shows lack of character.

            What is this $2000 commission thing you speak of? I haven’t heard about this.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            The thing I don’t like about it is that he doesn’t even say in the description that they were former DVD exclusives and it doesn’t tell people that’s it’s off a former dvd(since on this site they don’t mention the older DVDs.

            Like it would be funny if he posted his bum reviews of django unchained and les misrables and that Doug said in the video that if your watching this on the Internet then it’s probably downloaded. So for the future reviews he post to the site and there from anniversary DVDs I hope he mentions that there from DVDs and not just something they just through together real quick.

      • Why doesn’t he call himself the “Soapbox critic”?

    • thatkidwiththepimples

      I mean you clearly haven’t watched many post-hiatus episodes. He’s much more forgiving nowadays AND reviews movies he likes.

    • This IS a funny review about a bad movie. Sure, the NC flips his shit about the CGI and the “plot twist” but he basically had an orgasm throughout the finale (both of which contribute to it being funny) and delivered a level-headed conclusion stating what’s wrong and right about the film.
      This movie is a little better than say Transformers but he also judged it a little better. What’s dicky about that?

  8. The first Jurassic Park, while awesome, has aged and isn’t Citizen Kane. This is the kind of rage for Christmas Story 2, or Cat in the Hat. Not this.

  9. Jurassic Park —> Jurassic World –> Lost World? (remake LW that is)

    Don’t be surprised…

  10. MiscellaneousSoup

    I love the sketches and humorous recreations, so this is my new favorite review. I’m genuinely really giddy about this.

  11. See… The obvious inversion of the 50 shades thing would be having Doug be Anna.

    Cause: Fuuuuuuckkkk…. EEEEeeeeewwwww…. *Cringe*

  12. While I disagree with some of Doug’s points, I’m far too impressed with the humor of the recreations to be mad. I’d love to see the crew do more reviews this way, weather they have to or not. It’s the most entertaining thing they’ve done in a long time.

  13. Woooowwwww really reaching for straws on this one. The Nostalgia Critic has become way less fun over the years and just has become a platform for Doug to gripe about movies he doesn’t like and to get views by expressing unpopular opinions. He should’ve just ended the show when it was in it’s prime like Dave Chappelle

    • Oh shut up you pussy ass bitch! God another stupid asshole. Here read what i wrote to another person: Then don’t watch the videos, I’m so sorry for saying that but does it matter? Jurassic world is still based off something nostalgic and he’s not gripping! This is probably the biggest bullshit i’ve heard from people, I’ve seen all the new stuff and he may yell and swear but in the end he still gives the movie some good criticism but you have stupid nostalgia- filled glasses to realize “Yeah he’s yelling a lot but at least he’s complimenting that.” but no it’s always “Oh he’s just whining why am i watching him!” I’m sorry for blowing up honestly, i didn’t mean to snap it’s just that message made me so mad because you’re treating him like he’s not freaking human! Stop acting like he’s some bratty child though.

      I meant stop talking about him this way because you really don’t know him, you’re making guesses. Maybe he wanted to review the movie this way, shoot he has the option of reviewing as himself with his older brother or as the NC and he chooses both! So sue him!

      • SuperSaiyaMan12

        Why don’t you stop acting like Doug is not able to be criticized?

      • The butt-hurt is strong in this one.

      • GRiMLEGiON187@gmail.com

        i have to side with jason here. the NC keeps this guy tide up in his basement. and forces him to watch everything he does. im sorry thats just wrong #freejason #stopNCabductions

      • SailorRustyBacon

        What are you, nine? Do YOU know Doug, personally? And someone’s personal opinion is THE “biggest bullshit” you’ve ever heard? Wow, if you can’t handle criticism towards a public figure, I don’t even want to think about how you cope with anything that’s directed towards people you actually DO know. In real life.


  14. This. Is. Amazing!! I love the idea of reacting the movie, I thinks it’s really well done, and funny! I hope you guys are planning to make more reviews like this.

  15. Wow! I definitely enjoyed this video. Doug, if you kept on doing this instead of showing the clips of the movies, I wouldn’t complain. This was very creative and funny. 🙂

    • Agreed. Having just seen the movie myself, the reenactment versus the clip was spot on. Upon the end of it, I realised the entire review did not feature one movie cllip.

  16. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Yeah the barrage of claims on the League is so aggravating. I didn’t even notice Top 11 Avatar Episodes was gone until you brought it up in the video. Cat in the Hat and Jurassic Park were among the first to utterly disappear. I hope those get cleared up soon

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      The top 11 best avatar episodes video probably got removed because Viacom is stupid and when they see a negative feedback video of there show they just ignore it and move on to videos that praise it for being good and then they copyright that video. Because Viacom wants everyone to see that there stuff is bad opposed to them not removing stuff with good praise. Ugh there idiots.

  17. The Mysterious M

    You know…based on the Sibling Rivalry…I wonder how much of this Rob wrote

    • @The Mysterious M
      Looking at this after a few days of watching it, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is about 90% Doug, and 10% Rob. Rob didn’t seem to mind all these things, but Doug’s buttons being pressed really shines through this. Hell, even lines he said in Sibling Rivalry are repeated here.

  18. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    That t-Rex song is awesome the review was o.k. But I can. Forgive you since the recreation was pretty on point. Even though I don’t agree with you on the film but I do agree with you on the British nanny getting eatin now that scene was hailrioua. It’s interesting to see how you play this out but I doubt it will get copyrighted since you reacted most of the scenes and it didn’t so any scenes so that’s good. Also love that Tamara said no to reacting fifty shades of grey scene(ps I’m also pretty sure hyper fan girl will be in the review).

  19. this was AMAZING

  20. Take your goddamn nostalgia goggles off, Doug!

  21. You know, I actually liked the scene in JP3 when the Spinosaurus takes out the t-rex. It took me by complete surprise when it happened, and it was a perfect way of establishing the spino as an even more dangerous threat for our heroes. If I recall, I think it was the suggestion of one of the palaeontologists they were consulting during the making of the film to make the spinosaurus the main dino. It was his desire to bring other large predatory dinosaurs into the spotlight, besides the t-rex.
    That being said, I loved that the t-rex got to make a comeback in JP4. While I didn’t really like the film overall, Those last ten minutes totally appealed to my inner 12 year old.

    • Yes, but the thing was that “paleontologist” was using the movie to try and advance his theory that the t-rex was more of a scavenger than a hunter and believed that the Spinosaurus was a large predator (technically it was a predator, but it primarily ate fish and wouldn’t have been able to kill a t-rex, so that entire scene was a complete load of bull.

      • Sure from a scientific standpoint it might not hold up, but the JP movies have always been scientifically dubious at best. In terms of the movie, it was an effective way of portraying this new predatory dino as a greater threat.

        • And yet, the Spino was barely a “threat” at all. It killed two people. BY SURPRISE. All that scene was for was for Spino-Arm porn. And we got PLENTY of that during the airplane and boat scenes. God, why don’t they just jack off to those fucking arms. Rexie is just so much better.

          • Haha, I guess they were emphasizing its arms so much because the t-rex has comparatively tiny arms. While I think i prefer the t-rex too, both are pretty bad-ass dinosaurs.

  22. Victoria Heckman

    I actually quite like this format of reviewing. You should do it more often with movies that came out less than a month ago.

    Also I liked how you briefly brought back Ask That Guy. (I didn’t think anyone else remembered the hypocritical hoopla over “Interview”.)

    For the record, I’d love to see you guys review 50 Shades in this style. I can see maybe teddy bears in black electrical tape being used in the sex scenes.

  23. Doug; you do have a right to free speech. You can post anything you want on the internet and the government wont stop you. Notice how when you post a video the FBI doesnt come after you and throw you in jail? Yep thats free speech. However, you have the ability to say delete this post and that would not be a violation of free speech.

    I dont agree with copyright and think intellectual “property” is bullshit but regardless I dislike it when people dont understand what free speech actually is.

    • ……
      >implying the vast majority of reviews throughout history haven’t been of movies that were still in theaters
      >also implying “review” means “show 99% of the movie’s footage in a video while joking about it”

    • What you said is true of freedom of speech as a constitutional law. However, freedom of speech is also a complex philosophical ideology. While it is so imperative that government never violate someone’s freedom of speech that it should be enshrined in the constitution that does not mean that is where it should end. Those that believe in freedom of speech as an idea should strive to work within the spirit as best they can. When they don’t, I say they are against freedom of speech, because their actions show little respect for the founding principles of that philosophy, not because they broke the law. In this case it seems they violated copyright law too though.

    • Arsenal, taking down reviews, which fall under the fair use, is a violation of free speech.

  24. This review was pure genius.

  25. I liked it and with what it’s raking in get ready for the sequel hook

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Yeah it’s raked in a huge 414.3 million in its eleven days of release. The studio universal should be raking in a lot of dough with it and the releases of Ted 2 and Minions.

  26. LOL!!! I laughed so hard at the T-Rex scene you all did!!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!

  27. YES THANK YOU!! After me and my friend discovered that they used animatronics in the film, we could only identify one. We came to the same conclusion you did thinking they added CGI over the other animatronics. Why even bother having those animatronics if you’re just going to plaster CGI shit all over them??
    Although I have to disagree that the dino’s still looked pretty good as CGI models, I still felt the same way you did. I want to believe the dinosaurs are physically there, and that’s where animatronics come in to help offer that whimsical atmosphere.
    If they do come out with another sequel I hope they’ll put more faith in the animtronic arts.

  28. Worst review since Bart’s Nightmare.

    • Yeah, it was just him throwing a temper tantrum because his videos got taken down, it wasn’t funny, and I loved the movie the effects seemed decent to me, and it had a fight between a hybrid and a T’rex. I demand a true thoughts on this “review”.

      • Stupid question: When hasn’t the Nostalgia Critic thrown a tanturm over various reasons? Isn’t it part of his character to be whiny, salty, and prone to fits of rage? Have you really missed this detail?

      • Darn it’s like losing his videos on Youtube pissed him off or something.

      • Yeah that’s all that happened, none of the mocking skits and things happened after that first 5 minutes of the video, no that was it. Hell besides the whole recreating scenes thing this was pretty typical of a review and exactly what I would have expected based on the siblings rivalry episode. It seems like the only reason people are being so butthurt about this video is because it’s Jurassic world

      • You do realize, my naive friend, that having those videos removed means he can’t make revenue, which is pretty much from where he gets his income? Plus the more videos you loose, you can put your channel in danger and loose everything. Just because a bunch of insecure billion dollar corporations are afraid of people saying how they feel about their movies.

  29. Is the CGI worse than Birdemic? 🙂

    • James Wyns Dinodemic. Dinosaurs return due to red global warming rain and explode on contact cause of environmentally poorly gif dinosaurs in Dinodemic. Prepare your hangers.

  30. Oh good lord NC, you literally had a temper tantrum on the floor! I can’t breathe!

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