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The Nostalgia Critic takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger in his review of Last Action Hero!

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  1. To the here’s a couple of acres joke, I think I finally got it, but I doubt I’m the first to get it. A couple of “achers”, as Arnold kicked him in the balls, so two testicles that are now aching, i.e. your two “achers”.

  2. Have you ever looked at it from the perspective that the other world isn’t just an Action film, and especially not just an Schwarzenegger Action film? What if the entire time the kid’s in the action film world, isn’t the entire time the film is rolling, and instead shows what the characters do in their personal lives “behind the scenes”? I can’t justify the cartoony aspects, but this would make sense of the other relations, like the T1000 cameo. Think of it like a movie you guys both like, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In the beginning, it starts as Roger and the baby shooting a cartoon episode, then after goes on to how things are normally with all the toons interacting with each other outside of the cartoon. Maybe this movie was meant to be sort of similar to that, but with action films?

  3. the video won’t load

  4. Arnold is cool
    I like all movies with Arnold except one there is one that i hate
    Cartoon Cat in the movie why is that a problem its a fake movie
    Explosions are not needed to make a movie good but they are fun
    18:18 – This is not our world you idiot its there so magic tickets can exist
    What do you expect them to do against Death?

    • Yeah, this review is unnecessarily harsh. A lot of the ‘slow’ parts are the movie demonstrating that the kid isn’t going to get out of this just by knowing movies, which is actually kind of important for not ending the movie as soon as he arrives and reveals who the bad guy is by telling Slater. In addition, it would destroy the pacing to interrupt comedy with action, even if it’s comedy that NC doesn’t find funny. It is pretty basic for fourth-wall-breaking humor, but this stuff was a lot less common before the internet and I guess our standards have shifted.

  5. Around 16:55….. is no one else going to question the dinosaur?….

  6. its a pretty stupid movie . but Arnold is in some cheesy movies. i would like to see the critic review the running man pretty sure alot of other people would like to see it too

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