Leprechaun – Nostalgia Critic

Brad Jones joins the Nostalgia Critic to help him review 1993’s The Leprechaun.

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  1. Saw the Honest Trailer for this movie today, so I just had to come watch this review after. Such a classic.

  2. I think my favorite one is Leprechaun 3 when he goes to Las Vegas LMAO

  3. Fun
    This leprechaun is not very good
    Meh movie never needed the squeals but fine
    This Leprechaun is to childish
    The shoo thing is normal for them
    The Adams family is great
    That is not that of a awesome line

    • There once was a girl from Toten, who’s thoughts grew perverted and rotten, she cared not for steaks nor pastries or cakes, but lived upon penis augratten. Ya 3 is good.

  4. I seriously LOL’ed at Jim Carey Bacon, that is super funny and exactly correct. He doe look like they ripped him straight from Tremors Bacon

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