Les Miserables (2012) – Musical Review

Nostalgia Critic, Paw, Kyle, and brentalfloss take a look at last year’s big hit…in SONG! It’s time to review Les Miserables!

Download the songs from the review here!

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  1. I’ve said it before, but this movie gets so much better and makes so much more sense once you simply start thinking of it as a somewhat better Wolverine Origin story. I mean look at how Hugh Jackman just keeps getting stronger and healthier throughout the movie? Seemingly younger withe each progressing scene. HE ACTUALLY IS WOLVERINE! It all connects. It vastly improves the movie.

    • I like most everyone’s voice. Doug Rachel and Kyle are by far the best. Pay, Malcolm and Todd’s small part were good as well. But my god, Linkara and Mayven are like nails on a chalkboards. Lewis’ “angel voice” is nasally and whiny, and Mayven sounds like a skwaking bird.

    • Brent was trying to sing bad, but there were moments when some good slipped through. It must be hard to sing badly when you know how.

  2. Brentalfloss completely steals the show. I couldn’t stop laughing all of his scenes!

  3. Best. Review. Ever.

  4. Why did this one get pulled from YouTube?

    • Cuz Universal are fags thats why. They, as far as I know, are the only ones pulling down Doug’s videos. Les Miserable, Man of Steel, and a bunch more that I forgot the names of.

  5. Oh god. After two years, I JUST now noticed the aforementioned extra nipples on Platypus Bunny. I feel so stupid for not seeing it sooner.

  6. I really wish a new musical review would come up, this one was fucking great, I don’t even know which shitty musical they could do, but still.

  7. Doug, this was not one of your better reviews in my opinion. Personally, I loved Les Miserables especially the movie. But when I saw this review, I was less than enthused. However, I sat through the whole thing, awaiting final judgement. But when worse came down to worse, I was properly entertained. The only issue? You weren’t really reviewing the movie most of the time. You were nitpicking the actual play. The only reason I say that is because I have seen multiple versions of Les Mis and know exactly the storyline.

    Hell, even the ’25th anniversary’ did skip several years. Why? Because it was written in the script! That’s how it was created originally for play because otherwise it would’ve been made too long and people would’ve gotten tireless, annoyed, and asked for refunds.
    You can put in stuff like Valjean’s becoming president in the book because you can always come back to a book. You can’t come back to a play or movie.

    Bottom line, please do your research more carefully. Otherwise, great job parodying the original songs.

  8. Emperor.Hampton

    I’m the guy who doesn’t like Toy Story 3, or any of the Toy Story films for that matter.

    But anyway, a great collection of songs. And it’s always nice to hear Kyle sing, he can really do it well.

  9. thatchickwithlonghair

    I love this movie. I went into it (on TV) not really knowing that much about it and I found it so captivating. But I do like most musicals. And I actually haven’t seen the play.

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