Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland – Nostalgia Critic

See the Nostalgia Critic’s review of the 1989 animated cult film, Little Nemo!

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  1. NC, I agree with 99% of your reviews and everything you say in them. And while I think all of your complaints are legitimate…this movie is part of the 1%. I don’t know why…I loved it as a kid. And I didn’t even get to see all of it. I saw the VHS version which was edited. Nemo woke up from the final dream right after blowing away the Nightmare King with the Morningstar. I thought this movie was the closest we ever got to a good Video Game Adaptation. (Yeah, I know the game came out as a result of the movie, not the other way around…let me have my fantasy.) And you have to admit, it’s WAY less racist than the comic source material. (Those mud imps weren’t always “mud imps”…)

  2. I like this movie, despite the faults. But I have not seen it in years, so maybe if I go back to it……hmm.

  3. I’m probably going to get hate mail for this, but I really, REALLY hated this review!

    I love the Nostalgia Critic, but his trivia felt off. I seemed to look up that this movie got positive reviews when it came out, and even though it bombed at the box office it still got it’s money back from VHS sales.
    Not to mention him criticizing the logic in the dream sequences of this movie didn’t sound the least bit identifiable. I had dreams like those when I was a kid, and sometimes they randomly cut to illogical and sometimes scary moments.

    But the main problem I had with this review was he did not mention critics and moviegoers actually liked this movie, not even once.
    This is why his review of James and the Giant Peach felt more satisfying, I liked James and the Giant Peach but I liked the NC’s review of it because because he at least addressed it and said “This film isn’t really for me but I can see why it has an audience”. This review on the other hand did not, making me think “Do you want to get hate mail Doug?”

    It also doesn’t help that people are eating this review up like it’s one of the best reviews the NC has ever made and are calling the movie a piece of trash.
    There’s a word for what those people are, and they’re called “Suck-Ups!”

    Well who knows, maybe I was saying that out of first-viewing of this review and being too defensive about it, but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen this review last so maybe I might give this another chance and conclude with “Yeah this movie doesn’t hold up anymore.”

    *Watches review a second time*
    Nope, still hate it.

    • I actually completely agree, I’ve never seen this movie but I definitely did, and still do, have dreams like that, and I’ve never liked his criticisms on that either

  4. The end…”No Finding Nemo JOKES!” XD

    There was a Kirby movie like this released in 1993…

  5. This movie was just plain weird.

  6. -You remember it so we don’t haw to
    -I am fine with Hindenburg joke
    -I don’t celebrate birthdays i started to hate my own one before middle school
    -The kid is an idiot
    -The kid gets a game over so he uses his extra life
    -Just cause he is big douse not mean a crazy voice he can use his scheming voice to lye to people and them trusting he probably can shape shift
    -If the scepter had the power to kill the Nightmare King why in the past did the King not kill the Nightmare King all thous years ago
    -No it douse not counts because the review is already over

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