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Remember this clunker from the late 90’s? Well you don’t have to, cuz some else did it for you..

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  1. You do know that that high-pitched teen chick is Gretchen from Mean Girls, right?

  2. to be fair, Matt Leblanc was probably the best actor in this movie.
    I mean yeah, Gary Oldman was in here too, but this is one of his “non-acting day” movies,
    so his under-par performance doesn’t count this time ’round.

  3. This is a good movie and much better then the series
    Peace on earth dose not mean that there are not evil people just no racism or war
    Peny is attractive
    The Iron Mas scene is cool great helmet
    He destroyed the station cause its dangerous and it was abandon so there is not money lose
    The kid is a child the adult is going a bit crazy
    He killed his past self in the place that has a changed in time cos of the machine he didn’t disappeared. And he didn’t died
    The robot feelings scene is stupid
    He is evil cause he is no longer a human but a spider so your Racist Critic

  4. It’s ironic that the in-space version of Lost came out BEFORE it.

  5. I remember going to see this with a smile and when the robot started to trash the ship I got really excited then it went down a cliff.

    Gary Oldman looked very bland, I never knew if he was reproducing Dr. Smith from the first season or if he was drunk when he signed the contract and couldn’t walk out.

    As for the “thing”-pet, on season one the Jupiter V crashes on a planet and they found this poor chimp with things like waffles for ears:


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