Mad Max Fury Road – Nostalgia Critic

An EPIC review for an EPIC series, but is Mad Max Fury Road worth all the praise? Oh what a review, what a LOVELY REVIEW! Check out the Nostalgia Critic’s review of 2015’s Mad Max – Fury Road.

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  1. Do a review of ” The Forbidden Zone” 😀
    They are making a sequel now !

    • Doug and Rob think reviews like this or Jurassic World getting alot of views mean people agree with it.
      so many people watch this or NC:Jurassic World because the movie is popular,barely even because NC.

      In the real thoughts videos,Doug and Rob always say
      “People complained but it got the most views”

      These videos can be good,but the people behind them’s heads keep getting farther up their ass

      • Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic, considering that Michael Bay said that because it was a matter of his films having no substance whereas Doug and Rob said that because it was a matter of them doing something different.
        It’s the same reception Angry Joe always gets whenever he posts a video that’s not a review: people will complain because it’s not what they were expecting.

        • It’s using ratings as a dismissal of criticism.

          “They’ll watch it anyway”

          “People complain about it but it got the highest ratings”

          Yeah,NC is better,but that doesn’t make it ok to do shitty Michael Bay things.

          They could change things up in any number of ways,but they’re choosing to ride the coattails of what’s trendy. It’s a cash grab and unoriginal.I don’t know why I expect someone who quoted Buffy at me to understand originality.You quoted Buffy at me.

          I think Suburban Knights is one of their strongest works,and the only reason it exists is because they decided AGAINST riding the Pirates vs. Ninjas fad

          • When did they say that? I don’t exactly want to believe they actually said that, but if you point me to where they said that, I’ll believe you.

      • He can’t be doing the same thing over and over again for years. Like he said about comedians in his Pixels review, he’s evolving his craft and stepping up his game to stay fresh and new.

        Yes, he still does his normal reviews and does his commentaries, too boot. However, he’s trying new things. Yes, he will misstep from time to time, but that’s all part of the learning process.

        Think of it as NOT becoming like Adam Sandler.

        • Once again, I kinda love the Abridged NC angle he’s come into. It’s like smashing abridged anime series and live-action reviews together. Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky — everything memorable is at least a LITTLE bit gimmicky these days — but IT JUST WORKS. I said this on the Jurassic World Abridged Review, uh, am I just invisible or what? (I mean I rarely comment and stuff so, yeah, probably, but still…)

          And granted, my word isn’t law either — and maybe it is just too “skit-y” for some tastes — but I’d like to think I’m kind of middle of the (Fury?) road here. It’s not the best thing ever, but it’s not horrible either. For now, it’s working. And obviously he and the crew ARE putting effort into it! So any which way, it DOES work on some level. (And by now the NC’s worked on several levels, baseline dude-staring-into-a-camera vlog reviews up to hours of styrofoam and makeup and greeen screen almost-movies-themselves-skit reviews and all. As a long-runner by now, like the Simpsons, SNL, Family Guy, etc. has he turned up a lot of duds? Sure. Most do. But overall, he’s still passing the grade. Sure maybe it’s a C+, but it ain’t a F-. It’s hit or meh or miss, but overall, still watchable despite flaws.

          Now can we stop giving him classic fan stereotype fodder, y’all? Some of the unironic “OMG he sucks [now]!!1” soundoffs are just too brain-break-y, really… @_@

        • Oh yeah, as an aside, I rather liked this one. I wouldn’t recommend doing many of these considering how long it took. But it was rather fun to watch.

        • This.

          Anyone remember when AVGN was doing 2 videos a month from 2007-2010 and experienced burnout? You could tell
          James was getting tired of it and needed to slow it down to make his movie.

          On the other hand, Doug did NC EVERY WEEK from 2008-2012 and how you can’t burnout from that is beyond me.

          I’m glad Doug took the break to do Demo Reel and that resulted in a more fresh and rebooted NC with much better production value rather than yelling in front of a yellow wall (now the studio wall is white) every week.

          At least Doug has stepped up his game from yelling “BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT!” and “OF COURSE!” every week.

          Adam Sandler on the other hand…

      • So what you’re saying Backhand, that people should not talk about movies or anything when that certain somehting is in high of it’s popularity or popular in general. That critics, not just NC, should not voice their opinion on something while the thing is talked about, otherwise it’s just publicity gaining and shameless and they should wait, a least 5 to 10 years before they dare even speak of those things.

        and of course making a review of something thats talked about is totaaaally same thing as making a shitty blockbuster movie that gains awareness thanks to awful director and his antics to make that movie purposely bad just for shock value of fanboys whose gonna watch the movie because of it.

        You’re a man of sound logic.

        • Normal critics should review it for the sake of the public and help tell them if its a good or bad movie.

          Nostalgia Critic himself shouldn’t be reviewing something this recent.

      • I wouldn’t say it’s cashing in at the height of the popularity, because I, personally, know no one who has mentioned this movie unless prompted.

        It’s just something they decided to do, and they did it well. The production values are fantastic (for a NC video), the “plot” if you will in engaging, and it is a breath of fresh air over a classic rant. Probably why it gets a lot of views.

        Toss in there hosting issues, and you have a whole rats nest for them to deal with to keep this a profitable venture.

        I don’t enjoy these quite as much as the truly nostalic episodes, but Doug is also getting older, and his nostalgia isn’t the same as those younger than him who barely remember the Disney Afternoon and don’t recall Transformers in theaters.

        The market is changing, and Doug is changing with it. I am not sure if his character will carry on without these sorts of relevant videos. I suppose he could do a rant about GI Joe the Movie (I frankly would love to see that, though I suspect his brother was more pumped about that TV premier than he, based on age), but the audience as a whole isn’t as interested.

        The age of nostalgia is passing…Gen X is growing up. Gen Y is still buying our leftovers (sorry, but it is true)….

      • Its sure not lazy or cashgrabbing. Doing what they are doing takes a LOT more effort to do than just taking footage from the movie. So they make more views because the movie is still fresh on our heads. At least, i see the review i wanted to see.

        But i’ll give you this; its less funny. The vidéo format works for me and i don’t mind not seeing the actual footage of the movie but it is a bit less funny than older videos.

        As always; nothing forces you to click on the video. And if you’re talking about Micheal, it just happens that Rob decided to not go see any Bay movie since Transformers 3. As for me, being a Batman fan, i stopped watching Arrow, decided to not watch Gotham and might not see Dawn of Justice. So there is always a way to show (i mean, reallly SHOW) you don’t like the work of someone. You just have to step up. Giving a view is like giving a vote.

    • I doubt it. He really only does mainstream movies. Brad would be the one to do a Forbidden Zone review. And, I wish he would. It’s one of my favorites!

    • i loved your analysit. never put road runner to be a resemble to the film. and jokes where great! lol

    • Road Warriors remains the best in my opion, Fury Road second, Mad Max third and I have no idea what Beyond Thunderdome is, it looks shitty, though with all those kids. I bet they’re pretty annoying too.

    • dEEPZoNE – Forbidden Zone is waaaaaaaaaaaay more of a Cinema Snob film. No way is it ok for the Nostalgia Critic XD Plus Richard Elfman’s been saying he’s making the sequel for years…I highly doubt it’s about to get finished any time soon.

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12


  3. Thunderdome? Really?

    I mean sure, the first half was good before it suddenly turned into peter pan.

    Hell I think only one guy died in the whole damn film.

  4. The movie is released on Blu-Ray & DVD now, coulda made a real review….

    • He did, you just watched it.

    • And then YouTube would take it down, and it’d be removed, and then there’d be a legal battle, and then Doug would make no money, because the studio would deny him the right to put it back up, and all of the time spent on the creation of the “real review” would be lost and wasted, and then he’d make another one and the same thing would happen. Send all complaints of the lack of clips to YouTube. Until then, enjoy the time and effort that went into this 30 minute review spectacle.


        • First, he can’t control the strike bots on youtube.

          Second, hosting isn’t nearly as cheap as you think it is, especially media hosting.

          Third, the partner networks hosts that DID allow for this sort of thing with monetization (see Blip) are going out of business…for a REASON

          Fourth, Doug and company have been at this a LONG time, nearly a decade, and I take it that they understand the environment far better than someone who can’t type without their caps lock.

        • Nothing lends an argument legitimacy like caps lock and the term “sheep”.

      • Actually with the court case that Universal just lost they are now required to consider Fair Use so hopefully takedowns will happen less often.

        • There’s so much going on in the copyright world (even Vevo has issues, cause people can snag songs from youtube)…

          It’s really interesting, and something I only watch from the outside (and think is silly)…but as more people go online, the more these things will matter.

          And, we are seeing that going on right now.

          Obviously what the online pundit/critic communities have done has been fair use, but google nee youtube sends their bots out using algorithms and post strikes. For a large channel, they can get an ear (and I think that’s why we’ve seen a return of some older youtubers), but for most, it’s a channel ending strike.

        • They won’t. Google is rich enough that they are above the law.

          Don’t you know anything about how America works?

    • Yeah! I mean, remember those legendary critics like Siskel & Ebert and Leonard Maltin who reviewed a movie by showing you 80% of it and telling jokes over it? Oh… wait… me neither.

      Because they fucking didn’t.

      • They also didn’t do skits.

      • that’s because this isn’t a review… I never understood how people think the NC are legit reviews. It’s entertainment using the movie review as a format. If anyone takes these as serious reviews then you need to get your brain checked.

        • So hes not a legit critic is what your saying?

          • A lot of people on the website are influenced by MST3K. I think it’s a bit disingenuous to say that using the clips the way they do is fair use. Even more so when they say it’s for a review when they mostly entertain. So while he could be a legit critic, these “reviews” are not the safest way to be one. Nor should they be.

            “I’m gonna show the highlights of the film from beginning to end and tell jokes over it and you’re gonna tell me that the creators are gonna be annoyed that I show large parts of the film while I make money off it and they get nothing tangible? Fuck them for claiming they own the movie!”

            There are clever ways for a company or creator to make use of these guys, but claiming that this stuff is fair use is stretching it.

  5. Look, Doug. I don’t mind clip-less reviews, but it’s not quite the same as doing ACTUAL reviews. It somehow feels less satisfying. I’m sorry, but it just does. And if this was just a once in a while thing, that’d be fine, but it’d be appreciated if you spaced these out. Did more “real” reviews, you know?

  6. I didn’t even finish it, its 100% cringeworthy … what the hell is this shit? I never thought i’d say this but… its boring, overproduced, not really a critic or a review, and its not funny at all. I don’t get this clipless videos, is this some kind of revenge for demo reel?

    • Are you a troll who didn’t actually WATCH the video? Because he did actually review the movie and made several good points over the course of it, both about Fury Road and the rest of the series.

      • Read, please. I clearly say “I didn’t even finish it,”. Need more detail? I watched 15 minutes of it.

        15 minues of stupid and unfunny gags, with the typical “I need to tell people that i know better” of Doug lately. Thats not an “EPIC review”, its just him justifying two or three points, like he does in some editorials. Nothing more.

        Enjoy the video. Nobody is trying to say you shouldn’t.

        • It’s kinda hard to make a good point still when you haven’t even watched it all the way through still

          • I don’t need to sit throught half an hour of unfunny and peinful skits and comedy, justo to see if he has something to say. Maybe… maybe he just doesn’t care enough to do a reasl review enymore.

            Its funny how he laughed at adam sandler, and he is doing the same: looks uninteresed, unfunny, keeps going back to do exactly the same a before (demo reel)… instead of focusing in what he does well and improving it. Its so childish…

  7. I’m kinda dissapointed that you didn’t show and clips of the movie…

    • I think showing pics was enough since it isn’t a review in that sense. Maybe clips would help but pics were good enough too.

    • Send all your complaints to YouTube’s horrible management and treatment of people who use clips in videos that need to make money off of them. Until then, enjoy the reviews for the larger amount of effort put into them with the amazing production value, rather than the kind of format that anyone with two brain cells, a torrent site and Adobe Premiere can do.

  8. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but then I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the original Mad Max movies, either. Are they essential to see before watching Fury Road?

  9. GET HYPE.

    …..and are all the butthurt fans whining about no clips again? Oh boo hoo. Get over yourselves.

    • I know. They can go cry in a desert.

    • Finally finished it and I have to say this is one hell of an excellent review and probably the best of the clipless reviews. It really shows how much more effort Doug and the crew are putting into their productions and it shows. I enjoyed Fury Road, but Mad Max isn’t one of my top film franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but after this review, I’m gonna get my girlfriend and I to rewatch all the movies this weekend.

      I think the fandom here *really* needs to understand that YouTube’s copyright rules have drastically changed the way people are doing reviews and need to cut Doug some slack if he and the CA crew want to keep the lights on in the studio especially now that blip is gone.

      The clipless reviews were a bit of a rough start with Jurassic World and my main criticism of that was I felt Doug was yelling the review too much, but he’s improved on that quite nicely in later clipless reviews. I for one would like to see more clipless reviews to avoid having the NC go stagnant and everyone complaining about Doug doing more of the same thing.

  10. Sooooo… Are you tired of making Nostalgia Critics again?

    • If you had an entire studio full of props, space, toys, a stable of actors, a writing crew and a budget to use these things, would you be satisfied with sitting behind a desk saying “Helloooo I’m GBD!” for every single review and not wonder if it was getting old, in a ever-changing and saturated landscape of critics who use the same format? If you had the talent and tools, wouldn’t you want to USE those to create the best damn thing you could make, instead of doing the same thing day in and day out for years? This IS the Nostalgia Critic, it just has a new format, like bread, but now it’s SLICED!

      • I didn’t say it was bad, it was a very interesting and even kinda funny video, but this wasn’t a Nostalgia Critic review. It felt more like an over budget editorial video, which would make this the third editorial in a row, so I was just wondering whether or not he lost his passion for the traditional reviews again.

        • I see your point, but I disagree. These are more like Nostalgia Critic dreams after he hang out with the Bum for too long and inhaled some of that sweet sweet meth byproduct.

    • Doug isn’t doing this just because he has a “studio full of props”. He is doing it because “classic” Nostalgia Critic videos with clips and whatnot get blocked ASAP for possible copyright infringement. The era of clip reviews is coming to an end, deal with it. Pretty soon it will be either this or “This video has been blocked by some rich assholes with nothing better to do”.

      • This is definitely an evolve or die scenario because eventually the movie studios will take everything down whether it’s on YouTube, screenwave, etc. in due time.

        • Yep, that’s exactly where it is going. And our good friend google is playing along.

          “Do no evil”.

          Heh…Google, singlehandedly, has destroyed the internet culture by bringing it to the “rest” of the world.

          The moment “twitter” meant more than IRC, and “Facebook” became something people did from their phone, the internet as a subculture was lost.

          But that is for another discussion.

  11. I think the video is more of a review of the entire series rather than just Fury Road. Still fun to watch though.

  12. Looks at the comment section after watching the video.
    Closes the tab not wanting to get involved.

    • I wonder why I even bother myself after all these years…

      • To be fair, the comments on YouTube are far worse, most of the time.

        • True. I’ve been posting here since the summer of 2008 and while the comments get heated up at times, I’ve never seen them get this bad on Doug’s videos consistently.

          I comment on this site to support Doug and the producers, and I’d like to believe we’re better than YouTube commenters, but I dunno anymore. 🙁

          • I feel like this is the same reaction he got when they tried to do Demo Reel. It’s unfortunate, but 99% of the internet are too close minded to give anything different a chance. They want his videos to stay exactly the same with the same format.

            Personally, I love his old Critic review style, but I also am enjoying watching him and his crew expanding on the reviews. You can clearly see the amount of passion that goes into each of these style reviews and they REALLY work hard at the creativity!

    • You didn’t close it, idiot.

  13. I still like first two best. First one was more personal story with more personal violence while second one layed ground work for rest of series. It also started whole “Max stumbles on some one else’s problem”- plot that all Mad Max sequals have.

  14. Well, looks like someone else also thinks Beyond Thunderdome is the best.

    Loved this review, even if it didn’t use movie clips from it, but didn’t need to. Seeing this as a great film with some analyzation with some visual sketch comedy bits, I actually like this format too.

  15. Not the best review you’ve done!!!! *sigh*

  16. if you guys don’t mind can you give this type of review a its own title so we know what kind of review this before coming in . I know they’re basically the same thing but i’ll be nice knowing.

  17. Well, final nail in the coffin. Last Doug video I ever watch.

  18. I don’t know what everyone that is hating this video, I logged into say I enjoyed the review. This video reminded my how ridiculous of some of the chase scenes in Furry Road was but amazing action. I like Doug video because his view point is quite different from my initial perspective of the movie. This is one of it. Come on! He just compared Furry Road to “Road Runner”; How could you not just stop for second and think about similarities?

  19. This is the best review you’ve made yet. I, for one, love the new format. It keeps you relevant in a slew of people who are doing the same format of clip-based reviews. The commentary is great, the production value is unlike anything else, and your humor, as always, is top notch. This is exactly the trajectory I was hoping your reviews would go after the Jurassic Park one. As much as I do enjoy some clip-reviews from time to time, I think that you’re blazing new trails brilliantly and can’t wait to see how you’re going to top this! Because how can you top this?!

  20. Awesome review, worth the additional week of waiting 😀
    And I really feel that I gained some more insight, having only watched Fury Road. I’ll definitely watch all the others some time.
    The most interesting part for me was what you said about the first three movies all having a different concept – revenge movie, chase movie… I’d love to see an editorial about sequels, when they should be more independent from their ‘mother film’, and when they stray too far.


    The greatest performance of Tom Hardy has done is in Bronson (2008)!

  22. I loved the review, the analysis was really brilliant in ways I hadn’t thought of. The praise and criticism for Fury Road in this video is justified, but one of the biggest reasons it struck a chord with so many people is because so many of those people were WOMEN. In Fury Road, there were a lot of women and they got to be different. There were strong women who had to fight to live, there were old women who were aged and wrinkled because they had lived through so much, there were pretty women who were valued for their looks and had to grow strong to prove they were worth more than their appearance. By having multiple women, there wasn’t pressure for one woman to be everything. The main theme was that women are people. It’s something we all know, but this film really followed through on it. They were different and well rounded and contributed. I know it meant the world to me and so many other women.

    • why does it matter if they are women. People are people.

      • It mattered because in Fury Road, they *were* people, and not just the “sexy lamps” 99.8% of the women in any movie (but particularly action movies) are. It was a deeply refreshing change.

    • Me too. I LOVED the kick-ass old ladies. They were amazing, and you have NO IDEA (well, actually, you probably do) how good it felt to see women who were (a) kicking ass; (b) fully dressed; and (c) NOT young and gorgeous. Oh my god, it felt SO good.

      Fuck all the MR idiots who thought that having a woman not being only pretty and useless was going to ruin the movie. Those ladies were all 100% awesome and the movie would have been poorer for not having them.


  23. THIS REVIEW IS AS AWESOME AS SHARK SHAPED EXPLOSIONS! -which is pretty freakin awesome. I watched all your movie reviews and you guys keep amazing me. I shall watch this channel until the Apocalypse and beyond!

  24. Beyond Thunderdome was my favorite too! You can’t beat Master Blaster!

  25. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    the society there trying to escape to is a matriarchy, how is that not sexist to imply that a society run by women is inherently better?

    I’m sorry, but I can’t not see this subtext in the movie. when the pregnant slave girl says she’s worried he kid might grow up to be like it’s father, she’s offered no comfort besides “it might be a girl”, no one tells her her kid can be however she raises it regardless of sex

    • But the matriarchy wasn’t better? like they were living in a desert and about to die. So they decide to go back and take the original city back and build a more fair and equal society. As for the woman being worried about her kid, I would say it was pretty obvious she wasn’t going to be the one to raise it if it was a boy. I mean they literally write on the wall “our babies will not be warlords” which pretty much shows that if it was a boy they get no say in it’s up bring as it’s going to be raised to be like its father. However, since they make it clear women are not valued in their society, if a baby were a girl the over lords would (at least the women seem to hope) not care for it and mother and daughter may be left alone together.

    • And considering these woman were likely raped and abused for years, you can understand their feelings and Worrys. Also at the beginning the wanted nothing more to do with immortal jo and his cult and just wanted to find some ware they can be left alone in please to rise their children as they see fit. But once the find out that the green land is gone they have no choice in the matter if they don’t dispose of jo and now that he’s gone they have too look after the people.

  26. I would like to point out that only people who criticized Mad Max are return of Kings. They’re against menimists (or rather MRAs as they mostlycall themselves)

    From their website:”We are generally against men’s rights and how they portray men as victims in need of state assistance (see: The Men’s Rights Movement Is No Place For Men). Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.” Actual MRA website “A voice for men ” gave movie positive review.

    Now for example, Jezebel? Site that for example wrote about man being raped withot using word “rape” even once, using words like “sexhausted instead”? That explained that objectification of men can be a good thing? And of course made “Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have”, article that light of abuse against men? 100% actual feminist website.

    • THANK YOU! I am so sick of Doug confusing/strawmanning MRAs with more hateful groups. He needs to either get educated, or stop trying to be funny about it.

      • You’d expect any different from the guy who said men can’t get sexually harassed at all because they’re too dense to realize it?

        • again that wasn’t one of his finer moments.
          one would think after all this time he would check his facts before making a fool of himself.
          menninists are a parody of the bat shit insanity that is radical feminism

          they do not exist

      • MRA’s, MGTOWS and PUAs are all the same flavour of unpleasantness with a few minor details differing them to the point of semantics.

        • There’s a great deal of distinction for those who care to look into. By your logic, the various waves of feminism, radical feminists, independent women who don’t need no man, and misandrists are the same unpleasant flavour with a few minor details differing them to the point of semantics.

          • That’s exactly what people like Paul Elam and Karen Straughn teach (namely that all feminism is radical man hating), actually, so yes, her logic is valid.

          • DanceOfTheMidnightCandles

            @Smithnikov apparently according to you every MRA or MGTOW automatically follows the words of those two individuals so you are going based on two popular Men’s Rights Activists or MGTOWs and saying that every single person treats all of their ideas and words as gospel yet if someone were to point out that a noted Feminist named Julie Bindel, who writes for the Pullitzer Prize winning news outlet The Guardian, said that all men should be put into their own separate camps, you would probably vehemently protest on the basis that you can’t judge ALL Feminists on the words of the few. Remember when #maletears and #killallmen were popular hashtags??? I guess I should just take the words of a few of the people within the movement to mean all people in the movement are that way.
            Here’s the thing, If Feminists and MRAs are really all about equality then why are they so at odds with one another? if they are both about being fair to people regardless of gender or sex why do they need to fight??? I think it’s because both are missing the point about equality. They’re for fighting for a group’s rights while often actively ignoring the rights of others because they want THEIR group to be benefited. Both groups essentially start off by saying “Well we know you have problems BUT the problems WE face are much worse”. That’s exactly why the average person doesn’t care about feminism or MRAs because they’re too busy actively trying to compare whose cross is heavier. They’re both intolerable.

        • They literally aren’t though. I don’t see how you could get that point of view unless you don’t have an understanding of any groups at all, it’s just flat out stupid to act as if they are. Lol

    • I’m confused why you’re talking as if any of that makes their arguments more valid or Critic’s criticism less so.

      Men can get assaulted too so… strong female characters suck?

      People who oppose the inclusion of strong female characters in fiction are dumb as a sack of balls, no matter what conceited name they give themselves, no matter which other gaggle of mewling malcontents they oppose and no matter what some dodgy feminist-leaning entertainment blog site somewhere that has nothing to do with anything has said about topics that aren’t related to this issue.

      Also, Critic didn’t actually refer to the group as Men’s Rights Activists and the word ‘meninist’ can be applied to any anti-feminist. There might be men out there who honestly just support male assault victims and call themselves ‘meninists’ but they’re not the ones getting their knickers wadded up over a Mad Max film so they’re not the ones being mocked.

      • But that’s the thing, “menists” don’t actually exist. The only reason people think they do is because of a parody twitter account and Poe’s law.

        • Well they sort of do, but not in the strawman sense like how sensationalists who pretend to be feminists and NC portrayed them.

        • The problem is that some men actually bought into the parody twitter account and did rage against this movie. It is pretty clear that Doug is criticising this particular group and certainly not people who want to help male rape victims. Just like “hyperfangirl” is not a portrayal of female fans in general, but of the truly obsessive ones.

      • Essentially what has happened is that a troll lied about MRA’s boycotting the film and Doug fell for it.

      • In case anyone cares: Red Dog is a worth watching as a super-manly Australian film that isn’t an action movie.

        It’s the true-ish story of a stray dog that becomes the shared pet of a town made up mostly of iron miners.

      • My point it simply that not all feminism is automatically good and not everybody who is for Men’s Right is automatically bad.

        Seeing how Return of Kings dont even call themselves menimists, I cant help but think that Doug put MRAs, meniminists, RoK, anti-femininists, anyone who supports primaly men’s rights into one bag. He never implied there are other good groups out there.

        In fact I’m pretty sure he already made a joke about MRAs befere and he treated them as men who probably never touched a women before – just like guys here.He seems ignore idea that some MRAs are women, gay men etc…

        I mean, this is pretty much “feminists are ugly women who couldnt get a date for a prom” sterotype, only reversed.

        • OH NO! Doug is making fun of sexist jerk offs! The horror! Go somewhere else to try and support rapists and sexists you MRA dick.

          Yes, I’m not going to be nice here. I’ve had MRA sexist jerk offs take over everywhere else on the internet. I don’t want them here too. The Critic has pointed out that you are a joke and you are, so get out!

        • Not to mention many MRA’s have had girlfriends, wives, children, and gotten burned in the family courts.

          Also, not to mention I’m willing to be many of NC’s fans have probably never had a real relationship with a woman.

          NC needs to do his homework instead of showing what an ignorant asshole he can be. Just because the majority disagrees or doesn’t care doesn’t make it right.

    • Return Of Kings isn’t even really a MRA site, it’s founded by a sleazeball who’s beef with the world is that women don’t automatically recognize his ‘god given right’ to have sex with him. It just wraps itself in a mens rights banner to hide the fact it’s a bunch of sad men complaining about getting laid.

      • I really don’t wish to engage on this. I agree, MRAs are sad. So are radical feminists.

        The reality is as most people see it, people are people. Women are people. Men are people. We are equal, but with different roles (sometimes the woman is the bread winner, sometimes the man, sometimes the man is the sexy one, sometimes the woman)….

        We’ve all lived real life, and this sort of of crap I see from the “ists” is getting pretty damned old, as it’s the same crap they’ve said for 30 years without any real solutions, merely support groups (on all sides)…

    • Ah, A Voice for Men, a group who’s leader proclaimed that all women, no matter marital status or child bearing status, are guilty of murder and have the blood of aborted children on their hands?

      • Have you ever seen these dudetips that remind men not to rape? Have you seen any campaigns that act as if men were responsible for all domestic violence? Paul can be really harsh, but that article was clearly meant to be response to feminists who think men should take responsibility for all men who rape and abuse.

        I quote article you mentioned: “This is the age of equal opportunity for collective guilt. If I were a male college freshman at Hamilton College, I would be marched into an auditorium on day 1 where I would attend an orientation lecture called “She Fears You,” a class that lets all men know they are potential rapists, and that they are being watched. The only qualification for mandatory attendance is a student I.D. and a penis. (…)It is not that women deserve to be collectively regarded as child abusers and killers. Most aren’t. Most are actually very good to their children and can even be trusted with the children of others. But that truth is not what is important here.

        What is important is the children, or the principle, or whatever other bullshit we make up to convince ourselves it is not about demonizing women when that is exactly what we are doing.”

        Read article in whole, it makes sense in context.

    • Anyone that found this insulting SHOULD. MRAs, Return of the Kings, menists are all the same thing and the only reason they say they aren’t is cause hate groups have a habit of hating they’re own kind. Any normal thinking person can see it’s all the same and The Critic has every right to bash them because they are a massive dumb joke.

      • With that logic We might as well say that all of the Radical Feminists and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation of feminists are all the same and are all hate groups. After all any normal thinking person can tell it’s the same feminism and we have a right to bash it because they are all a massive dumb joke.

      • They’re not at all the same thing. MRAs are mens rights activists, campaigning for men’s rights. RoK is a dumb site that nobody cares about that’s basically MGTOW. Meninists are morons who don’t realize that meninism is born out of parody of extremist feminists.
        If you think criticizing feminism makes you a sexist then equally criticizing men’s rights activism makes you a sexist. Do you think men shouldn’t have rights?

      • You’re an idiot if you seriously think that all those groups are the same thing. A stance that utterly lacks any sort of nuance at all. I bet you think that disagreeing with Feminism makes you a misogynist too.

    • The attack on MRAs was a bit out of place. But, I wrote it off as an attack on what the NC does, he is as much a social commentator (not Doug, but the character) as he is much else. And, at the time, that was “news” on the internet (stupid news, blatantly false news, but still news)…

      If I want biting social commentary, NC isn’t where I turn. If I want social satire, he’s the guy. And, in this case, while I think the characters were just that…characters…it was apt.

      • The MRA should always be attacked because they are hate groups that try to legalize rape and support school shootings to put women in ‘their’ place. I am fully aware of how horrible they are and people defending them tend to be rapists and sexist dicks.

        • Nah, they aren’t anymore than the psychotic Feminists that complain about everything being sexist or racist or homophobic and who think that ‘Straight White Mail’ is an argument are. The vast majority of MRA’s care about Men’s issues (Suicide rates, the fact that the general media doesn’t take Male Rape seriously, ect) , obviously; they don’t do anything you said (Lmfao, support school shootings, wow) and if you seriously think that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • You are painting with way too broad a brush here. Some people who identify themselves as MRAs are the jerks you describe. However, many are not, and are trying to bring awareness to men’s issues. For example, men have a much higher suicide rate than women do, as well as pointing out that sometimes men are victims of rape as well (I know it is a minority).

          How would you like it if I said all feminists are like the small minority of extremists who say all men are evil? This is what you are essentially doing.

        • In India Feminists fought against gender neutral laws. Successfully, only men can be booked for rape there.

    • Meninism was a joke group made to show the hypocrisy of feminists. They went to a feminist rally, behaved like the feminists do (except advocating male supremacy) and were physically assaulted and had the police called on them.

      There are a heck of a lot more sexist men than there are MRAs, so unless you’re talking about a specific MRA or group of MRAs, you shouldn’t generalise any sexist man as being an MRA. Equally, many MRAs _do_
      have legitimate complaints about areas where legally women have more rights than men do.

      Basically, the characters that the video calls ‘meninists’ clearly aren’t, and I find that hilarious. I have no idea whether Doug Walker actually knows the difference between MRAs and meninists, but I don’t need to know that for it to be funny.

      • Acutally, his portrayal of those sorts of people was TAME. Some of the things MRA’s and their ilk have said range from baffling to nightmare fuel. And no, none of them have anything to do with family court bias, prison sentence discrepancies, lack of attenion on male rape/sexual assault, ect…

      • Are you for real, like do you actually believe what you type is how the world really works?

    • MRAs are people who use facts and evidence to try to bring about change for the sake of equality between men and women in issues where women have an advantage over men. Meninists are a parody of third and fourth wave feminism (which asserts that women are oppressed in today’s society without using facts or using studies that push their narrative even though they have been disproven) they (meninists) do this by loosely complaining that women oppress men in the same vein that third and fourth wave feminists do. The NC’s portrayal of these two groups is actually more similar to the MGTOW (men going their own way) movement who are so diverse in their opinion that I cannot summarize them in one sentance.

      TL:DR version NC parodied a parody and in the process made them look as bad as another vastly more annoying group.
      Regardless the joke was funny.

      • There’s a lot of evidence for sexism against women out there. There is also problems that men face, but it’s kind of silly to say that men are as oppressed as women and that feminism is inherently made of ignorant, angry people. You also greatly misrepresented third wave feminism when it’s incredibly broad.

        • He didn’t say men are as oppressed as women. He said there are areas in which women do have an advantage over men- they’re not a majority by any mean, but they exist. It is worrying and I don’t see how it’s something anyone can argue against, especially when they claim to be an egalitarian.

          Men for instance are often sidelined in discussions over domestic violence- most violence is committed by male partners against female partners, but not all. Domestic violence can also occur against male adults and male children, but many domestic violence campaigns don’t often address this and it can be quite confronting and disappointing for those men who have experienced toxic verbal or physical abuse from their partners- especially as societal norms often shame them for speaking out (i.e. the perception they’re just “weak” or “pussies”). I can’t find the study atm so also take this with a grain of salt, but there are relatively high rates of domestic violence in male/male and female/female relationships too. The fact the topic is often framed in a ‘women need protection from violent men’ narrative really isn’t healthy, and when MRAs (respectfully) address issues like this they’re actually doing a lot of good. They don’t deserve to be shouted down simply for advocating for mens’ rights, anymore than feminists deserve to be shouted down for advocating for womens’ rights just because a few radical minority nutjobs in the feminist movement think the SCUM Manifesto and ‘Kill All Men’ t-shirts are the pinnacle of human (‘huwoman’?) culture.

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