Nostalgia Critic Matrix Month Announcement

An update on Nostalgia Critic’s Matrix month.

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  1. Cant wait for the next video NC!!!

  2. I’ve been sick for a while too, and as much as I was hoping to see your Matrix review to cheer me up, I’m glad to know it is still coming, even if it is late. Get better soon, Doug.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Doug. Matrix Month is going to be a blast! 🙂

    MACHINES!!!! 😀

  4. Feel better Doug

  5. well that’s unfortunate, but it it a good idea for you to take it easy before you complete your reviews. just try not to over do it. get well soon, and good luck with Matrix month.

  6. We’re only carbon units,Doug. You take good care of yourself. All good things to those who wait.

    Get well,get well soon! We wish you to get well!

  7. Feel better Doug.

  8. you may be sick doug but we always love your videos 🙂

  9. Right there with you, Buddy.

  10. pardue a holy man

    Doug, the sensation your feeling is the quickening

  11. Get well soon!

    Damn Machines infecting people with bugs in the Matrix…

  12. So now we know what happens when you take both the red and blue pill 😛

  13. Sir Button Whipple

    As someone who also hates missing deadlines and making people wait, I totally empathize.

    Feel better and drink some of Uncle Iro’s world famous jasmine tea.

  14. last time you had a computer virus, now you have a human virus. 🙁 get well soon!

  15. Dude, take it easy, you seemed a bit jumpy there. No biggie, get well soon!

  16. Hui, Doug is imitating the voice I had for about 3 days now! 😀 I wish you well and hope it will go away quicker for you than it did for me…

  17. Wow Doug, you sound terrible D:

  18. Get well soon. We all can’t wait for Matrix month!

  19. Take as long as you need, Doug; your health is what’s most important!

  20. Aww man, such a buzzkill! I just watched your Care Bears movie review and it told me your video would be out today and then I found out from this video you are sick… well hopefully your sore throat will be gone in a week: I know you’re not a fan of missing your schedules (Hell you even tell this to us) but hand in there NC, I still look forward to you reviewing the Matrix trilogy – just take some pills and hopefully you’ll be able to free your mind in order to do this review!

  21. Hopefully your sickness will go away. Get well soon Doug.

    • By the way, sometime after Matrix Month, can you please review the movies Freddie As F.R.O.7 and Delgo? From my point of view, as someone who’s been writing a fantasy novel and a great fan of fantasy in general, I consider them the worst cinematic fantasy movies of all time.

      • A guy with the channel “Infamous Animation” on Blip tackled of both of those. I thought they were very entertaining reviews. It might not be the Nostalgia Critic, but if you’re curious and want to see someone cover those movies, I recommend giving them a watch.

  22. Get well, Doug, you can do it. Relax, health is the most important thing.

  23. I wounder what he say? First movie was decent, except it was watered down version of concepts borrowed from Dick, Gipson, and especially Snerg. But it was good popularization of those ideas (The Wachowskis aren’t especially good creators).

    Other movies and anime, were clear monetization of popular idea and don’t have much sense (well, they have if so called “reality” was in fact also in matrix as a sort of dump, but no time for fan-theories). Those one seriously deserve for nostalgia critic!

  24. get well soon dude.

  25. Maybe this is a sign from God that you should review the far superior Dark City instead. Both it and Matrix are drawn from the same source material – a book called Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber, but Dark City does it a billion times better and is far better acted than the Craptrix.

    • I think Matrix actually drew from a bit more specific source material, in particular Neuromance by William Gibson, and most obviously the DC Comic series “The Invisibles” by Grant Morrison (X-Men, Batman). The film actually lifted scenes straight from the comic (such as the liquid mirror, the building jump, the red pill, morpheus’ interrogation by agents), and the characters and their clothing/fashion is lifted straight from the series.
      ‘The Matrix’ is a mere-shadow puppet of ‘The Invisibles’ brilliance

  26. laughingpuppyable

    Feel better soon! 🙂

  27. he should write episodes with the actors and rob an stuff doing it instead.

  28. Josh The Colorist

    Try Gollum Juice. I use it any time i need to do a gruff voice acting role, like a Mako or Andy Serkis type voice.
    Boil water
    While it boils, put in equal parts honey and pure Lemon juice.At least cover the bottom, but the more the better. I like 3-5 Tbsp each sprinkle in a fair amount of ginger. Add cloves if your mouth also hurts.
    Mix in the boiling water, let it cool slightly, and drink hot.

  29. Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.

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