Nostalgia Critic Matrix Month Announcement

An update on Nostalgia Critic’s Matrix month.

About Doug Walker

Creator of 5 Second Movies, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and more.


  1. Please don’t feel bad about missing deadlines or uploading videos for us. You and Rob did a lot this December: Disneycember, the Gravity Falls V-logs and Nostalgia Critic videos. You clearly over worked yourself and you deserve some rest. We all appreciate everything you do and just want you to take some time to rest and get better.

  2. The Ginger Weekly

    Get well soon Doug. Love every vid you have done. Hope you rest well.

  3. Sorry your sick Doug. Hope you are get better soon.

  4. Dude, nothing to appologise for, you already work insanely hard for us. Get well soon!

  5. Im sick too bro 🙁

  6. CodyJamesErnestCameron

    Get well soon, Doug

  7. Will be worth the wait. Feel better soon.

  8. Doug:

    You need to start chugging gallons of orange juice and taking mega-doses of vitamins between November and February. And drinking like a gallon of water every few hours. And chicken soup; don’t forget a pot of chicken soup for every meal.

  9. Damn, Doug, that’s rough! May your health improve and your future videos shine all the more for it!

  10. I totally get it, Doug. I’ve been feeling hooooorrible! I’ve got bronchitis as of now and my voice is shot to hell. Hang in there and take care of yourself– we can wait as long as we need to ^_^

  11. Oh man, feel real bad for ya man. Hope you get better soon. At least you’re not dead… yet.

  12. It’s okay, Doug. Get well soon

  13. Feel better

  14. Get better, Doug! Rest up and get back to normal, that’s the important part. We can wait :3

  15. Take your time, Mr. Doug. There’s no covering your ears for the sound of,, inevitability.

  16. I don’t mind if your video is late. Everyone gets sick. The important thing is that you take the time needed to get better. And seriously, how often do you miss a deadline? Give yourself a well-deserved break. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

  17. I’m so sorry you’re sick. This had to happen to you now when it is time for your Matrix movie reviews. Don’t worry. I can wait longer for new videos. Hope you get better man.

  18. It’s OK, Doug, you’re only human after all. Rest and get better.

    Hey, maybe you could get someone to substitute for you in the meantime. How about your brother? Seeing him play the Nostalgia Critic would be a hoot! XD

  19. Get better man, health comes first dude.

  20. NNNNOOOOO, MATRIX MONTH!!!! Get better soon Doug

  21. Poor Doug. I hope you get better soon. Perhaps cuddling with an Appa plushie while having sweet dreams of Tree Trunk’s famous apple pie will help you feel better. <3

  22. That moment when you gathered snacks and brewed tea, put on cozzy cloth and placed your bum in a perfect position, clicked the newest NC video and listening to the apology.

  23. Don’t worry I’ll wait or we’ll wait.

  24. Much love, get better hon. You have been entertaining us for years and we never mind waiting for you. Especially after that whole being gone for awhile thing….. *cough cough* oh no I am getting it too O:
    lol 😛

  25. Once more it’s okay Doug and I didn’t realy notice that your voice sounded that bad or sick, anyway like I said your fans will wait a while so don’t be so hard on yourself take care man bye.

  26. Get well Doug! Your health first:)

  27. Hi Doug,

    I’m self-employed as well, and I know that being sick can be very devastating, especially because sick days for the self-employed aren’t exactly able to be compensated. Even holding yourself up long enough to sit and work can be very difficult. Don’t feel too guilty about missing big months. I’ve watched your videos since 2009 and I know you’ve earned your on-time reputation well. You’ve got many loyal fans who are still going to watch all of your planned videos no matter if they come today or a few weeks later.

    Get well soon!

  28. Feel better Doug:) check this out “GO HUGO GO”

  29. Hope you get better soon, man.

  30. Brandon Michael Hale

    Dont you worry about us. Despite what the internet has painted us as, we viewers are not unreasonable pricks….. most of us. Just get well Doug. We’re not going anywhere.

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