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Everything that has a beginning has an end…thank God. Matrix month finally ends with a review of Matrix Revolutions!

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  1. Hang out at the mall….
    Maybe review “Mallrats”?


  2. You were late in putting this on the website. Are you ever going to review My Little Pony: Equestria Girls? Save it for your 300th episode. Gee, I had no idea that would be the stinger. I guess what you’re saying is that real life is where emotion comes from. Good thing Roger Ebert voted Dark City the best movie of 1998.

  3. The reason Smith is fighting Neo alone, is because absorbing the Oracle granted him a huge power boost, along with absorbing the entire Matrix. And the reason Smith is talking like that at the end is because he’s recalling the Oracle’s knowledge. The Oracle is still somewhat in control through Smith. And is able to make him say that even though he didn’t want to, to communicate to Neo what he must do. Which freaked Smith out.

  4. “Cookies need love like everything does.”
    “They deserve to choose for themselves!”

    This…this is too much.

  5. Liked that ending there, reminds of The Time Machine (I found in a yardsale) movie, but with actual character though.

    Matrix: Revolution is one of those movies that I can tell is to where the video game is actually the superior version.

    Oh please tell me that rumor is not true about the live action Cowboy Bebop movie. It if is done like Deathnote, then I could live with that, but if its anything like Matrix then NO NO NO NO NO. If any studio should get Cowboy Bebop or other western style anime like Trigun, it would have to be Marvel. As I believe they are most likely to pull it off best, but that likely wont happen for a number of reasons.

  6. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Matrix month sure has been a lot of fun.

    And I look forward to what next week will bring.

  7. I never cared about The Matrix movies to begin with, I’ve never bothered or even wanted to watch a single one.
    But I have to admit, after watching “Matrix Month”……….I still don’t care about them at all.

  8. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    Great review!

    Best parts:

    “Hi, a gun!”
    The Monty Python and the Holy Grail joke!
    The Animaniacs joke!
    Time Baby!
    “Mister McCritic!”

  9. Dark City = The Matrix? I find The Matrix = Inception more accurate, and I didn’t even see the latter yet…

  10. One inaccurate point in this and the last movie is that you say neo caused zion to be attacked and almost wiped out. If you actually listened to the end of the Architect scene it says he selects 23 individuals to “Rebuild” Zion. Meaning that it was always going to be wiped out and he simply starts zion all over again. As much as these movies suck at least harp on actual points

  11. Ha! Just yesterday on his latest video I told Linkara he missed an opportunity for a Thunderdome joke, and then I hear you make one in your latest video.

  12. The Matrix is nothing like Dark City. Why? Because I happen to like Dark City. It’s a much better movie then the live action Matrix movies. The only Matrix movie that’s good is Animatrix. Just so you wonder.

    • They ARE similar in themes. Sure, Dark City is definitely better, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be similarities. I only means Matrix tackled a similar idea… but did it worse.

  13. BTW doug, the choises in the second movie was destruction of zion, completly, neo choose some new people for the matrix, and make another zion, and the choise which he did make, so….was better that one, dont u think?

  14. This was definitely the worst of the three. Good episode.

    I was kinda hoping you’d cover the video game, but eh. No biggie.

  15. I like you Doug but I have to point something out:
    $427 million gross on a $150 million budget is not a box office bomb.
    You might call that a disappointment (it was the worst box office result of the trilogy) but it made money nevertheless.


  16. Doug… I’m never the “you don’t get it” guy but… Did you actually watch the movies before reviewing them? Because it seems like you wrote the script before you did so. Yes, they suck but you’re getting basic facts wrong. Examples:

    Why is a single Smith a match for Neo? Because that’s the Smith who “consumed” the Oracle. He even takes off his glasses to “see” at the end. We know the Oracle is linked with the Architect and likely has power over the Matrix.

    Why does everyone keep talking about choice and purpose? Because the underlying theme of the movies is self-determination. It’s clumsily written and worthy of mockery, yes, but it exists for a reason. A very obvious reason, to boot.

    Let me make it clear – Revolutions and Reloaded suck ass. I’m not defending the movies. But as I said before – reviews are funnier when you actually have a point.

  17. hey doug! you really make me laugh with that neo anti virus joke,you are the one what make the jokes funny,the other two fan boys you have there suck,they always act like “hoo look at me i am funny shitt hohoh”. I skip every single time that a lame segment appear in the show,if you do just one episode without his horrible acting,i will be very grateful,they are junk , greetings from south america !

  18. I was tricked into watching The Matrix Revolutions by a reviewer of The Rolling Stone. He said, “Every year, critics slam a blockbuster that doesn’t really deserve it.” So I saw it on DVD, and damn, was I bored to tears!

  19. “Um, Critic? Are you just going to keep your hands on our shoulders all the way to the mall?”
    “Why yes, Malcolm! Yes I am.”
    “…Okay, just wondering…”

  20. Completely lost my shit at the part where Smith just loses the plot and is all: “You’re on the floor, and I’m standing here, and now I’m supposed to say something…what did I just say?” The script does make him seem completely wasted; if Weaving can’t follow what’s going on what chance do we have?

  21. Now I’ll be waiting for Chester A. Bum to review “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” and have the NC do an editorial of the history and downfall of SpongeBob (that is if he doesn’t do something Valentine’s Day-related next week).

  22. I’m surprised you didn’t point out how the silly “fire vision” was made vastly more silly by putting sunglasses on the real world agent Smith.

    As for the review, the first half was kind of weak, but I don’t really blame you. The movie doesn’t really give a lot to work with. It’s padded, repetitive and dull. Though in the second half you really elevated the material. I especially love the twist ending. While I won’t pretend Dark City isn’t silly/dumb in it’s own way, it is a film worth seeing and deserves a second look from filmgoers. Fun fact, some of the sets in Dark City were repurposed for the Matrix movie.

    Final note: Keanu Reeves shows quite a bit of emotion during Trinity’s death scene (though funnily enough she doesn’t). I feel some people give him too much flak about “not being able to act.” He’s done some roles wear his acting is phenomenal, it just seems for whatever reason he ends up in roles where directors want he to play a blank, stoical character. He doesn’t get much chance to show off his range.

  23. For some reason, when you turned off the green, everything looked really blue.

  24. As nice as it’s been to get a vague idea of what these movies are about, I’m glad it’s over now. Love Tamara holding Malcolm’s binoculars while he writes stuff down, that one guy’s head put of the Muppets and Schmuck’s laughing.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    It turns out now he can see… in Flame-O-Vision.

    Just look at all the palettes of color that they have on display: Light gray, dark gray, vomit gray, snot gray, stone-reflecting-off-of-dim-fireplace gray.

    Your death scene is literally 4 minutes long. I think f***ing Rasputin died faster than you!

  25. Wait… Was that Birdemic music?

  26. I’m not a fan of revolutions. One of my least favorite movies. From neo going blind to his weird powers that are never explained to trinity dieing (which as critic points makes the whole choice in second film completely pointless) to we are really to believe the machines are just going go away now? How do you trust them? Neo is gone they can wipe out the humans anytime they want now. Just felt like a let down of a movie.

  27. Not touching on why they had all the Agent Smiths, but only had one fight him, but there was a reason why Smith was stronger than in the second movie. He (the program that is) had figured out how to access the root program of the Matrix and expand his power over it. It became like a anti-Neo that the Matrix’ “Tron CPU” couldn’t control anymore, making it a threat to both Zion and the machines.

  28. I prefer your reviews of movies I haven’t seen. When I’ve seen the movie I Can’t help but notice all the plot details you get wrong both big and small. The review goes from pointing out the problems with a movie, to simply misunderstanding the movie.
    this was the main problem I had here-
    When he was with the architect his choice wasn’t whether to save Zion or trinity. Zion died either way. It was either save trinity or select some humans in the matrix to wake up after Zion falls so they could start a new Zion, continuing the cycle. His choice had no effect on whether the robots attacked Zion. You could still call him a crap messiah either way, but don’t accuse him of wrongdoings he had no part in.

    I still enjoyed this review AND it has inspired me to go checkout Dark City, I just fell the review could have been more accurate to the movie while still maintaining the same if not more humor.

  29. When I saw the movie in theaters, the audience didn’t even last up to Smith’s Dr. Evil laugh. The last shred of seriousness in his character disappeared when he started monologuing about the cookies he smashed.

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