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Everything that has a beginning has an end…thank God. Matrix month finally ends with a review of Matrix Revolutions!

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  1. Greetings from Argentina!

    I loved the Dark City reference XD

    Can you cover the shitty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rip-offs (Martian Mice, Street Sharks, etc)?

  2. Peasant the Dashing Rouge

    HOLY SHIT that will he ever come back scene came straight from akira

  3. “Cookies need love like everything does”

  4. I just love how Tamera’s eyes cant be seen at all in the Dark City outfit

  5. Critic From The Future

    No, critic! You missed your opportunity to have all the Schmucks to the laugh at the end when they were together!

  6. The Zion fight scene becomes hilarious when you realize the machines each have their own sentient mind and enough intelligence to build something as complex as the Matrix. Potentially millions of technologically advanced beings are working together… but the best strategy they can come up with is “Lets AALLLLLL rush at them at the same time!”

    I mean, come on! All those years to come up with something and that is your best plan. How many machines died in vain in that battle again? And you couldn’t even form ranged weapons for the squid robots??? I guess they just needed that time to develop their leader’s giant floating spikey body or practice forming it’s talking face. It looks cool, sure, but whyyyy?!!?!?

  7. Doug, I have been a fan for a long time, and genuinely enjoy most of your work, but as a long time fan I hope you take this on board.

    This really felt like you were trying too hard. It hit me a few minutes in at the limbo “joke”. It’s not so much pointing out flaws of the movie in a comical fashion, but more just pointing out random things you noticed and then shrieking about them and saying something to the effect of “oh my God can you believe that’s in the movie”. So much of this themed month has felt so forced in terms of trying to mine humour out of the films. It shows in things like you STILL harping on about the monotone voices three movies in. If this was more free-flowing and natural, I don’t think you would be forcing that joke on the audience time and time again, desperately hoping it continues to make people laugh.

    All I’m saying is – you and your brother have a great talent for writing and performing comedy, when the movie suits it’s purpose. But I think you would have been better served to condense this whole month into one, perhaps slightly elongated episode of Nostalgia Critic. As a whole month it’s felt stretched much too thin and, again, like you’ve really being struggling for the laughs, to the point of commenting on things in the movie that aren’t even really comically bad, but just, well… there.

    In the future, find things that lend themselves better to what you do. Or, if you really do want to do something like these films in the future that are very well known as being criticised, but they don’t lend themselves too well to lots and lots of jokes, then just make it a special episode, instead of trying to milk it for all it’s worth.

    Sorry, this went on for far too long. I look forward to the upcoming content now that this Matrix month is over. It will be good to see you get back to something that suits the show better, and I have no doubt this will be the case, because you nearly always nail it. But hey, we can’t win them all ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have to say I really appreciate the fact that Doug didn’t condemn people who like the movies at the end. I was honestly getting worried after the ending of the first review that he was kind of forgetting the inherent subjectivity of film criticism (everyone takes something different away from watching a film and it’s not really fair to tell someone they’re wrong just for liking something you didn’t), something he’s brought up in the past. Fortunately his summation did include that and felt less like he was far less critical of fans.

    And of course the review itself was pretty funny, but honestly that almost goes without saying.

    • “felt less like he was far less critical of fans”

      That was supposed to just be “felt like he was far less critical of fans.” Sometimes I really wish I could edit my comments here.

  9. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t care all that much for the these movies, but for the sake of being fair, I recall that the whole “machines kill humanity’s town” scenario was going to happen no matter what option Neo chose, so I don’t think that’s technically his fault.

    Also, I think John Wick is helping pretty well with the career revival. I haven’t seen it myself but it got a lot of good press.

  10. way I see it. this movie deserved no mercy.
    I mean, it wasn’t as bad as the second one (at least that’s my opinion fore most)
    but because of the reputation from reloaded, this one got all the blows it deserved.
    there was no “not understanding it” or “not paying attention to the movie”
    hell, the movie itself didn’t understand a damn thing it was talking about,
    so there was nothing outside what was noted in the review that was having no attention payed to.
    I’m just glad they didn’t make a matrix-4.
    everyone that had anything to do with the movie deserved the downgrade they got after.
    a shame for the lady who died after the second one, but I fail to see how critic sounded like an ass for it (the only one(s) who sound like an ass are the ones calling him one for it)… (no offense[actually no. total offense]) but anyway. the pretentious trilogy stayed that. a trilogy. thank the Schwartz it didn’t extend anymore sequels. hell, I’m still surprised with how bad 2 was, they made 3…

  11. Just started watching, wanted to say I LOVE all the secret messages in the matrix style title you guys made!

    I had to pause and rewind a lot but it was fun seeing all the recognizable graphics!

  12. I can’t help but say Critic if you read this sometimes you take some cheap shots at the movies you’re mocking. Such as the Mr. Smith laugh. It was meant to be inhuman and odd. It’s kind of the point of the scene. Still I understand your material has to come from somewhere I’m just saying when movie tries to execute something correctly and you rag on it because of it doesn’t seem completely fair.

    That aside glad to see the Matrix month wrap up so neatly and my god man was I glad to see you release a Wind is Rising video. Perfect end to the late Disneycember. Hope you feel better so you can make us all more videos!

  13. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    To run with the current meme/theme of the moment

    I couldn’t watch the matrix trilogy and I couldn’t learn about leather and bondage fetishes because I died in an accident!

    brought to you by nationwide.

  14. Finally its done – great job with reviews and the twist in the end:D

  15. Actually Doug, in the military, we were ordered to “move with purpose” or “move like we had a purpose” all the FUCKING TIME. It got really old, fast. Basically it just means to “hurry up.”

  16. I always wondered how Neo got into Limbo, did he accidentally get too close to a Matrix wi-fi hot spot? Does the Matrix even HAVE wi-fi? Well wi-fi was only starting to become a thing when this movie came out so no surprise they didn’t mention it in the previous movies…

    I still really liked that DragonBallZ fight at the end, I mean, it just didn’t happen in live action before, and not since until Man of Steel, not even in the ACTUAL Dragonball movie.

  17. I feel like this review was a little rushed. Like bypassing and leaving out a lot of context for scenes. That all being said, I thought the last few minutes was pure genius. Really incite full and I love a good Dark City reference!

  18. I… I can’t believe it. People other than me saw Dark City. And they liked it! They liked it enough to reference it!

    I love the Matrix (the first one, the sequels don’t exist as far as I’m concerned), but Dark City was a better movie in every respect except the fight scenes. It’s awesome to see I’m not the only one!

  19. Great series of shows. I do like the matrix because it was, if nothing else, entertaining. I think you started a good conversation about how the matrix changed many things in movies. I should go a bit more in depth about something though… I’m 28 and the Matrix films came out while I was in highschool and I’m assuming you are around my age if a bit older. Regardless, these movies came out in the time when we were discovering ourselves and defining who/what we wanted to be for the rest of our lives. These sets of movies really influenced a lot of debate and talk about philosophy, however bad it was, it was a very influential way of discussing this kind of stuff. As the 3rd one came out we had already begun to put those philosophical discussions to work in our lives so it wasn’t needed any more. The talks had played out in the cliques who discussed it at school. So I can see how the Matrix movies could influence our generation, and perhaps older people didn’t care for it so much because they had already had their “Matrix” in whatever media. For example, Darkside of the Moon by pink floyd, or Another brick in the wall. Things like that sparked these kinds of conversations amongst the youth. Granted looking back Pink Floyd is classic and is amazing, while perhaps the Matrix movies aren’t but… still they did influence us to start thinking about grander things then what we may not have thought about at the time when it was new.

  20. Critic, I’m glad you called attention to the fact that the second film makes a huge show of Neo saving Trinity, then she dies anyways in the last film. That pissed me off the first time I saw it, because it makes the whole climax of the second film pointless.

  21. Hey I loved Dark City…. the Matrix still suck trought

  22. Ha, ha that ending was very good and I have seen Dark City and this… I like this better. Dark City did tell an interasting story, but it felt a bit off to click with me.

    Also Horay! I don’t know if it was me that pointed you towards the Video Game, but I did mention it during your last video. So horay!

  23. Now I’ll probably watch Dark City one day.
    And yes, I’ve seen Revolutions in theater. I was pretty young at the moment, and was with my brother and a bunch of his friend. God, this was weird and unsatisfying experience.

  24. The Smith at the end is much stronger because he’s the “Oracle” Smith. That should be quite obvious. Why did NC miss this?

  25. This was a great ending to matrix month and it’s just fun to spot all the cliches that you actually never noticed before. But I have to adress one issue with you review.

    The reason why Smith fights Neo one on one in the final battle is because he has gotten so cockey by taking over all of the matrix that he believes that he is the one to save the world instead of Neo. So actually due to his own cockiness Smith looses the battle witch he could have won without any effort

  26. I definitely agree with your analysis at the end. As a whole, the movies are mostly bad are harmless overall..and they did make action movies better as a whole.

    Great review. ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the biggest laugh at the laughing just worked so well. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can hardly wait to see what’s next for reviews in 2015 ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Dark City is a great movie.

  28. I now keep thinking of the Red Skull talking about cookies and love.

    It is too bad that the Matrix movies did only one thing really well.

  29. I’m glad Matrix month is over. Apart from Animatrix they’ve all been misinformed and unfunny. I’m sorry but that’s my opinion.

  30. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    Hey, so I’m just going to bitch about how in your last review you got something wrong about what the Architect was going to do to Zion, because I assume no-one else in the comments has mentioned it yet, even though scrolling up and reading the comments would probably help stop me from saying the exact same shit everyone else has already.

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