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Everything that has a beginning has an end…thank God. Matrix month finally ends with a review of Matrix Revolutions!

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  1. Phew, NC mentioned Dark City in the end. I enjoyed the first movie well enough when it came out, but by the time the third one came I was too walked out of the theatre going “holy shit that was just a suckier version of Dark City, and didn’t even have Keifer Sutherland.”

  2. I see enough people commented on the end boss of “Path of Neo” after NC’s comment in the last episode to include it in this one. 🙂

    Actually…the last fight would have actually made a bit more sense if they had gone that route. Rather than tons of Smiths doing nothing watching Super Saiyan-jin Smith do his thing, it would have implied he had copied himself onto the Matrix itself. Plus, if they had made him nightmarish enough looking (unlike in the video game), it would have been a nod to “Akira” instead of “Dragonball Z”.

    Ah well.

  3. matrix revelations is actually my favorite of the matrix films

  4. Oh for fuck’s sake, I’ve said it before and I’ll say this again: the Architect wasn’t giving Neo a choice between saving everyone in Zion and saving Trinity. Neo was given a choice between waiting for the machines to finish killing everyone in Zion, choosing a couple of dozen individuals from the Matrix to begin a NEW Zion, rebuilding it from scratch and believing themselves to be the first human resistance against machines that will one day (centuries later?) be saved by a new Chosen One. And saving Trinity.

  5. As much as I hated Matrix Revolutions (because nothing happened in the film and it was an incoherent waste of time) this review and all the other Matrix reviews from Nostalgia Critic were just godawful. It felt less like a review (even a NC-style “review” that’s less about analyzing the film and more about making fun of its flaws) and more like Doug endlessly raging about things he subjectively didn’t like for the sake of having something to cram into the videos. He’d be better off just saying “I found the Matrix to be pretentious, lifeless and monotone, but some of the figts were pretty cool” instead of reiterating it ad nauseaum in every video. If you want a Matrix review that actually goes in-depth into what was wrong with the film – watch Confused Matthew, this was just pointless and missed many plot points altogether.

  6. 2015.
    The year the Critic finally morphed into Douchey McNitpick.

  7. Ok, I’m not going to defend the last 2 movies too much, but how do you get Neo being a lousy hero for saving Trinity? It would not have saved even one life in Zion. It would have damned them. This was not even slightly confusing in Reloaded. The Architect told Neo that they were going to wipe out Zion, and he would be allowed to build a new rebellion from others he’d free after they were all dead, if he made the choice his predecessors all made, continuing the cycle, removing those who could not accept the Matrix for the machines, and killing the rebellion off each time it got big enough to start being a problem for them. Neo’s choice was the only one that could have actually ended the war.

  8. Revolutions wasn’t a bomb, as Doug puts it.
    It made $427 million worldwide. If you only look at the domestic gross (as many Americans tend to do) then sure it looks like a failure, but worldwide it made almost 3 times it’s production budget.

  9. I wanna see that movie now. Dark City 😛

  10. I think that Dark City is a superior film; great review as always, but I still think the only reason to watch it is for the Smith laugh, everything else is just either stupid, or garbage!

  11. YES!!! I love Dark City! I was so surprised when you mentioned it! <3 Also, hilarious little scene at the end 😀

  12. Yay! Three seconds in and BLAM! guest stars! ANOTHER NC video I immediately had to shut off! Hooray!

    • … Three seconds in?

      You mean Malcolm and Tamara?

      The two costars of modern Nostalgia Critic?

      I mean I vaguely understand why (though don’t remotely agree) you would maybe not like the fact that he’s not doing his reviews completely by himself or don’t like the skits or whatever but calling them ‘guest stars’ is kind of insane and douchey?

  13. Wasn’t it sort of implied in the movie that Morpheus and Niobe had a thing between them? Like, there was a original idea or scene that showed they were lovers at one point and then broke it off, but they dropped it because it didn’t fit in with the script?

    I just heard it somewhere but it could have been rumors or heresay. I don’t know. *shrugs8

  14. +1 to the chorus of “Seriously how did you miss that was specifically Oracle Smith he was fighting at the end when he’s made to parrot her own lines back to him?”

    I think the main reason why the last movie failed as much as it did was because people caught on to the whole Christian allegory of the trilogy and had their typical kneejerk rejection of it, either because they don’t like the subject matter, or because the Wachowski’s aren’t very good at keeping their allegorical themes straight, cough Cloud Atlas cough.

  15. What was the name of the song when it’s revealed that Smuchcker and the others are The Strangers from Dark City?

  16. Man Dark City is such a better movie than The Matrix. But yeah, The Matrix did inspire a lot for action movies that came after it. So in the end, a pretty touching end to a series of reviews that is better than okay. Maybe making everything look the same and droning on about the droning dialogue was the point. If it was, point clearly made.

    Oh and Keanu, I’m sorry Tom, did find that movie to restart his career. It’s called John Wick. It’s awesome.

  17. wait, is Tamara a cubs fan?

  18. Erica Nicole Jones

    At 16:14 I was waiting for a Wizard of the Oz reference oh well

  19. I’m glad you finally acknowledged some of the good things about this franchise. However, you missed what was to me the trilogy’s largest sin: Neo doesn’t save a SINGLE person hooked up in the matrix. That was what he set out to do in the first film! Then they introduced all these other conflicts in the second one and completely forgot about the main point of the whole damn first movie: freeing people from captivity. But no, we’re supposed to feel good about a pretty sunrise inside the physiological prison that most the world is still in???? Bogus man, very bogus.

  20. I have no idea what the final enemies were referencing so Im off to find out.

  21. nice job ignoring the soundtrack entirely for the whole trilogy. seriously i swear i rarely hear the critic bring up soundtrack in his reviews

  22. I agree.
    Matrix is a Dark Cirt rip-off

  23. It kind of feels like The Wachowskis told Hugo Weaving to go wild with the ham in some scenes

  24. I don’t really understand your issue with the sign at the train station, I mean you understood it perfectly fine what was your problem with it? You talk about how heavy handed most of the symbolism in the film is and how they never stop talking. Well here we have something that required no talking at all and works well as a bit of subtle symbolism, yet you still had a problem with it. You make about as much sense as the Seattle Seahawks play calling.

  25. As much as I like the NC videos, I really miss the old days when these reviews were all about him reviewing whatever he’s reviewing, but when he gets these people dressed as characters trying to be funny, making it much longer than it has to be, it’s just annoying, making me want to skip all these parts everytime.

    I do appreciate the fact that he’s trying come up with stuff and add more to it for his fans (the guy has been around for quite sometime, after all he has to reinvent himself sometimes too, right?), and he’s probably spending some decent amount of time to shoot and get all this stuff edited and done, but really, you don’t need that man. I’d say stick with your analysis and your review, you do a really good job at it raising some interesting points that sometimes not everybody sees. It just delivers a more concise and focused review, which is what I think most people come here for. And I’m sorry for those who have to feel immediately offended by other people’s opinions, I know that there’s definitely some people that enjoy these very things I just mentioned so far, but it’s my opinion, deal with it.

    NOW, about the Matrix Month videos, I found them quite good. I still like the first movie a lot, even though it’s not what it used to be anymore, it’s still undeniable the contribution it had for the movie industry in general (for all the good and for all the BAD it did as well) and it certainly inspired a lot that came after that. As for the second and third movie, yeah, they suck, no point to beat a dead horse, but after so long it’s funny to go back to it and realize how bad they can still be and how much bad they can still get. Nice job Critic.

  26. Very minor nitpick, but the battle in Zion didn’t happen because Neo chose Trinity. The city was going to get sliced and diced whatever happened, Neo’s choice (sorry) was to selecting 23 survivors to rebuild. That was this messiah’s purpose (again, sorry).

    On a related note, I nearly choked laughing that the “Cookies need love” bit.

  27. Dark City is an Awesome Movie!
    Unfortunately it’s too good to be reviewed on this show or any other.
    Well, maybe Blockbuster Buster’s Honest Review, but then again it wasn’t a blockbuster movie.
    Someone should just make a T.V Show out of Dark City so we can truly explore its depth.
    Oh well. Anyways, good ending to the Matrix reviews. They were more climactic and entertaining than
    the actual Matrix Trilogy.
    Well done, Doug, well done.

  28. Hey NC, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to these reviews each couple of weeks. They are a ton of fun. Thanks.

  29. ……isn’t there another one? Enter the Matrix? or was that just a game?

  30. “Oh my god this is clever”
    Well, more clever than screeching on camera about pretentiousness while being talantless one-trick pony fuck lol

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