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Nostalgia-Ween begins with the only film Stephen King DIRECTED! Oh boy… Are you ready for Maximum Overdrive?

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  1. This doesn’t really relate to this review but this is a great hellraiser reference in the new scoobie doo show

    Also loved the idea of the trope raisers as a fan of the early hellraiser films aka the first 4 this was great to see.

  2. I really liked that foreshadowing joke. You paced three of them well together: lampshading the Pinhead visions, then turning it on us with the “4” prop on the ground. But the part I liked best was the way you happily brought the prop back to your desk, stating “I’ll use you later.” Your delivery on that didn’t draw too much attention to it or push it too hard. It was a good bit of writing that you simply allowed to be funny. I know that your big freakouts probably bring in a lot more viewers, but when you quiet down and give simple deliveries, I think that’s often when your humor shines the brightest.

  3. The Green Goblin appeared on this before Dafoe played him.

  4. This year Critic I think you should review John Carpenter’s Christine movie for the Stephen King time.

  5. It’s like Christine meets Duel.

  6. So why didn’t the newlyweds’ car turn evil as well?

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