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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1993 Hulk Hogan movie, Mr. Nanny.

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  1. I recognize a few of those wrestlers in the opening! Kamala, Zodiac(Brutus Beefcake), and George The Animal Steele!

  2. A kid in King Arthur is horrible compare to this
    I don’t care what people say i like Hulkster movies
    Hulk Hogan is a great actor and the best wrestler
    this kids are psychotic
    Do you truly know how a weapon works also he is much stronger then you
    If you wanna see a good Nanny movie watch Twin Sitters but this is a good one two

    • A great actor? Really? I mean, I found his movies entertaining too, but he was hardly making me feel and emote with his acting skills making me feel he’s worth of an Oscar.

  3. Those kids are little sociopaths…
    “This bowling ball won’t crush his head.”
    “This SHARD OF GLASS will only feel like a tack.”

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