Moulin Rouge Musical Review – Nostalgia Critic

A film of this magnitude must be bitched about through song!

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  1. Bad Movie
    Good Review
    But did you really have to use “gay” as a synonym for “stupid”? I try not to be overly sensitive, but that pretty much turned me off for the rest of the review. Good thing it was as the end.

    • Oh for Chrissake. They have to be politically correct now when doing a parody? That’s like asking “South Park” to be sensitive to the GLBT community. Get over yourself. Mainstream straight culture still finds mainstream gay culture hilarious. Watching a couple well built guys is speedos prance like ballerinas is freaking funny (the subject of a Cinema Snob review). If it’s your deal to get involved in that, knock yourself out. I don’t give a shit what you do in you personal life. But don’t demand that you immediately be given weight with 2000 years of men and women. Society doesn’t change overnight. Maybe in another 2000 years, you’ll be the cultural norm and find us funny. And humanity will give way to the seals. Isn’t that what you libs want?

    • No, they didn’t use “gay” as a synonym for stupid. They used it as a descriptor, because (as they pointed out at several points in the review) there is some strong gay subtext in this movie.

    • If you want political-correctness, what are you doing on a review site?

  2. ya know;
    the way I kind of see it. the only reason why so many musicals came after this one was either;
    [A: they saw this movie, thought it sucked, and said they can do better. (of which they did) or
    [B: they saw this movie, thought it was okay, but thought they could do better (of which they didn’t)
    either way, it was because of this movie, and didn’t think anything for it above; “eh,.. s’okay”
    and if there was anyone who thought the movie was awesome,..
    well, that’s why shiest-fests like H.S.Musical & GLEE came to exist and torment us of their exploitations…

    I have to agree. P.C is the murder of free speech & civil liberty. if you have a problem with what is said on the show, that’s your deal. but don’t think the rest of us are gonna be as tight-assed & prudish as you are.
    after all, it only makes you a hypocrite. deny everything that you will, but it’s a safe bet that you yourself aren’t so P.C on other subjects, so why get in a twist over the one you spoke of here?
    (yeah-yeah-yeah, I know the drill. go ahead, call me a bigot & an asshole. whatever suits & soothes your delirium)

  3. It has taken me several viewings of this review to see that Chester conducts with his Styrofoam coin cup in the beginning.

  4. Is it a coincidence that in the Clone Wars animated series the name of the Duchess of Madalore is also Satine, and that she was Obi-wan Kenobi’s love interest, who was played by Ewan McGregor in the prequels?

  5. “That’s classified” — Was that the TARDIS?!

  6. is nostalgia chick Daugs gf?

  7. Wait look at 22:29 the moon is animated!

  8. -Silly
    -This was a fun crossover
    -I don’t like this movie but its not horrible
    -Twilight is a million times worse then this and Batman & Robin is a good movie
    -They are wowed to easily
    -The singing was unnecessary
    -Agree why did they started as a bordello and not a theater and they are showered by money
    -Van Hellsing is an awesome movie
    -He had a great teleportation power but the porno scene was good
    -NChick really was crazy over him
    -I am sure non of them are virgins
    -I don’t get it why did they think that she meant that they are together
    -It is a fine scene but not cool
    -NChick has a surprisingly lovely singing voice
    -She is wrong Christian is broken
    -NC i like the guilty pleasures you like there good movies
    -NChick is cold she barley cares about her friend death

  9. Personally I don’t care for musical movies or movies with a lot of singing in it. This was a very funny review though.

  10. Oh my god, I just got goosebumps at that final song when I realized it was the intro song NC started using since his ‘reboot’

  11. I enjoyed the review far more than the movie.Every part of the movie was totally unoriginal .A complete hodge-podge.

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