Neverending Story III – Return to Fantasia – Nostalgia Critic

Did the Neverending Story really need another sequel? The Critic returns to Fantasia with The Neverending Story III.

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  1. This is, without a doubt, my favorite NC episode with Tom & Jerry Movie being my second. This has everything one could ever ask for in a review to such a god awful movie. It also goes to show that when the Nostalgia Critic fires on all four cylinders…watch out.

  2. man, even through review, this movie hurts.
    this is more than just sanitization, this movie is a sterilization, vasectomy, & straight-up euthanasia of what Never Ending Story was. give N.E.S-2 SOME credit, at least that one, while not a good as the first, still at least maintained a fair amount of respects for the first movie.
    this one,.. this one,.. God Damn-It…

  3. oh God, Juliecox (Padishah Empress of Dune) and jack black in one shittiest pork-ona-dick movie? my childhood just died

  4. This is a terrible one but there is a better one that is later
    Mortal Kombat 2 is cool and Batman and Robin was a great movie
    The kid gotten dumber
    Falkor feel so bad for what they did to him
    I agree with what you said about the Rock one this is not wright

    Dud seriously you need to do a review of Tales From the Neverending Story its great unlike this and second

  5. HermioneHotpants

    This movie is to the Neverending Story movie what the Highlander sequels were to the original Highlander movie.

  6. Oof…that hurt. Not the movie itself, that’s obvious, just…the NC’s jokes about the female Rockbiter. It’s painful to listen to nowadays, and one has to imagine was so when the video came out too.

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