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January is now Nickelodeon month, and we bring you the first of 4 episodes dedicated to the once amazingly great kids network. First up, Nicktoons!

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  1. Ren & Stimpy: Never heard of it as a kid. Saw a few episodes a few years ago and didn’t like it.

    Rugrats: I had a bunch of the videos as a kid and just loved them. I saw the first two movies at the theater and enjoyed them. I still enjoy them and own the whole series and the first two movies on DVD. I really don’t like the third movie (the crossover with The Wild Thornberrys). How can two great shows have such a terrible combo movie?

    Doug: Heard about it as a kid but never saw it. Saw a few episodes a few years ago and wasn’t that into it.

    Rocko’s Modern Life: Never heard of it as a kid, heard of it in more recent years and have still never seen a single episode of it.

    Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Heard about it as a kid but never saw it. And have still never seen a single episode of it. The main characters randomly showed up in a Rugrats episode so I have a vague idea of who the characters are.

    Hey Arnold!: Heard about it as a kid but never saw it. Saw a few random episodes over the last 5 years. Saw the whole series and the movie last year and liked it. But I don’t think I like it enough to buy the DVDs, just enough to maybe see it on TV from time to time. And about what the Critic was saying, Arnold doesn’t wear a skirt. It’s the very bottom of the shirt he wears under his sweater.

  2. I actually miss some cartoon’s

    #1.Ren & Stimpy is wired sick but so hilarious
    #2.Rugrats was a ok show but never was interested.The one where they grown up was just as ok but a little better
    #3.Doug a pile of shit
    #4.Rocko’s Modern Life strange but it was good
    #5.Real Monsters Was fun
    #6.Hey Arnold is actually very good nothing special but it has fun stuff.You should watch the episode where Arnold learns about his parents
    Arnold wheres a shirt that is long and he uses it as a kilt

  3. Yeah, doug. At least you didn’t have the name Willie as a kid, I had to deal with Free Willy and Willy Wonka jokes for years. Oh and my real name is Wilson so I had to deal with Home Improvement and later Cast Away jokes.

  4. I always thought Oblina sounded like Zsa Zsa Gabor mixed with Eartha Kitt.

  5. Oh Nickelodeon what happened to you? You used to be full of original cartoons and now; even with cartoons you lack them!

    2 shows (spongebob + fairly Odd) does not count at cartoons!! Agent puppy is pushing is (made by fairly odd creators).

    I do like some live action shows like saved by the bell and my parents are aliens but… when 90% of your channel is full of them; you get bored fast.

    When I was a kid there were 14 cartoon shows and 3-4 live actions shows (and 2 competition ones); all on one channel! Nick! Get your act together!

  6. Rocko was a wallaby not a kangaroo. Just thought I would point that out.

  7. Rocko’s Modern Life is one of the greats but a lot of the jokes would be lost on little kids. Some of the humor is quite adult, especially in the first season (in particular, the episode where Spunky falls in love with the mop.) The Wacky Deli 2-parter is genius but is loaded with so many industry inside jokes that it would be inaccessible to many people.

  8. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    I wish Doug would take a better look at Hey Arnold…

    • He seriously needs to re-watch Hey Arnold! The life lessons that are covered are something today’s kids need to understand, and some good for adults. Almost every character has their own episode that explores each of their personalities, especially Helga’s, who’s character is just as complex as Zuko’s from Avatar. Plus, the popularity of the show has become so high that Nickelodeon and Craig Bartlett are on the brink of finally making The Jungle Movie that fans have been waiting to see for over a decade.

  9. I feel you, Doug. As a kid growing up with the name “Kelvin”, often mispronounced as “Calvin”, I too suffered the same fate.

    A lot of kids my age would make fun of my name, relating it to the famous comic about a certain boy, and his stuffed tiger. Yeup, I was the target of many “Calvin & Hobbes” jokes.

    As for the Doug TV show, I personally loved it. I never saw it on Nickelodeon, but I saw the “Brand Spanking New” version on ABC’s Saturday mornings.

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