Old vs New – Batman vs Dark Knight

In a battle between 2 great Batman films only 1 can emerge the victor. It’s time for Batman vs Dark Knight

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  1. I’ve never seen either movie, but if I’m ever forced to choose between these two movies to watch, I’d probably go with The Dark Knight based on the clips in this video.

  2. The Dark Knight movie sucked The Joker was the only good thing about it
    I prefer the old one then the stupid Dark Knight

  3. the video won’t load

  4. So I know this is old and stuff, but I wonder if anyone has ever pointed out that the critique that the third act is weird in The Dark Knight because it’s not the third act. It’s the fourth and fifth since The Dark Knight follows a five arc structure commonly seen in tragedies.

  5. I’m late to the game on this. but does anyone remember that the 89 Batman was a murderer? like he kills everyone. i give the movie credit for helping to give batman his balls back. but George Clooney, Bat card and all, was closer to the Idea of Batman.
    Batman is a hero that doesn’t kill. he would die before e let even the worst of humanity die. which was the biggest problem with Batman Begins, he lactualy says “i don’t have to save you.”
    well he does. Batman wins, though I did love the closing phone call joke you did.

    ps. I like how to make the first film win you didn’t count two face. I get your Nostalgia for this film is massive. but you really bent over backwards to make this one work. sort of a whose line is it anyway point system hun?

  6. Weird only six comments

  7. “Nobody can top Jack!”

    Except Hamill! You can’t even spell Mark Hamill without Arkham in the middle! Just observe: mARKHAMill. See?

    Though Ledger is a close second.

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