Old vs New – LoTR Animated vs Lord of the Rings

Which version can call itself the best? Watch this weeks Nostalgia Critic to find out!

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  1. Say, Nostalgia Critic. You know what old vs. new review you should do this year or next year? A review of the 1977 Animated Rankin/Bass version of The Hobbit vs. the 2012 – 2014 Live Action Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Trilogy! We all would love to hear your option of both these films!

  2. this video won’t load

  3. I prefer the live action one
    The Jackson Frodo is more realistic cos he just gotten thrown in to this life and faced to them all
    When you put on the ring is not going in to a different world that is why the Jacson one is more believable
    Hey what do you haw against a dark creepy castle that says if you enter you will die i would kill to live in a castle like that
    In the Bashky version it looks more of a Broke Back Mountain friendship unlike The Jackson one

  4. Interesting opinions on Aragorn and Sauron, but the Jackson films got these characters spot on in essence. The whole point with Aragorn is that he ISN’T a king, his only actual claim to the title is by direct blood descent from the last king of Arnor over a thousand years before. His claim to Gondor’s throne is tied directly to the fact that Gondor/Arnor used to be one kingdom ruled by a High King even longer ago. Aragorn isn’t a king, he’s a Ranger Chieftan – but by blood he is royalty.

    You get a little muddled with Sauron. You say he should be more subtle and manipulative rather than monstrous, but the whole point of Sauron is that he IS monstrous, having lost his ability to use manipulative guises thousands of years before. When he made the Rings of Power, he appeared to the Elves as Annatar, a fair shape like themselves. By his return in the Lord of the Rings, the only forms he can ever assume are terrible ones like the one we see at the start. Sauron essentially became a more stereotypical Dark Lord because he can no longer be a beautiful, manipulative character as he once was.

    I also generally disagree that the Jackson films get better as they go. Overall I think Fellowship is the best ‘film’ out of the three. It has no real huge battle scenes soaking up time, and is actually able to focus on the characters and their journey. I actually wish the whole trilogy was more like Fellowship. Two Towers spends most of a whole film both building up to and showing Helm’s Deep, while Return of the King is also mainly taken up with scenes that are either preparation for or showing a battle.

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