Old vs New – Manhunter and Red Dragon

Which adaptation of the Thomas Harris book is better? Time to compare Manhunter and Red Dragon!

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  1. Was wondering if you would do an update on this as soon as Season 3 of Hannibal is over? A New vs. Newer?

  2. Hero: Manhunter looks like a criminal and Red Dragon looks like a drugs or a a person who did not sleep
    Villain: Manhunter Drug user and Red Dragon he is here to relate
    Lector: There both are great but yes Red Dragon is better
    Support: Manhunter to calm, ass,She has a to normal life and Red Dragon whiny Family, he is fine, she should not force her eyes out
    Story: Its subjective Manhunter has made to be atmospheric of crazy and Red Dragon very fun
    Manhunter – 2
    Red Dragon – 3
    Red Dragon wins
    Try human meat its tasty

  3. what i never understood was this, in Silence of the Lambs, the book. It alludes to Hannibal’s time in The Korean War as possibly being the start of his insanity, in the movies, well, they go all over the place with it. Including Hannibal being in Eastern Europe during WWII

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