Old vs. New – Spider-Man Movies

Who is the best web-slinger? How does the original Spider-Man trilogy hold up to the new movies?

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  1. For my money, the new ones were interesting and cool, but not as good as the old ones.

    Of course, in a way, it’s like apples and oranges, or like oranges and tangerines i guess.

    Also, i feel your pain Critic, silly social media…

    • Agreed – on several points.
      You kinda have to take each on their own rather than pit them against each other. I think the Maguire series was largely meant to show how the acting, directing, writing and special effects have improved from the live action series and its movies from the 70’s and that ‘Spider-Man’ could be done properly today (2002-2007). It’s my opinion that some scenes in the Garfield series went on a tad too long, but that was just them making ‘Spider-Man’ more movie-ish than comic-like. When viewed as they were intended, it works.
      As much as I prefer the Maguire series, I can’t complain with any success about the chemistry between Gwen and Peter in the Garfield series. I just don’t like the particular chemistry they have because it doesn’t seem right to me. I prefer the chemistry between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark in the ‘Iron Man’ series. That feels right to me, while Gwen and Peter just . . . don’t. Despite Mary Jane really just being something for Peter to chase after the two do have chemistry, but I have to side with Doug in that it’s bland . . . and MJ is a bit brain-dead. I just watched the 2002 SM and there’s no way Mary Jane could have NOT known that Peter was Spider-Man by the end of the movie.
      The Maguire series definitely had better villains, minus Eddie Brock/Venom of course, but the Garfield series had better battle environments. For what little there was of J.J. Jameson in the Garfield series, which was almost nothing, I believe that version was more accurate to the comics while the Maguire version was more entertaining. And I don’t know about everyone else, but I almost cried when Uncle Ben died in the Maguire version. I felt almost nothing for Uncle Ben in the Garfield version.
      I think each series has its pros and cons and it all comes down to individual preference on which is better and for what reasons. Anyway – great video, Doug and crew.

  2. True Perception

    I hate the constant need for these to come down to a single point, and most of the time being going back and forth. It comes across as forced.

  3. Oh my god….Crazy Fat-Grandma was the leader of the Sinister Six, all along!

  4. annie 1990´s vs annie 2014: which was the better remake?

  5. Is it possible to compare the daredevil series and movie I like both

  6. Personlly Toby was better because nobody would have thought he was Spider-Man
    But Andrew was a jerk before his power so he is more revenge than grief
    He’s a poor batman than a pestering hero

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