Old vs New – Ten Commandments vs Prince of Egypt

In this episode of Old vs New we see what movie had the best retelling of the Moses story.

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  1. I can just imagine Moses’ wife’s reaction to hearing this for the first time.

    “You met God? As in, God? The All-Powerful Creator Above? And he gave you, as a symbol of his power on this Earth, a stick? Honey did you came across any cactus juice in this desert pilgrimage?

  2. Wait a minute. That bit at the end, when siad that NC’s ‘ass is grass’, since he’s God, was that NOT a metaphor?

  3. Both are great but i like the animated one more but i didn’t liked that musical part cause i don’t watch movies for music
    Agree with some
    Fuck God let him die

  4. What is it you have against animated musicals? Sure, a lot are bad, but a lot are really good too, this movie being a good example of that. I don’t know, maybe it’s just a personal preference, but I like the songs in many movies. Even in the bad ones, it’s sometimes just a welcome diversion from the terrible story.

  5. Pretty sure I’m beyond biased toward PoE, since I never watched the 50s movie lol But I ADORE Prince of Egypt and done so well imo that it always makes me curious about that part of the bible every time. PoE will always win in my heart. It being a musical is a major bonus, too, since I LOVES me some musical lol

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