Old vs New – The Karate Kid

How does the remake compared to the original. Find out as the Nostalgia Critic compares the Karate Kid movies.

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  1. There both great
    Main Character:Agree
    Glad that Jersey show is dead
    Teacher:Miyagi is great but yes Chan is cool he is better
    Villains:Original teacher is more fun and the Remake student is better
    Support:The New but a close call
    Story:The new one is much more dark and the original is more for just enjoying it so agree but by a little

  2. I didn’t think you could possibly be right with this assessment, so I looked up the 2010 movie.

    And, you were. It is the better movie.

    Thanks for the analysis and recommendation. I don’t regret the 2 hours spent on it.

  3. I liked both films but as someone who grew up with the original it’s much more memorable. mister miyagi was an icon, whereas jackie chan was already an icon starring in the film. I can also remember a lot more lines from the original.

  4. You kinda mention it but context is important in the new film, its based in China. The girlfriend has controlling parents but this isn’t unusual in China, when Dre comes along he is unaware of the constant need to prove yourself and be successful in everything you do which is why her parents try to keep them apart so she can focus on her studies. This is also why the bullies AND teacher are so intense, its not just that they’re bad people, failure is dishonourable

  5. Gotta respect your view on Miyagi/Han, especially the parts about their backgrounds, yet there’s no way I’d ever find Miyagi at least ten times more compelling than Han. For me, it’s the opposite case: I only see Jackie Chan in a role, and I understand that this has a lot to do with causes outside the movie’s reality, like Chan’s fame as opposed to Pat Morita’s, who’s able to create a way stronger illusion of a character (instead of someone acting) simply because there are less well-known roles we could see Morita occupying.

    Aside from that, Han and his brooding just sucks the life out of me. Miyagi’s playful attitude tickles me in all the right ways.

    About the complaint that Miyagi doesn’t teach him karate… I justify that for it makes for better storytelling. Maybe it doesn’t make sense in the movie’s reality but it keeps mystery in the story, not letting us in on what Miyagi’s getting at until the right time. Isn’t the core of it, that “karete/kung fu lives in everything we do”, the same anyway? One just doesn’t say it out loud.

  6. Isn’t James Rolfe from Jersey?

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