Old vs New – Willy Wonka vs Charlie

Which movie was better? Willy Wonka or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

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  1. I really want to see this video, along with a few other old vs new ones, however they won’t play.

  2. I actually like that the Charlie version is more upsetting and just weird. The Wonka version is very whimsical, and I get why people like it. But if you want something closer to the mood in the book, than the Charlie version is the right one.

    Honestly, I think the movies are even, and the new version mostly gets so much hate because so many people have problems to divorce themself from the old version. What I especially like about the new one is the bigger focus on the corrolation between the parents and the behaviour of the children.

  3. honestly, the only thing the newer version had going for it, was that Willy was more like he was in the book than the willy in the 71 version. the guy was a kook, he wasn’t all cool & collected.
    other than that, the 71 version, I agree, surpasses the newer one by far.
    I mean yeah, the new one was insane, but it was also “appealingly tame”, by that I mean, it was pop-culturally inspired (and we know how “well” that worked out so far for other flicks, right?).
    I will admit, the newer one isn’t as bad as claimed, it’s actually good in some spots here & there. but that’s it. *Here and There*. grant it that yeah, you can say the same about the 71 version, and yeah, you’d probably be right. ultimately though, for a good childhood story, the 71 version wins. but for character & psych study, the newer ones got the goal.

  4. I really wish the NC would go back and fix these broken videos. About half of the videos that existed before the move to this site won’t work anymore. I get why they moved the site, but the audience losing half the old content is anything but good…..

    On the topic itself though, I do prefer the newer movie over the old one. While I didn’t like the whole “father issues” sub plot that much in the new one, the old one was just, quite frankly, boring to me. I get why people like it, but aside from a couple of the songs being enjoyable I just find myself wishing I was watching something else when I watch the old one…..

    • As a note, I just tried to watch this on Blip itself and it still wouldn’t work. It seems I was wrong with thinking that this was an issue here on the site. It appears that it’s broken on Blip at the source instead…..

  5. I prefer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Willy Wonka Charlie Wonka
    -WWonka is a crazy guy -He is actually funny
    -There boring -I hate them but that is why there good
    Grams is fine Very good gramps
    The Umpalompas are strange Yes it would be better if they had
    some skin color that is different
    Charlie is ok Charlie maybe a saint but that is
    what is good he shows that no
    matter what is bad he is is always
    going to see the good in the world

    -WWonka songs are boring there the -WCharlie music is really enjoyable
    same always the same different nothing new in them

    -WWonka place is boring -WCharlie it looks cool

    There story is quite the same so don’t care

  6. Nostalgia Critic, is that Nostalgia getting yo you?

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