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Michael Crawford as a badger? Oh this has GOT to be an instant classic!

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  1. I always thought this was a Secret of Nimh movie. LOL

  2. -Its clear that he loves himself most
    -He is a good singer
    -You do know that kids is a word made up by humans who is to say that animals call things the same
    -Animals kill only to survive unlike humans considering that animals don’t hunt for fun or kill that they don’t make cloths out of humans or other and they don’t make trophy’s or furniture out of anyone
    -It needs not to be a very happy ending

    • Every word is a word made up by humans. Language is made up by humans. If the animals are going to be speaking English in the first place, it makes no sense for them to randomly be using words that are not in ordinary English. It’s just a way that they try to make them sound more “charming” but when you actually think about it makes no sense.

      • Perhaps it’s a translation thing. Like, they’re not actually speaking English, but the movie has it in English for our benefit, but the animal word for youth is closer in meaning to it rather than “kids”.

  3. I think the idea behind the badger staying behind was that the badger had to keep michelle alive, something which the kids could not have done. You wouldn’t leave someone on life support in critical condition alone (or with just kids), so the kids had to go get the thing since he had to stay behind.

  4. This is it. This is the one that killed me. Michael Crawford as a f*cking badger, I can’t even believe this. And inserting ‘I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It’ at the 3:45 minute mark literally had me pause the video because I couldn’t hear it over my own howling laughter. You’ve outdone yourself, NC. Thank you for this brilliance of film. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to plan my own funeral, because that moment f*cking killed me.

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