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The doctor is in? I’m checking out! It’s Patch Adams time!

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  1. I’ll be honest. before I did research on it, I actually liked this movie (“likED” being key word)
    I still have nothin’ against robin williams, I still like him (NO, I’m not saying that just because he passed away, he was one of my favored actors way back then, as much as he is now, even after his passing). but this movie. especially after I looked more into it, I lost all respects for the film. on it’s own, I guess it still holds, but when you compare it to the source it’s based off of, it definitely cripples & falls. especially when you find out what all they twisted in the movie. over all, nostalgically, I guess it’s still an okay watch. but ethically & wholly, I wouldn’t watch it anytime so ever. even if it was the ONLY thing to watch, I’d still debate on seein’ it again.

  2. What do you think of Dead Poet’s Society?

  3. Holy crap! This movie is so ballgratingly annoying that it makes me want to bludgeon Robin Williams with a shovel! Unfortunately he’s dead.

  4. This is a dumb movie but meh
    Robin Williams is still good in this movie
    This movie is made child friendly
    ITs the fault of the writers not Patches
    What is wrong with a person train to have fun and not ruining peoples life

  5. I remember when I saw this in theaters, I wanted him to be found guilty at the end.

  6. Patch Adams is a terrible movie, no question — but here’s the thing that’s gotten to me ever since this review friggin came out — YES, yes the medical profession really is this fucking horrible. They still teach you to be a dick -today-, why? Because you’ll be working 80+ hour weeks for at least your entire residency, let alone if you’re enough in love with suffering to be an ER doc after that.

    Psychology is even worse, and yes, fucking yes, if you check yourself in for suicidal thoughts they will put you in a prison cell with a total fucking loon. And no, your doctor will never, ever, ever, refer to you by name, or listen to a fucking word you have to say.

    The premise of this review is as bullshit as the movie is.

  7. Tony Ciccariello

    Laughter is the best medicine. Unless of course you have the medicine, in that case medicine is the best medicine, You can still laugh, no problem. Now if you’re sick and only have laughter, RUN to a doctor and get the medicine. I mean, what is wrong with you? What twisted logic makes you think Laughter will make you better? What else do you believe in? Really, do invisible Lemurs call you on the phone and ask for directions to Denver. Seek Help!!!

  8. I would love to tell you that most doctors work on their bedside manner. My wife’s first Oncologist was so cold, cruel and mean that she refused to see him any longer. and this was in the late 90’s. I felt great joy when i went to his office to tell him she decided that he was not for for her.. and then informed him if i ever saw him outside of his office i would break his jaw. Never saw him again.

  9. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    This movie is just… wrong…
    It takes stuff from a real person’s life and twists it to a ridiculous and cynical degree.
    I’m not surprised Patch Adams himself dislikes it.

  10. Why is the quality so bad on this one? Last several videos are 720p and this clocks in at 240p???

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