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By popular demand, we figure out if this box office disaster is Adam Sandler’s worst movie yet! The Nostalgia Critic reviews 2015’s Pixels.

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    • Oh sweet. It’s another one of those? Watching now…

    • What’s messed up is when he’s not doing this type of movie,he leans towards movies where he’s privileged yet troubled. Real world smallest violin shit.

    • Ok Doug, I think this review fares better than the Jurassic World one and I do think you can get away with this one since it’s a movie that heavily borrows on nostalgia like Jurrasic World.

      I have no love for Adam Sandler myself, and still wonder how he manages to get any type of work (I guess he still makes studios enough money to finance his crap). I haven’t seen Pixels nor will I ever have any passing interest in seeing it unless I’m kinda forced to, but we all knew it was going to be shitfest from the beginning and voila, it was.

      I don’t mind these clipless reviews once in a while especially for newer movies because even if you review them with clips after the Blu Ray comes out, it still wouldn’t be “nostalgic” enough for most fans. So I guess maybe just do these types of reviews of the movies still in theaters if they capitalize on nostalgia so you can still keep true to your name. With The Odd Life of Timothy Green, that may not have been nostalgic, but it wasn’t in theaters for your comeback back in 2013.

  2. Wait… what the fuck is wrong with Click?

    • Yeah, I liked it. I can understand the NC not mentioning it among the good ones, but throwing it in his bottom-of-the-barrel list along with grown ups seems harsh.

    • Great concept wasted by lame jokes, plus several cliched stock characters. It was more wasted potential to me though.

    • It was kind-of not that great in the first half or two thirds, with cheap gags all around but some level of humor, but then at the end it just goes super serious and just becomes depressing as heck for no reason whatsoever. Seriously, if you’re going to go for this type of film, at least keep the cheap jokes going so it has a consistent tone! Why the heck does the movie think we want to deal with Adam Sandler dying from diabetes and obesity or whatever while he’s trying to go to his son’s wedding after they spent half the movie doing stuff like “Oh, I’m green like the Hulk! LAWL!” you know?

      I can get why some people would like it for the humor at the beginning, but it’s probably one of the most confusing tonal shifts I’ve ever seen in a film.

      • I know, right?! The main character’s death in Click was the first time I’ve cried in an Adam Sandler movie! It wasn’t the last, but that was for different reasons.

      • Pretty much this.

        Even though the dramatic elements were well-handled, it felt so out of place after sixty minutes of Sandler wearing a fat suit and ripping ass in Hasselhoff’s face.

      • I think the appeal is that unlike other Adam Sandler movies where the cheap gags are just there, in Click they’re framed more as a man’s knee-jerk reaction to what’s happening. It’s kind of sad, because he probably knows that pausing time and kicking someone in the balls to vent his anger is the most he can do. He’s stuck in the fast-lane to the end of his life, and there’s nothing he can do about it. When you see it like that, the cheap gags take on a somewhat tragic angle.

        Now, I don’t know if that’s what Sandler intended, but as NC said of Unbreakable, “A filmmakers way of looking at their work doesn’t have to be the same as yours.”

    • click is a half ass attempt at a classic story, and really just the same old stuff. I liked little Nicky. I thought it was fun.
      but Sandler movies are weird that way. I think we all have a limit. and once we hit that max number of sandler, we start to hate him. like a guy who marries the beautiful but boring prom queen. you reacha limit and start to hate her as you both grow older.

    • Are you seriously asking that?
      Here’s a little piece of advice for any and all aspiring filmmakers and script writers out there:
      Don’t. Ever. Under any circumstance. EVER! End the conflict of your movie with, “it was all just a dream.” It is absoluetly the laziest, lowest common denomiator way to end a movie. You just don’t do that.

      Unless it’s Inception. That is the single and only exception when a modern day film actually could get away with it.

    • He did mention his problems with Click in his honest thoughts on 8 Crazy Nights where he mentioned that only the final third was genuinely good while everything else was ruined by typical Sandler Shtick. As for me, I thought it was one of his better films.

  3. I was at the premiere for this movie, and there was only one part I liked, the after party at Dave and Busters.

    But in all honesty, I kind of liked this movie. Maybe I’m one of those empty minded Happy Madison Audience members that can laugh at pretty much anything…

  4. Made it to first page!

  5. A Nostalgia Critic Halloween Extravanganza
    Hello Mr Walker why don’t you do for a halloween a “nostalgia critic halloween extravaganza”? people “hate” when you do something new so why just you do something totaly diferent for a the estrucry of a normal episode and make more feel like a celebration that a actually review
    Like riffs for halloween shorts and psa, review for bad and short halloween specials, skechts, and you could do it in a homage to gravity falls’s little shop of horrors
    And you could bring back teddy ruxpin in that the pov is the only how sees it

  6. A Nostalgia Critic Halloween Extravangaza 2: The Secret of the Ooze
    I WOULD BE SO AWESOME¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


  8. A Nostalgia Critic Halloween Extravangaza 3: The Last Stand
    you could do like a varity show like the you review a weird hallowen episode/special then a skecht then a couple of disneycember style review then you go to commecials the you do a fake comercial then you do a riff of a halloween short/psa and a review of a halloween commercial (have you heard of nick or treat say it three time fast to get it ) then i dunno think of the possibilities you could talk about wachter in the woods
    or boxtrolls or the midnithg hour or over the garden wall(like if it was a disneycember review)

  9. Hey, I liked Click…

  10. Breaking your rule again, aren’t you, Critic?

  11. I remember when I first saw the posters for this movie and it looked awesome! The reason we’re so mad is because we sincerely THOUGHT that it would be good. I haven’t seen the actual movie yet. When I first heard that Adam Sandler was going to be in it, I KNEW it would suck. A pity I was actually fooled into thinking “Fantastic Four” would be good. I heard it’s even worse!

    • You can’t say that!!! TRY WATCHING a movie before you pass judgement. I LIKED it, it was good!!

      • sonorwegianithurts

        I think you need to calm down a little. You are protecting this movie like we are all ganging up on your only child. But instead of going to every single comment that talk bad about this movie and just saying “you are wrong, it’s good!”. Why don’t you give us an actual reason why it’s good and why we should change our minds or see it? Why don’t you actually counter the arguments brougth up in the review or the comments you are answering to?

        • PeterOfThePanpipes

          The movie clearly has its tongue firmly in cheek. A lot of this criticism is Critic not even pretending to get that at all, period. (Confer: President Kevin James, General Jackass) He also really undersells the game setpieces- they are pretty darn amazing. Also, Sandler only throws the hammer at DK /after/ getting all the way to the top-and only to save his girlfriend from the fire dudes. It’s multiplayer DK, compressed into a single level. I think we can say the aliens can give some rules latitude there.

    • I heard the main reason people hate it is the heavy sexism, including the whole “woman as a trophy” thing at the end.

  12. Since it is possible to do the Fans4tic movie how about do the crossover with Linkara if Linkara as the time to

  13. Critic is right about the jokes not being funny but that’s not what I came to us to see I watch the movie The Action scenes and they delivered

  14. This review seemed more hate filled than the Jurassic World one.

    • Are you joking? Jurassic world is – even for people who didnt like it – at least a tolerable movie ( I thought it was great). Pixel is a completly different thing.

      • He’s referring to the review being hate filled not the movies’ qualities compared to each other. Either way, both reviews seem to be fanning mild disappointment into full failure.

    • I didn’t watch the Jurassic one yet, but I kinda see how you could feel that from this one. However, from the opening/closing song, and his deviation from his normal closing (so you don’t have to) he obviously misses the old Adam Sandler and wants him to move on from the tired formula that obviously isn’t working, to try and evolve as an actor, writer, director and comedian. He’s had all the time and chances in the world by this point, maybe he should try to move to straight drama instead?

  15. Hey Nostalgia Critic! Can you please please please review the movie Freddie As F.R.O.7?! It’s a bizarre must!

  16. Lol good review. I agree with it. Imo this will ruin classic video games for anyone who sees it.

  17. prime-10@hotmail.co.uk

    Dear Nostalgia Critic,

    I hate to sound like a peeved off fan but can you please stop doing these type of reviews. Half the fun of your reviews is to use clips from the actual film. i know that sounds crazy but still. Could you really not have waited until the movie came out on dvd? I’m sure there are tons more movies out you could have reviewed. I was really looking forward to your Jurassic world review when you announced it in your Sibling Rivalry review, but while I did kinda liked the ending and have sort have excepted it in a few multiple viewings, I still wish you could have waited for the dvd and used the actual clips. I haven’t seen Fantastic Four yet or this movie for that matter but please can you wait until it comes out on dvd. Please Please Please.

    • I think he did the Jurassic World one because Universal always try to take them down. And that one got a lot of views. But yeah I prefer the regular format. I like seeing reaction shots of what’s shown on screen.

  18. Why couldn’t you wait till it came out on dvd? Then you could have had a lot more jokes!

    • Because the youtube copyright strikes keep coming.

    • Let’s be honest, Adam Sandler movies are so bad and uninspired, it’s too hard to make jokes off of even mere clips of the film. 8 Crazy Nights is an exception, but only because it’s animated.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Because by the time it comes out on DVD he’ll have had to wait until February to release the review. DVD release in’t announced yet. It’s projected for October. In the midst of Nostalgiaween. November has 2 review weeks and one is reserved for commercials. Then comes Christmas. Then comes January theme month

      • So what?

        That excuse you gave just makes it more reasonable to wait until the DVD release. The longer he waits to do a film like this, the more it fits into that whole, you know, nostalgia thing that he goes for.

  19. I’m kind of disappointed that you did a clipless review again, but since it was of an Adam Sandler movie, the clips honestly wouldn’t have added much (and this style spared me from seeing the stupidity with my own eyes). Oh yeah, and if any video containing the word “Pixels” was taken down on Vimeo, then this review would totally be screwed on YouTube, even if it used clips when the DVD was released.

  20. I think alot of the hype of these types of Reviews comes from the fact that ALOT of people saw Jurassic World where alot of people saw this as the horrific bomb that it was and actually REFUSED to see it. Your Jurassic World review was funny to me because to me it was a total parody of what I saw on screen and I really enjoyed the work you put into making it look like that.

  21. do 50 shade of grey but tamara is christian grey

  22. Wow. Couldn’t even wait for it to come out on DVD? This movie must be pretty bad.

    • But it’s NOT!! He’s just giving in to what a lot of jugmental people begged him to do, (which isn’t really like him) and half of them never even saw the movie!!

      TRUST me, TRUST me, I saw it, it’s NOT bad!

  23. Waterboy and Little Nicky were good.
    Okay to the review. God I was hoping this would be good. I use to love Adam Sandler and the premise sounded awesome. I forget it was a Futurama episode. No wonder I wanted to like the movie. I will probably catch it on tv or something sometime but god its sad this failed.
    Mention of Fantastic Four just makes me think its matter of time before Doug does a NC Review of that too.

  24. Urgh. This review was just TERRIBLE. I think I did better… and I did a written review!

  25. You know what’s funny? I actually agree with NC at the end.

    I DID laugh at some of the jokes. Hell, I bursted in laughters when I saw the last 10 seconds of the films (“1 year later”), but ugh… GOD THE CHARACTERS ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!

    Which leads to soooooooooooo many jokes being long, like at some points I wanted to shout “GET TO THE PUNCH LINE ALREADY!”


  26. Today is an AWFUL day for me on Channel Awesome. I JUST made a comment on Todd in the Shadow’s new Cinemadonna review regarding Todd’s lack of censorship in his video and now I need to raise concern for the exact same censorship issue in THIS video. Nostalgia Critic, I’ve been a great fan of yours for many years now and I love your videos! But I have a severe phobia of vomit, and I believe that graphic material like vomit should fall under some of the other subjects that usually are censored on this site, such as nudity. Even for people without a phobia attached, such images are still considered graphic. Both Todd’s and your video, Doug, have given me a double panic attack today. I love you guys’ videos so much, please help me to continue enjoying them in the future without fear or trauma by improving your censorship in this area. Thank you so much!

    • Dude it was one pic for half a second! Good lord get over it

      • thatchickwithlonghair

        Look, I also share curiousgyorg’s phobia (it’s called “emetophobia” btw) and you do NOT tell people to “just get over it” when it’s about panic attacks, anxiety, or phobias. That’s f*cking rude….and we would if we COULD, you douche.

        We don’t CHOOSE to feel that way. Be more respectful, how about?

        • Calling somebody a douche is much more rude. So, I don’t know, maybe you’re the one who needs to be more respectful.

        • It’s so rare when people understand what it’s like to live with a phobia. I appreciate your kindness, thatchickwithlonghair. richtv doesn’t understand that even a split second second image, if graphic enough, can haunt me for a long time. I can’t unsee these sorts of things. And I don’t feel I’m being too selfish requesting better censorship of vomit on this site, because it’s actually one of the most common phobias on the planet. In my 2000 Genesis World Record book, emetophobia was listed as the 7th most common phobia that year. As you can see, at least one other person here already admits they suffer from it too. It’s crippling, especially when I love Nostalgia Critic and Todd in the Shadows so much. I hate not being able to watch their videos with peace of mind.

          • “… even a split second second image … can haunt me for a long time.” If you actually do have that violent of a reaction to a second-long image, I suggest you stop doing anything involving the internet or television or movies and find a good novel.
            And really, you want to censor things just because some people have a phobia of it? Can’t show spiders, or balloons, or clowns, or open spaces, or closed spaces, or representations of people, or women, or men, or long words, or tall things, or water, or guns, or death, or animals, or feet, or darkness, or emptiness, or crowds, or hospitals, or medical workers, or porous things, or even phobias/fear.

    • While I am sorry that images of vomit give you panic attacks, as a severe arachnophobic myself, I don’t see a way for content creators to pay attention to all trigger issues. There are way too many phobias around and it is impossible to put disclaimers up for all of them.
      If people that personally know you sent you images of that sort – its time for some severe unfriending. But this nonpersonal approach is simply out of your (or my) hands. I don’t think, people should take into account what phobias are around.
      I appreciate though, if universally traumatizing events (realistic gore, severe psychological and physical abuse) get a warning.
      If you and thatchickwithlonghair suffer of your phobias, i urge you to look for a therapy to make phobias like this not govern your life. Just imagine, if you had to take care of somebody – a drunk friend or a sick family member, and could not approach them. That’s a severely limiting phobia.

      • Yes it is severely limiting, you’re right. It kills me that I’m not able to care for the people I care about while they’re sick. I am interested in therapy, but I don’t have the money for it now. And I totally understand creators not being able to cater to everyone that has a phobia, however, I believe that vomit falls under the category of gore, and should be censored under the same umbrella. Not just for people with a phobia of it, but for everyone who wishes not to view such disturbing, graphic images. That’s the only reason I feel confident enough to ask for Doug and Todd to make a change, hoping it’s not just for me.

        • “I believe that vomit falls under the category of gore, and should be censored under the same umbrella.” What censorship of gore? Last I checked, the only censorship most companies cared about was nudity and copyright.
          I don’t enjoy gross-out stuff most of the time, but calling for strict required censorship of rare 1-second images on vulgar comedic reviews on the internet is a bit much.

    • The way to fix a phobia is not to avoid it.

  27. Ok… First off, I can’t even log in properly to post a comment on this site. Whether it be on my PC or my phone, I can practically FEEL the lag whenever I try to do anything here.

    Second, REALLY? ANOTHER one of these clipless videos that really aren’t all that much funny than Sandler’s crap? Ok, the Shyamalan bit was funny, but that was because it connected back to one of your works that WAS funny. I know it’s because of the YouTube copyright strikes and I know this is just one guy’s opinion and not the majority, but from where I’m standing, this is just about as phoned in, low quality and unfunny as the movie you’re reviewing.


    • Fair enough if you feel that way, but I personally think the extra effort that has to go into shooting all these scenes and the freedom it gives them really enhances the show. Sure, I wouldn’t want it for every episode, but things like replacing President Kevin James with Malcolm as President Obama to emphasise how much of ridiculous stretch it is was a brilliant addition that they couldn’t really have done so effectively in a normal review.

      • If you think it works for review, let me just say that you’re able to do something I WISH I could do.

        I REALLY DO want to like these types of reviews that essentially give copyright flaggers the middle finger, but without even a SLIGHT comparison to the material satirized, it doesn’t stand on its own all that well, at least in my opinion. When he did it with Jurassic World, I was a bit disappointed with the style of the review, but I respected why he did it, but if these reviews become the norm…. Oh boy, this series in general is in trouble.

        • Acetylsalicilique

          Yes, I think that’s a problem too. You tell us a joke is long and overdrawn, and all we have is you word for it. I haven’t seen the movie, I don’t want to see the movie. But now I feel like I have to see the movie to get some of your jokes…

    • Honestly, I really didn’t like the Jurassic World review (though that could have been because I was having a bad day, Screenwave was all fucked up so the video was almost unwatchable and I didn’t really agree with Doug’s opinion on the movie) but I thought this one was way better.
      Maybe I’m just getting used to this new type of reviews but I really liked this one. Douge actualy took advantage of the fact that he can’t use the actual footage to make some jokes that he wouldn’t really be able to make in a normal review (like the Shyamalan bit for example) and I thought a lot of them were pretty funny too.
      I don’t think this should become a regular thing, but I don’t think I would mind it once in a while if he can keep improving on it.

  28. Click would have been a better film if all the bad jokes that make a Sandler film had been left out. You can tell it was more of a matter of a good script that got “dumbed down” than much else.

    Should also add that Sandler has preserved Generation X’s misspent youth long past its expiration date.

  29. Who were all these people wanting to do reviews of movies still in theaters?

  30. I really like this type of episode. I’ve said it before but it really feels like this is what Demo Reel was trying to be, but (in my opinion) the storylines got in the way.

    • IMHO, I think that the CA guys tried out Demo Reel because they saw the writing on the wall for the future of their copyrighted-material-dependent format. Hence all the actors and sets instead of footage. That didn’t work out. Trying to start over with a new character that was basically the same as the NC instead of using the NC in the first place was daring… and incompetent.

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