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The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1995.

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  1. I never really watched Power Rangers. I did see a video at neighbor boys’ house, but I have no clue if that was a video of TV show episodes or if it was the movie. Either way I wasn’t really into it and don’t remember anything that happened in it. This movie looks dumb so I probably won’t attempt to watch it or the series.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    …imagine C3PO being even gayer than he already is.

    How come they always move like they have Tourette’s Syndrome?

    How come they dress up like NASCAR mannequins?

  2. I find Power Rangers not that great but ok
    Ninja Rangers were the best once
    I never saw the racial problem with them
    You really complaining about the skimpy warrior?

  3. Back in 1995, this film was awesome, but seeing it again in 2015, twenty years later, you can easily see the glaring holes in it.

    I’m like Linkara, i’m a huge Power Rangers fan, have been since childhood, it remains one of the things that define my childhood, along side, TNMT and X-Men, but MMPR The Movie is a bad flim, entertaining, but awfully bad

  4. The Theme song is still awesome!

  5. I had the exact same reaction as Doug when I saw the premiere back in the 90’s. “What is this crap? This show will never last.” And BOY was I wrong. The hottest ***DAMN thing in preteen programming in the history of FOREVER!!! I guess I just wasn’t young and ignorant enough to enjoy it’s stupidity and constant repetiton.

    What can ya do? *shrugs*

  6. Fun fact: The Brady Bunch Reunion line was an ad-lib from Ivan Ooze’s actor, so the funniest line of the movie wasn’t even supposed to be in it.

  7. How’s this for a lesson always guard your nuts in combat.

  8. I never got into power rangers. Thought it looked stupid and couldn’t understand why people liked it. Then Cars came out and I was like ” yeah this is gonna bomb, what a stupid idea.” and of course this is also why I do not play the stock market lol

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