Princess Diaries 2 – Nostalgia Critic

I think this film quotes it best: Shut…up! So, shut up Princess Diaries 2!

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  1. Critic, much as I love these little skits of yours. The detail work could use some help. Things like the PS3 not being plugged in, and there being no visible laser coming from the gun. Minor things but enough to get that little bit of human perfectionism in me go insane.

  2. Had to watch this to understand the “Christmas Story 2” review plot.

    Also why Benny reads Jane Austen.

  3. Point of interest: M arie Antoinette never actually said that bit about cake. that was a fun little fabrication courtesy of Hollywood

  4. I actually saw this movie in theaters when I was 9. I don’t remember shit from it other than the matress surfing. It’s pretty damn forgettable on all other accounts.

  5. My character, Raging Gamer, should stop by Fangirl’s house one day.

  6. Is it just in my country or has Disney blocked this video on youtube for everyone? Those bastards, now I’m not going to watch Star Wars 7… oh who am I kidding, of course I will. Four times.

  7. Okay, what’s the most confusing cameo ever? Stan Lee in this movie, Donald Trump in “Ghost’s can’t do it” or Colonel Sanders in “Hell’s Bloody Devils”? Also since Stan’s here does this movie count as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

  8. the people at Disney are calling copyright on this videos because its negative. when are they going to make it a crime to fraudulently represent a crap movie as good. collectively movies like this, cat and the hat, after earth, super mario brothers. they have been misrepresenting their product and steeling millions from the public in ticket sales and lost hours of life.

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