Quest for Camelot – Nostalgia Critic

See why this “Blast from the Ass” should’ve stayed in the Dark Ages.

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  1. This review afforded me some great entertainment this Christmas. One of my family members got a CD of Christimas tunes, which for some reason included The Prayer. It’s a nice song but I couldn’t stop laughing, remembering how it was written to play over a goddamn chase scene.

  2. Oh My God, You Killed Marry Poppins, YOU BASTARD!!!!

  3. This move is just awful in English…

  4. Rubber looks very trustworthy that is why it was not clear that he would be evil
    Its a magical forest don’t question it
    His song is not that bad
    The prare is a wonderful song
    It looks great to haw that scene from Sin City with the song
    I agree that the blind guy gave up easily
    Chicken fell in love with the other chicken she made him change his mind whom to serve
    Merline guide them all

  5. I have only three words for this movie: FUS RO DAH!

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