Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on 8 Crazy Nights

A review so good even the director liked it…no, REALLY!

See the original Nostalgia Critic review of the animated film 8 Crazy Nights here.

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  1. I totally agree with Rob, if the Animation was not so good this movie would be a walk out movie.
    hated the deer poop and eating poop scenes, not funny and disgusting.
    I am sure the director and Adam is nice but they were vicious to critics when the movie came out.

    • futuremoviewriter

      Okay! Now I’m CONVINCED that the next NC is Demolition Man! Rob keeps bringing up the seashells and just did so in accordance with Rob Schneider who was part of that dialogue in the movie!

  2. Funny they should mention Click, I didn’t like the last third of it because they just go too far and it’s just so dark and forced and hard to watch. I mean, it’s not bad on it’s own, but when you stick something like that onto the end of a light-hearted comedy based around TV and Fart jokes, it’s just such a shock. Just what the heck were they even thinking?!

    It’s like “Here’s Adam Sandler acting like the Hulk! Now here’s Adam Sandler crawling through the streets while dying from heart failure!” Seriously, the heck?!

    • The Mysterious M

      You have to admit though, it is some of Sandler’s best acting.

    • What the fuck are you talking about?

      “Here’s Adam Sandler acting like Hulk! Now here’s Sandler neglecting his wife! Now here’s Sandler losing YEARS OF HIS LIFE to a fast forward and dealing with the ramifications! Now here’s Sandler fast forwarding PAST HIS FATHER’S DEATH, and not knowing who his kids are anymore let alone his wife! And to top it off, here’s Sandler dying with the life he’s chosen”

      The movie spelled everything out. Did you even watch it? The point was Sandler was wasting his life constantly picking work over his family. It does this the *entire* film, and his death is the consequences of a shitty life. This wakes him up (literally) and thus your comment is just… wrong.

      Watch the film again without the “I HATE SANDLER” goggles and maybe you’d see that the entire film foreshadows his death and it is *not* just a “light hearted comedy”

      I’m not even that big on the film but your argument against it is nonsense.

  3. The Mysterious M

    For your next real thoughts, Doug, do “Bebe’s Kids.”

  4. I agree with both Doug and Rob that Sandler can do good drama and Comedy I just wish he has a better understanding what kind of films he is putting out. I hope Pixel is good, Because the Idea of video game characters coming to earth to invade sounds awesome, plus it has Peter Dinklage. I will be totally let down if it fails flatly.

  5. Any Real Thoughts on “Masters of Disguise”?

  6. Or “Catwoman”?

  7. How about Last Action Hero since that movie seems alot of people seem to disagree with Doug on that movie.

  8. Hah! The director probably likes the review more than his actual movie! XD

  9. Remember, focus groups is how we ended up with Poochie.

  10. I, too, loved They’re All Gonna Laugh At You.

    I guess I have the same Sandler experience as you gentlemen. When I was young, I liked him a lot, but at a certain point, I stopped.

    For me, I think You Don’t Mess with the Zohan was the final straw.

  11. I’d like your real thoughts on Blues Brothers 2000, or for an older review, Theodore Rex!

  12. Ingmar Bergman counts as art-house? And what was with the weirdly monotonous voices? Is that how Swedish sounds to Americans? (And I didn’t get the moving back-and-forward stuff either…)

    • He has a lot of arthouse fans.

      As for the act, they’re more or less doing their version of a routine from Animaniacs where they parodied The Seventh Seal, and to a lesser extent Persona (Yes. Animaniacs parodied The Seventh Seal. They even started the episode in Sweden).
      In the original skit Yakko and Dot are standing one in the foreground, one in the background. One facing forward, the other profile alá the famous Persona shot. They cut and switch perspective so in one shot it’s Dot facing forward, the other Yakko. The moving back and forth with Rob and Doug are simply them trying to emulate that scene without cuts.

      As for the monotoness. It’s not Swedish their emulating per say but once again the Yakko/Dot Persona bit where they, for a while, speak with monotone voices.
      I guess it’s a common misconception that all Bergman actors a monotone and stale in their perfomances.

      For those who doubt me, watch Sommarnattens Leende (Smiles of the Summernight) or hell, even Seventh Seal.
      You might be surprised how Funny and positive Seventh Seal is. Sure, it’s a dark subject matter, but it has a positive, anti-nihilistic message and a lot of dark humour. It’s not as hard to get into as, say, some Itialian Neo-Realism movies. At least IMO.

      And Pinocus, är du också från Svedala?

  13. Eight Crazy Nights was a strange movie overall. The animation is pretty much the reason why people saw it. Nice that you two found the time to watch Click; that final third was surprising and hits the emotions fairly hard.

  14. I want to here your honest thoughts on The Phantom.

    • And please address the mistake you made when you named Jefferey Boam as the writer of Raiders of the Lost Ark when he only wrote Last Crusade. I wouldn’t mind this so much if you hadn’t accused him of being a lazy writer.
      I like The Phantom by the way.

      • I second an Honest Thoughts on The Phantom.

        I think that one had potential as a classic adventure movie. But I think it fails due to the magic crap in it, and maybe they should have redesigned the costume a bit. Purple bodysuit in the jungle doesn’t really translate well to cinema.

        I’ve actually read a lot of The Phantom growing up since he is a very popular comic character in Sweden. Hell, if you want to count him as a superhero he is the ONLY one who still has his own magazine here (Spider-Man and X-Men has had their own in recent times, but both have, unfortunately, been canceled. Superman and Batman used to have back in the really old days, but they haven’t had any since the early 90’s).

  15. Hello_Mr_Anderson

    I have high hopes for Pixels, as the trailer looks funny and also because it’s actually directed by a good director – Chris Columbus – instead of one of Sandler’s usual cronies. That’s why I think he’s stalled in recent years, as he makes movies he and his buddies want to see, and nobody around him is willing to reign him in to raise the quality of the movies.

  16. I’m not justifying this movie, but I think there could be something redeemable about Whitey and it is this: he’s a person that, while deserving as much love and respect and acceptance as anyone else in the world, is one of those people who is just very, very hard to tolerate. Maybe, somehow, aside from just being annoying, the character provides the viewer with a test of his/her patience and tolerance. Don’t know.

  17. Speaking of focusgroups, here is a very good comic from one of the creators of Green Lantern TAS on how they work (or, more precisely, why they don’t):

    And yeah, I’m very anti-focusgroup too. For not only the reasons you guys stated but also because it is, to quote Rob, “But the chart says…” in it’s purest form. And I despise it.

  18. Moviemantweeter1999

    That was another good one. I am also hoping Pixels will be good since he’s teaming up with a new director and that its about classic video games. Also at least you guys don’t have to listen to his voice of whitey non-stop for 24 hours because you would probably go insane. But I hope you do another one soon?

  19. Thanks for doing both “Space Jam” and “Eight Crazy Nights” that I requested, I am ecstatically grateful. Could you please to “real thoughts” on;

    -“Patch Adams”: Doug says this is one of the worst movies he’s ever reveiwed, I want to see if his mind has changed after the tragic passing of Robin Williams.


    -“The Super Mario Bros. Movie”; such a strange and odd movie, I want to see what Doug and Rob go into more detail into it.

  20. That beginning was so odd that I couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve never seen this movie but the trailer made this movie look better than it actually is. The last Adam Sandler movie that I didn’t completely hate was Just Go With It. I agree with you. I’m hoping that Pixels will be above average.

  21. TBH, the scatological humor is just juvenile and stupid. Seriously, making poop jokes is childish. Remove every single one of these jokes and the movie would have been much better… or at least more tolerable.

  22. I’ve never expected the director of the movie to like a review where your character was trashing the film. I had no idea he hated some parts that people liked. The movie is strange and bad of course, but I used to like it. That was because I was young and didn’t know any better.

  23. Hey Doug and Rob. Say, are you gonna do real thoughts on movies the Critic has not done? Because I would love to see your thoughts on The Cable Guy I fucking love that movie.

  24. The french dub of this movie give Whitney a waaaaay more lisenable voice and is generally toning down the mean spirited/potty talk, which make the movie a lot more watchable… (but still bad though)

  25. Doug and Rob, you didn’t like The Cobbler?

  26. How come yah guys didn’t talk about the basketball seens, those were the best parts of the movie, well the last two basketball seens, the first one is bad.

  27. I love it when they praise Hotel Transylvania. it’s always like a big giant “Fuck You” to all the haters of that movie.

  28. For your next “Real Thoughts” episode, can you please pick a movie where your real opinion is significantly different than what was said in the Nostalgia Critic review. Because when you’re real thoughts can be summed up as, “The same as what we said in the Nostalgia Critic Review”, it is a bit redundant.

    You should pick a movie where you actually exaggerated the Nostalgia Critics opinion for the sake of comedy and your real opinion is different.

  29. Okay, just throwing this one out there. The Lost World is a great movie.
    Glad I could share that.
    Oh, and if anyone cares… the Jurassic Park 3 review… that skit of Doug and Tamara about the Dora and Barbie dolls is a 100% accurate parallel to the T-Rex/Spino fight.
    Long live the T-Rex.

  30. Aww, I love when the directors/writers reach out and they’re cool and humble 😀

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