Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Alien Resurrection

With another Alien film coming out, let’s take a look at what is (probably) the worst movie in the franchise, Alien Resurrection.

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  1. Yeah it’s true, the only truly great films in the franchise are the first two. Everything that’s come since has ranged from mediocre to bad. That being said I do actually kinda enjoy Alien Resurrection. It might be because it was the first Alien film I ever saw, as a kid I was always too afraid to watch the earlier ones. Yeah I know, wuss. Like you guys, I have zero interest in seeing Covenant. The timeline is so fucking convoluted at this point, and Prometheus killed any good will towards the series I might’ve had left. Apparently Scott wants to make four more films, which is utter madness. What is it with these aging directors losing their minds? Just like James Cameron his ego is completely out of control. Some film series just need to end.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Basically, film franchises always seem to start using R-E words for titles. Resurrection Reloaded Revolution: The Revelation of the Resurrectioning 2: Relectric Boogaloo.

    “Alien 3: We’re Done! It’s Over!” – And yet, we’re still getting those stupid Michael Bay Transformers films. WHEN WILL THEY STOP?


  3. I was mesmorized by the Rick and Morty T-shirt. Oh yeah, review “Hannibal”! The new Alien movie is getting good reviews. Do real thoughts on AI next! I wish I could have suggested that.

  4. It’d be really great if the Doug Walker on the right could shut the hell up for a minute and let the Doug on the left finish a thought, rather than trying to randomly butt in all. The. Time. Watching this video felt like to trying to spell “The Nostalgia Critic” backwards out-loud while getting repeatedly punched in the head.

  5. Alien 4 was by far my least favorite, keep in mind I’m including the AVP movies and Prometheus!

  6. LOL. I just saw the original Nostalgia Critic review earlier this month. Even though I’m not a fan of this franchise, I wish the Alien fans the best. Lord knows they’ve suffered a bit. Also… are the Steven Universe Vlogs ever coming back? I know you’re busy but it would be cool if those came back.

  7. Acetylsalicilique

    Alien Covenant is really good. It has BIG issues and it starts terrible, but overall it is surprisingly enjoyable. It knows what it is and gives us things we haven’t seen yet. It’s the Alien movie with the best plot of them all ( which is not saying much, Alien never focused on the story ).

    Basically, it’s Prometheus done right.

  8. I wanna hear real thoughts on Warriors Of Virtue!

  9. Oh boy I hope that there is going to be a Alien Covenant Sibling Rivalry episode

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