Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Batman Forever

Doug and Rob have mixed feelings about this mixed Batman film. Let’s compare to how they liked Batman Forever as kids to how they liked it as adults.

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  1. I feel that Tommy Lee Jones COULD have been a good Two Face but wasn’t allowed to be.

  2. I saw Batman Returns in theatres when I was eight. I recall wondering why Pee Wee Herman would be so cruel as to throw his baby off the side of a bridge. It definitely was a little too disturbing for my young mind, particularly Max Shrek’s horribly burned skeletal face, and the Penguin rising out of the water, black goo leaking from his mouth. I can see why the execs wanted to make the series a little more kid friendly going forward.

    I did like Batman Forever back then, not sure how well it would hold up for me these days however. You can definitely see the transition from the darker Burton films to the full on garish neon colours of Batman and Robin in this. As you guys mention some of the miniatures and sets are gorgeous, they retain the awesome gothic/art deco look of the first two films.

  3. I like to give Dark Knight Rises a pass because that wasn’t the film Nolan wanted to make.

    Supposedly he wanted to do something with Joker and Riddler, but then Ledger died and he couldn’t do that any more. So he rewrote the whole last film. So with that in mind, it’s no wonder it was found lacking.

    Also: Can we get a “Real Thoughts” on Catwoman?

  4. I love your “Rick And Morty” T-shirt. Why haven’t you done Vlogs on it yet? Dang, this was one of your longest real thoughts. It’s weird how a mediocre movie would produce so much talk. Well, you did ramble. Please do AI next!

  5. Why do you guys sometimes make your Real Thoughts or Sibling Rivalry duo private online self-imposed talk-show running near or sometimes over past 50 minutes? It just gets too long sometimes, you bros must be drunk on words and love the sound of your voices a little bit too much.

  6. Elements of what Nolan not being burned out are definitely in Rises (mainly in Bane), but it just got too bloated for a ton of reasons. Whatever it was supposed to be was, it became everything instead. Plus the Talia stuff

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