Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Batman & Robin

Yep, time to give our real thoughts on the most hated comic book movie of all time.

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  1. Well this kinda stinks I don’t know what’s going on, but every video I go that was uploaded today won’t play, I click the play icon and then it just goes black and nothing happens, thought it could be my phone, but I went older videos uploaded this week and they all started playing fine

    • pharaohyami5000

      Possibly it’s not chosen for mobile/android viewing yet. FlashFox was the only way I can watch this.

      Hopefully, they won’t forget this review available for phones/mobiles/androids.

    • It’s not loading for me, and I’m on my Laptop.

    • futuremoviewriter

      Poses a very good question. As for reaction videos I want to see: The Wizard, Flubber, Home Alone 3, Christmas Story 2, Doug’s 1st Movie, Good Burger, Nicktoons, Nickcoms, SNICK, Christmas Tree, Last Airbender, Full House, King and I, Catwoman, Haunted Mansion, Small Soldiers, Swan Princess, Lost World, Ghost Dad, Face/Off, Master of Disguise, Eight Crazy Nights.

    • futuremoviewriter

      For reaction videos I want to see: The Wizard, Flubber, Home Alone 3, Christmas Story 2, Doug’s 1st Movie, Good Burger, Nicktoons, Nickcoms, SNICK, Christmas Tree, Last Airbender, Full House, King and I, Catwoman, Haunted Mansion, Small Soldiers, Swan Princess, Lost World, Ghost Dad, Face/Off, Master of Disguise, Eight Crazy Nights.

  2. ShadowsTwilight

    “My guess, actually is this is going to be a short video”
    Checks time bar…well, way to call that one, Doug.

    My thoughts on it are simply that it’s so bad that it’s fun. Not so bad that it’s good, but so bad that it is indeed fun, because I can have such a ball putting in this movie and just have fun making cracks at it. So to me, it is actually such a bad movie that you can actually really enjoy it

  3. there is a clown fetish as well… its a category on pornhub…

  4. Love the film falling down not many people know about it though

  5. The Mysterious M

    You know, personally of the Burton-Schumacher films (which I’m grouping together just for convenience), Batman Returns is actually my favorite. I mean, in the comics, the Penguin was one of my favorite Batman villains (not all time favorite, but definitely top 5), but his back story was just so incredibly weak; a filthy rich boy who becomes a criminal out of sheer boredom. There’s nothing interesting or intriguing about that. But his back story in Returns, they made him more human, more relateable. And DeVito’s performance…that was good too. Little dark, little corny, but at the same time it was very human very compassionate.

  6. I can see both of your points, with rob, I can agree that the time magazine is very stupid, why would a guy trying to keep his identity a secret pose for a photo, with Doug I think the idea of batman having his very own credit card is so anger provoking , I mean, who created that credit card?

  7. That character actor you were talking about is John Glover, who most people will recognize as Lionel Luthor from Smallville.

  8. I’m glad you didn’t bad-mouth The Dark Knight Rises again.

  9. Honestly, when I watch Batman and Robin, I get the feeling that everyone involved in making this movie knew exactly how bad it was going to be. It feels like a send-up of the Adam West days and plays very heavily to the “silly-stupid-comic-books” stigma of the day. Back in those days, unless you actually read comics, you thought they were all as dumb, if not dumber, than this.

    So when people ask me if Amazing Spider-man 2 is any good, I tell them to imagine if Batman and Robin didn’t KNOW how stupid it was. If they like laughing at a dumb, poorly-written superhero movie that is TRYING to be taken seriously, then ASM2 is definitely their cup of tea.

    • Hey, I liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Anything wrong with that?

      • No, I actually like it too. I think it’s incredibly silly and over-the-top, and it takes itself way too seriously, but I like it all the same. And aside from the riff-ability, there is a lot that I genuinely like about it – the action and effects are absolutely breath-taking, and personally I think the dynamic between Peter and Gwen is one of the film’s highlights (a bit too corny in a couple places, but otherwise really well done). But wow, a lot of things are just so goofy… like everything that has to do with Electro, Peter’s super-spy parents (which might have worked if they could have tied them in with the MCU ahead of time and said they were working for SHIELD), etc.

        • I am actually quite sad that the Amazing Spider-Man series is ending so soon. There are so many unanswered questions and set-ups that will probably never be paid off.

          • the pay off would have been either a question still unanswered or a terrible dissapointment anyway

    • I watched the crap out of this movie as a kid. I haven’t seen it recently, but I do remember enjoying. I actually built my impressions on what a super hero movie was supposed to be like from this movie. Being a kid, all my comics were the silly pun-filled adventures and non of the hard stuff, and so naturally I never really expected super heroes stories to be very serious.

    • Mmm…I disagree there…Batman and Robin is silly from start to finish. TAS2 more feels like a really good, serious movie in which someone throw in some ridiculous elements nilly-willy. When I watch it, I just ignore the stupid stuff which was only there to set up “sinister six” (especially the Rhino) and concentrate on the other, good stuff (To be honest, I would love to take the deleted scenes and then recut the movie, throwing some elements out and add some they deleted). With Batman and Robin when you ignore the stupid stuff, there is nothing left of the movie.

  10. Yesssss! Finally!

    It’s kind of amazing to see how far you guys have come since the original Batman and Robin review, especially Doug mentioning that he did it back in the YouTube days. It’s funny how Rob mentions Arnold Schwarzenegger says he had the most fun on set since I thought his one liners were the worst in the movie.

    I say for the next NC Real Thougts:

    Garbage Pail Kids
    Both Titanic animated films

    • Doug already gave his real thoughts on Garbage Pail Kids in one of his personal lists, the Worst Movies the Nostalgia Critic Reviewed or something like that. He genuinely hates it, the rant was at LEAST fifteen minutes, maybe more. He ended it by asking if anyone does like it and why, but I don’t think he’s ever gotten an answer.

  11. You guys ever think that maybe he measured her already existing clothes, ones he knew fit very well?

    • I didn’t really think they spent a whole lot of time together, like, they saw each other every few years or so, so in order for that to work, he would have had to have gone digging through her closet and measured her clothes, and… yeah. Still kinda creepy.

  12. I heard that George Clooney play Bruce/Batman as if he were gay. Just thought I would share that tibbitt.

  13. The Mysterious M

    Here is one very very very small detail (compared to everything else in this movie) that bothers me: Freeze and Ivy teaming up makes no sense. Ice and plants do NOT go well together. I know (or at least I think) some half-assed explanation to their alliance, but it’s just so unjustifiable. Their abilities don’t mesh.

  14. I know the “entire GDP of Scandinavia”-thing was intended to be an joke, but the GDP of Norway alone is 512.58 billion. So you might a well have said the GDP of the US.

  15. – Doug is / was a Jim Carrey-aholic? Well, I am shocked (sarcasm).

    – The set design of Gotham was actually used in the Batman: Arkham games to great effect, albeit with a darker colour scheme. The design very much works as Gotham, in my opinion; its more the tone of the rest of the movie that’s the problem.

    – Batman is a public figure in Batman Forever and even in the Burton movies; at the start of Forever he shows up at an active crime scene and everyone points him out. It’s pretty easy to see where they got those pictures- they are taken while he is talking to the police about whatever situation they are dealing with by people in the crowd and the media on scene. Hell even in Returns he isn’t exactly hiding his existence or activity from people, and yes he actually IS a bit of a show off in the Burton / Schumacher movies.

    – I think Schumacher had a bit more creative control over Forever than you two give him credit. The reason Burton had very little influence on ’89 Batman was actually that he was horribly sick for much of the production. Some of the footage was stolen and leaked, and one of the producers added the cathedral ending to the movie (the set didn’t even exist in the script) without telling Burton. Schumacher at the very least had more control than Burton did.

    – I also think it should be noted that Schumacher is actually a big, genuine Batman fan and his original pitch for the 3rd movie was actually an origin story based on Frank Miller’s work; his pitch for the fifth (even before B & R was released) was a plot involving the Scarecrow and had a darker tone (all of this of course became part of Batman Begins). The reason B & R is sillier is because both he and the studio thought that’s what the audience wanted (apparently while filming he told everybody “remember, we’re shooting a cartoon!”), but it wasn’t necessarily the Batman HE wanted.

    – Tommy Lee Jones didn’t actually enjoy making Forever as much as you think; he was reluctant about the script and only did it for his son. He was also a dick to Jim Carrey on-set because he didn’t like Carrey’s sense of humour or how he didn’t take life that seriously.

    – I think the main problem with Batman & Robin, that is never brought up actually, is Batman himself. He is arguably the least important character in his own movie, with a weak / non-existent character arc. In Forever pretty much every character in the film was obsessed with either Batman or Bruce Wayne (even Dick Grayson, who became obsessed with being Batman’s partner) and he himself was dealing with the burden of being Batman. In B & R he’s kind of just…there. Neither Freeze nor Ivy treat him as much more than an obstacle (even when Freeze thinks Batman killed his wife, its really just to give him a reason to destroy Gotham); Barbara sees him as the rich douche who is bossing her uncle around, and Alfred matters because of his health concerns. If Bruce Wayne were on holiday during this movie much of the story would still happen the way it did. The title is really a lie since it isn’t really about Batman and Robin at all.

    – No, this film didn’t nearly kill comic book movies. Comic book movies weren’t that big a deal in the 90’s to begin with- Batman was the only big and successful comic franchise in the market at the time in the first place. The reason the likes of a new Spiderman or X-Men movie or whatever weren’t made until the 2000’s was simply that special effects hadn’t reached the point where they would look good on-screen and that’s it, and few outside of comics knew about the Avengers. Batman & Robin wasn’t the reason big budget comic book films weren’t being made after 1997- Batman was the only one being made before it.

    – On that note, the Burton / Schumacher films- and the Raimi Spiderman films, for that matter- were doomed from the start because they made a fundamental error- with regards to their villains and their plots, they started at the top (Joker and Green Goblin, respectively) with the arch-villain and from then on were just whittling their way down the enemy list. They treated these as Bond flicks and you can’t really do that with a superhero franchise with such rich and complex source material. It was inevitable that these films got lighter and sillier because they weren’t able to adapt the more dramatic, story-based plotlines thanks to not having the characters to build those off of and thus they had to become more family friendly to make up for the inevitably less interesting stories.

  16. 2 things

    1) you should do a top 11 most visually interesting films. its a pretty interesting subject

    2) i knew you were a jim carrey fan at some point cause it really shows. at the time it kinda bothered me that you didnt even mention him in your list of top comedic influences cause he was that much of an influence to me as a kid too and i still apreciate him because of that. i remember one time i went to the barber and asked for an ace ventura hair cut (i also was a big fan of that ass talking bit, now im also ashamed)… i ended up with a military cut. so thats barbers in argentina if you ever cared to know

    this is a really important comment

  17. I have not watched this redux-review, but as soon as I will I will be sure to write a wall of text in response to Doug (hi Rob!), that neither he nor anyone else will read.

  18. I hope they say something about how awesome this movie was supposed to be, and how it taught a generation not to judge a sequel by its added actors, and not to trust anyone EVER.

  19. i still think batman returns is criminally underrated

    • The Mysterious M

      Agreed. I talked about it above. Like I said, DeVito’s Penguin is my favorite version of the character (mostly due to a better back story than what he had in the comics)

    • Well, I can notice some nuances in the movie that don’t quite add up to reality. For instance, people acting like Penguin is not only a person, but someone that should be mayor despite living in a sewer his whole life. That weirdness kind of reminds me of Edward Scissorhands.

  20. This movie is really stupid, but just watch Arnie ham it up like there’s no tomorrow is oddly alluring to watch.

    You know, I always kinda felt the ’89 Batman is actually kinda goofy itself when you view it with a critical eye in retrospect; it just has a lot more subdued colors. Batman films didn’t get truly 100% serious and ‘gritty’ until Nolan, arguably.

    • I respect what you’re saying, but you could say that about the Batman villains in general, across nearly all mediums. The fact that Nolan took ALL of the goofy out of it (and made it stellar) should be a piece of evidence that Batman and Robin went full-goofy, and peoples’ brains are damaged now.

  21. By the way, Arnold’s character was based largely on the BTAS version of Mr. Freeze. But BTAS’ version was awesome, and Arnold’s version was way too over the top.

    • He may have been over the top, yet he was by far the best and most fun character in the film. Besides, Mr. Freeze is one of my fave batman villains from BTAS, Batman Beyond and so forth.

      Although I will admit that I do like Batman and Robin far more than Steel. I just take Batman and Robin for how over the top it is and just its stupidity, yet Steel is just painful to sit through and I just cringe at what Shaq calls acting.

  22. Tim Burton in my opinion should apologize because he was out to ruin Batman, he wanted it made abundantly clear that he doesn’t read comic books.

    • I thought the first Burton film was pretty good, but he did ruin the second. He took two of the most mundane villains from Batman’s rogues’ gallery and gave them supernatural origins. Penguin as a demon-possessed baby who was thrown into the sewers to be raised by penguins? Catwoman as a dead secretary brought back from the dead as a zombie by magical cats?

  23. BTW you do know that Clamp from Gremlins 2 is also Lionel Luthor from Smallville right?

  24. Your skin tones are better here than The Matrix real thoughts video. Are you adjusting the color in post? A simple adjustment with camera and then a post-correction could probably fix this easily, if you guys even care.

    I guess its just you and Rob here, so no one is behind the camera trying to get it perfect.

  25. Hated this film. It not even “so bad it’s funny” to me. Steel is. Judge Dredd is. This is an attack on human decency. Rarely have there been a film that angers me so. It’s on my top 5 worst films of all time, and I’ve seen a lot.

  26. I find it funny that, while this one captures the tone of the Bill Dozier Batman show, it’s Dark Knight Rises that carried over the bomb plot.

  27. If we didn’t get this, we wouldn’t get Batman Begins. Silver lining.

  28. The Lost Boys is still Joel Schumacher’s best film.

    • I loved The Lost Boys! All the teeny girls may like Twilight, but The Lost Boys gave us cool teenage vampires before cool teenage vampires were even cool.

  29. DeTroutSpinners

    Surely the whole point of reviewing something is that you put your views across. Even accepting that Nostalgia Critic is a character, he’s still supposedly an exaggerated version of Doug Walker and therefore the views he expresses are also genuine. Sure, there may be times where cool stuff in an otherwise horrible film gets overlooked, which is detailed in the commentaries (e.g. admitting some of the cosmetic effects in Son of the Mask were decent) but it becomes a problem when you start putting forward opinions that aren’t true to what you really think about the film. For instance, you said you were originally going to say Secret of Nimh 2 wasn’t that bad for a direct-to-video sequel and may even be worth a view for Eric Idol’s performance, yet you then changed this to “it’s awful” and destroying it. That goes beyond adding cynicism to your performance, that’s being fundamentally dishonest and makes the entire point of reviewing redundant.

    I just feel that there’s nothing about these videos that couldn’t be achieved by just making regular commentary tracks over the original reviews. You used to do this frequently and they were some of the most interesting videos you made. Seeing two guys sitting in front of a camera talking about a film we’re not watching with them only works if the film’s still in the cinemas. If you’ve got the footage, show us, don’t just tell. But hey, judging by the rest of the comments people like these videos so live and let live.

  30. I don’t know if I’d call it the most HATED comic book movie of all time — as long as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen continues to exist, at least this one is somewhat fun to watch.

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