Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Batman & Robin

Yep, time to give our real thoughts on the most hated comic book movie of all time.

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    Worse Comic Book Movie of all time? I say one of. Here, the worst part of Batman and Robin(Besides the plot, acting, effects or the puns) is just how poor it portrayed the characters. Mainly Batman, Robin, Bane and Mr Freeze. However, Steel, Captain America (1990’s), Superman 3 & 4, Catwoman and Ghost Rider 2 are even worse. Saw Ghost Rider 2 in the same week as This Means War. Misery. Interested to see what that Andy Warhol Batman Movie was like. I guess it might be very campy.

  2. Doug, Rob. You guys do realize that Batman And Robin was the more studio controlled movie right? It’s on the DVD. They and the toy companies were running the show. They were pretty much forced to sign off on the toy designs before they actually got started with the movie and even then the studio was rushing Joel along to get this thing out the gate to make them even more money.

  3. I watched this when I was a kid and I really enjoyed it.
    It wasn’t until I got much older and re-wacthed it did I realize how bad it was.
    Its the kind of bad that’s hilarious to watch though. I may even watch it in the future just to laugh at the stupidity.

  4. It’s interesting to me how much I agree with Rob in these things.

  5. Personally, I’ve never gotten the hate for this movie. No, it’s not good, but there are probably a dozen worse films released every year (and that’s just sticking to major studio releases). Maybe the problem is that I’m not a comic book geek (oh, sure, I’m a geek, just not a comic book geek), so I don’t really care about how it killed of comic book movies for a few years.

    To be honest, I don’t care that much for any of the Burton/Schumacher Batmans. The original 1989 Batman was the best of a weak lot, I’d say. Batman Returns just bored me–in fact, the first time I tried to watch it (on cable) I gave up out of boredom. I’ve never even bothered to watch Batman Forever. Batman and Robin was the only one I saw in a theater–if I’d been watching it on TV, I’d have probably turned it off, too; I was bored to death any time Arnold wasn’t on screen.

  6. I really want them to do Man of Steel

  7. Well, crap. It’s not playing for me. I have actually never seen this movie so… I guess I’ll come back to this video in the hopes that it will be playing…

  8. I don’t know what people say i like the movie its not as good as the preview once but its still good and better then the Dark Knight movies
    If people didn’t complained about the previous Batman movies the First and second then we would haw a darker one then what we gotten

  9. Funny, even Nolan had the same problem, let him have all the power and we got TDKR. bad movie

    and as much as TDK was great, I prefer batman begins.

  10. I’m a bit younger than you guys, and I did grow up watching BtAS and the ’66 Batman series reruns and the whole nine yards. I do remember as a kid kind of liking Batman and Robin. I don’t think I liked it near as much as the other movies, and I admittedly was (and still am, kind of) Batman-obsessed, and I think even as a kid I was aware it was ‘off’, but I don’t remember hating it coming out of the cinema.

    I’ve seen it since then and yes, it is definitely a mess, and it definitely has some really stupid stuff in it, but I think as a KID’S film it might hold up in being entertaining to kids.

    I sometimes wonder, since my dad took us to it, I feel like I’d like to get back in time and see how he felt about it just walking out the door, as he grew up with the Adam West Batman on TV as a kid. I suppose I could ask him now but I feel like it wouldn’t be as genuine of an impression as that right-out-the-door to ask him how he felt about it years later.

    He might not even really remember how he felt about it now.

  11. So what if Batman and Robin killed the comic book movie franchise? I’ll it was sad for D.C. Comics yes and that company today is really suffering partly because even though it sucked, I think you guys didn’t give even a trifle of credit to Men of Steel or even Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006).

  12. Look Batman and Robin only ruined movies based on comics for five years until Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Post 9-11 Terrorist Attack (2002), so please relax you crazy-ass fanboys who were and are mostly Caucasian pure Americans, not even New Yorker demographics, but as a cinephile myself I truly believe and heed the words of what Mexican director of Birdman Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu had said: That comic books are causing the cultural genocide of Hollywood well especially or mostly Marvel Studios, he’s right you know Marvel Comics have overblown the industry and it freaking bothers to the core because they stand in the way of other great or even better genres out there like Historical Realism based on reality of human life and expierences, Epic Fictional History, Gothic Horror, High-Fantasy (my favorite), even decent Sci-Fi, not to mention actaully good Drama and Comedy and Rom Coms and anything Romance, even Horror and Light Porno and Action-Adventure not directly based on any Super-Hero Comic Book or Graphic Novel Corporation (even Dreamworks, Pixar, and Walt Disney Animated Feature things) They will all suffer very soon at the Box Office all because of Marvel in cohoots with Disney, 20th Century Fox and Paramount, unlike D.C. which is partnered or owned by Legendary Pictures associated by Warner Bros. so you see where I’m going at, I don’t completely hate Marvel or D.C. movies (By the way I’d rather choose D.C.) on their own terms, they’re great I love Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy more than the reboot, X-Men movies the ones I own at least, and Stan Lee’s Avengers based stories, for the record I have never read and don’t care to read any Super-Hero Comic since they’re existence in 1938, so that’s that I hope you catch my drift capisce? I just hope that Hollywood would not become monogamous in it”s fare offerings bye.

  13. Please do a Vlog series of Batman the Brave and the Bold. That show does camp RIGHT and is hilariously witty.

  14. Great. Now at every convention people will go up to Rob giving him Time Magazines with Batman of the front.

  15. Batman & Robin is fucking awesome – I kinda see it as Mark Kermode, I’ve no idea what’s up with all the hate and contempt… do people just lack basic irony or what?
    Or, maybe this farcical style feels incredibly depressing and frustrating if you think of the Burton universe sort of devolving into that? Yea… I can see that, I guess. But seriously, they don’t fucking take place in the same continuity, there’s hardly even any connection between the two at all! To the extent they’re even sequels, they’re more like sequels to some other movies that were never made – think Incredible Hulk vs. Ang Lee’s.

    So yea, taken on its own, it’s fuckin great – arguably even better than the tonally inconsistent Forever. And, like, okay, why not just treat it as an “Adam West style” thing? 1:57, what because of the budget? Okay, so maybe the polished looks prevent B&R from being a camp masterpiece, but that still doesn’t make it awful… in fact, I don’t even see why that’s an issue. The 60s show has that “fake paper sets” that matched the tone, and this has the “colorful comic book famtasy” look that matches its own tone.

    “They’re not even trying to make it look real” vs. “pure unhinged stupid fantasy”, both valid forms of camp/farce, aren’t they? Colorful, gay fetish characters in a colorful gay fetish world?

    People should juset stop being uptight already.

    4:12 The movie itself already made a joke about action figures, is it really that good to be out-self-awared by Batman&obin?
    What is it with people constantly bringing up toys whenever a dodgy movie’s got lots of stuff in it? Same with the Star Wars prequels, like, where’s the evidence? Why can’t all those monsters and robots just fill up the screen cause that’s fun, and not primarily to sell toays based on those monsters and robots? Facking hell.

    5:30 Um, confused now, is 3 the more studio-controlled, or is 4 the toy advert?? Anyway yea, that’s pretty much why I think it’s better – just indulges in its style unapologetically, and savours it for 2 hours 🙂

    8:38 Well, let’s agree to disagree I guess. I hate when people talk in movies 🙂

    Anyway, so it kinda looks like the rest of the review did a weird quantum thing and took my impatient riff rant just now into account… so I’ll just watch to the end I guess 😉

    PS: Only part of the movie I hate are those scenes with Alicia Silverstone before she turns naughty. They gave me Mellitus.

  16. 14:35 It’s camp for adults, I think.

    David Goyer, hm, what happened there? Was that about Blade or something?

    Sure hope it’s not this:
    “In a May 2014 interview for the podcast Sciptnotes by Craig Mazin, Goyer made the following statement regarding the creation of She-Hulk:

    “I have a theory about She-Hulk. Which was created by a man, right? And at the time in particular I think 95% of comic book readers were men and certainly almost all of the comic book writers were men. So the Hulk was this classic male power fantasy. It’s like, most of the people reading comic books were these people like me who were just these little kids getting the shit kicked out of them every day… And so then they created She-Hulk, right? Who was still smart… I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could fuck if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying? … She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it’s like if I’m going to be this geek who becomes the Hulk then let’s create a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could fuck.”[18]
    The statements drew criticism from the comic community as an example of the misogyny rampant among comic fans. Accordingly, Stan Lee, one of the creators of She-Hulk responded against Goyer’s accusations stating “Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk, only a nut would even think of that.”[19]”

    😀 😀

    Anyway, just forgotten to add a point i wanted to make, about Freeze: people aways complain about how he’s this vacuous walking pun machine; but if you watch the movie, there’s actually more layers to him, and it appears as if he’s making the really cheesy ice puns just to entertain himself.
    He’s got this kind of attitude going on where saving his wife is this sacred religion to him that he takes dead seriously, but he’s also got a sense of humour and is determined to enjoy life and have fun while working towards his goal. So he’s doing those really corny puns when fighting Batman or doing one of his terror acts, but once Ivy comes up to him and tries to drug / team up with him, he takes it more seriously and lets out a line like “[love potions something] don’t work on the cold-hearted” which is not so much a pun as poetry and wouldn’t have stood out (except positively) in a Burton movie or even something like Blade if delivered with more gravitas.
    Heck, pretty much made out of the same wood as X3’s “not everyone heals as fast as you, Logan”.

    Then there’s this moment, right, where he’s watching his wedding footage, and he’s got tears in his eyes etc., but then that goon chimes in to tell him something about Batman, so he fucking shoots him and is like “I hate when people talk in moovies”. So, there’s different layers to his humor, it ranges from cartoony to this very human way of coping with grief, and during the pivotal moments he actually stops being funny and becomes dead serious.
    This characters gets less credit than he deserves imo.

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