Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Bridge to Terabithia

Did we REALLY need to be so heartless?

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  1. Hey, Doug and Rob! Big Fan!!! (Finally I get the first comment!!!)
    I loved your review of this movie (“I got him! I got God!!!”)
    I watched this movie as a kid and liked it, but looking back on it, it was a bit too whimsical up until Leslie’s death (which was a massive BOMBSHELL for a child, I’ll have you know!!!)
    I like these little v-logs, keep doing them!
    Love all your reviews!!!

    • futuremoviewriter

      It was 2007, so the movie’s eight years old now. For reaction videos I want to see: The Wizard, Flubber, Home Alone 3, Christmas Story 2, Doug’s 1st Movie, Good Burger, Nicktoons, Nickcoms, SNICK, Christmas Tree, Last Airbender, Full House, King and I, Catwoman, Haunted Mansion, Small Soldiers, Swan Princess, Lost World, Ghost Dad, Face/Off, Master of Disguise, Eight Crazy Nights.

    • futuremoviewriter

      And Richie Rich, North, Little Monsters, Kazaam, Blank Check, Casper, Space Jam, Next Karate Kid, Rock-a-Doodle, Quest for Camelot.

    • Dear Nostalgia Critic:
      I have watched and rewatched the movie in an attempt to see things from your point of view. Also, the previous poster’s comment is very offensive and lacks understanding of basic American religion. It’s not just the Mormon church that discourages women from wearing pants. There are a large number of Pentacostal faiths that also do it. Jess is not a Mormon, I can tell that from the church scene. He is southern Pentacostal or maybe Baptist. Mormons do not emphasize the crucifixion or hell. I’m not a Mormon, by the way, I just do my homework. In other words, I’m not an assprick liberal.
      The “whimsy” scenes you delight in making fun of are not intended to paint all of childhood or adolescence as “magical”. You will notice that Jess doesn’t see that stuff until he meets Leslie. It’s his crush on the GIRL that makes his experiences with her magical. Go back and rewatch it. He never has those moments with his family or outside of his relationship with Leslie. I’m 40. I know you are younger than me. If you have completely forgotten what it feels like to have a crush on your first girl, dude, I pity you. I’m not married, never have been, but I remember it like yesterday.
      You made a comment that, “It’s good to see that the characters weren’t romantically involved.” I checked and double checked the book and the film notes and it is very clear that Jess and Leslie are 10 going on 11. That’s younger by a year than Lyra in “The Golden Compass.” Maybe you were misled by AnnaSophia Robb’s teen appearance, but this IS a romantic relationship from the point of a 10 year old. What, did you expect them to mug out in the woods? The girl they make fun of is 3 years older than them, and they use the romance angle to get the best of her.
      I love your material, and I hope you’re around another ten years. Hell, I hope you replace Ebert and Roper as the major movie critic for this nation. But Jesus, could you be less cynical when referencing a book meant for 4th and 5th graders? Indeed, this is where I first heard it. My 4th grade teacher read it to us during after lunch siesta.
      This is a sweet book and a sweet movie about love and loss from the point of view of an 11 year old.

  2. In the book there had been flooding that made the waters rise to the point where it was dangerous to fall in as I recall.

  3. I really loved the book as a kid in like the second grade and her death was like the first I encountered as a kid in a story so it made me cry (and every death after that) And I believe jackfaire is right and she ran off shortly after or during a flood caused by rain.

    (still eagerly awating Over the Garden Wall vlogs, btw. You promised!)

  4. Before the movie came out, I actually did a report on the book, and declared to the class that I hated it. Everyone stared at me with stares that screamed blasphemy.
    I just thought the death was dumb and contrived. It really had no purpose to me. Yeah, it made kids come to the reality of death but 90% of the book has nothing to do with this.
    It’s like watching Back to the Future (albeit, really boring back to the future) and at the last 10 minutes, the realities of the holocaust.

    • The one part of the book that I actually found interesting was Jess dealing with everyday life as part of a really low income family, but again this just has nothing to do with the main parts of the book that everyone remembers.

    • You do realize the author was writing about an actual tragedy that happened in her life right? As in she had a friendship with a person who died and that’s what inspired the story? What is she supposed to do, write out the person who inspired the story in the first place?

      • Write the story in such a way that it doesn’t jar so horribly against the rest of the themes and structure?

        And yes, maybe she was trying to say that death comes out of nowhere, etc, but the point that it’s not compatible, theme- or tone-wise with the rest of the work is an entirely valid criticism.

      • I had no idea it was based on a real person, but in a lot of ways, I think that makes it much worse. It’d be one thing if the book was primarily about dealing with the loss of a friend and the struggle to adjust to the loss, but instead she left it out mostly and used it for the shocker ending, lacking any lasting impact.

        I looked it up. She actually didn’t have a friend that died, her son did. To me that just makes it all the more bizarre. She basically wrote a book about a friend’s friend that died. I won’t say that she’s just profiting off someone else’s misery, but it sorta feels that way. She basically made up the intimacy between two people and what they felt to go along with one of them dying, because let’s face facts and admit that her teenage son probably wasn’t sharing his complicated adolescent/mourning feelings with his mother, who then proceeded to write a book about it.

  5. Don’t worry it hasn’t been 10 years yet, the movie came out in February 2007, so 8 years ago. Not old… YET

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Review was released in 2013. How old are you that things would minimally change in those 6 years that there’d be nothing to be nostalgic over?

  6. I’d love to see your guys real thought on the one movie that you refuse to do a NC for; Matilda.

  7. Do short circuit 1 & 2

  8. Exorcist 2: The Heretic (1977)

    Cool As Ice (1991)

    Please talk about those 2! Please!

  9. Dude, they killed Leslie
    You bastards!

  10. Another very similar film was the Spiderwick Chronicles and as I remember it was very similar in terms of look with a slight dark edge but not as much as this one.


    Eight Crazy Nights, please!

  12. broadwaybaby561

    The death of Leslie caused everyone in my 5th grade class to collectively gasp. It was indeed shocking.

    I don’t know if you said that these “Real Thoughts” videos are to only be about movies that you covered on NC, but in case not, I know a few movies I’d like to hear your thoughts on:

    Jumanji (1995)
    Back to the Future (1985)
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

  13. doug u ever gonna do Adventure time vlogs again?

  14. HOOK

    I know you said you loved it as the Nostalgia Critic. But I’d like to hear your honest opinions!

  15. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom should be a future one!

  16. It’s always great to see Rob in these. He has such great insight

  17. I’m starting to really like that “According to the Chart” meme 🙂

  18. Just looked up the director. It’s the creator of Rugrats/Wild Thornberrys/Rocket Power!! O.o

    Also, I wish you guys would’ve addressed the utterly horrendous advertising of this movie that sold it as a fantasy film.

    When I was a kid, I saw the trailers and posters for the film and thought it looked cool. …..So I decided to read the book! Needless to say, I was very disoriented and depressed once I finished it.. I remember thinking I picked up the wrong book and that it was missing a few pages towards the end.

  19. You know, there is another really dark and gritty and holy FUCK you can’t be showing some of these things to children!!! fantasy story that’s been marketed as a kiddie movie: Pan’s Labyrinth.
    Could you do that? It’s one of my favourite movies, I’d love to see how it holds up with you guys…

  20. I like the idiot with bad joke, it was classic, also what was your opinions on some of the commercials you reviewed on the commercial specials

  21. I liked the movie better than the book. I was in the fifth grade and I hated the book. We had to read it at home. I never liked sad stories (heck, I still don’t) so that might be why I also like the movie more. Also, I usually didn’t like gritty stuff because I personally didn’t feel like I could relate to it. My childhood was gritty but I myself never was. In fact, the few times I would swear as a kid, I would cry! The thing that I remember about it the most was the ending song by Anna Sophia Robb. I <3 Anna Sophia Robb. She was great in Carrie Diaries. I still like that song. I'm surprised that you didn't talk about Zooey.

  22. My reaction was same as Rob, I hated it as a kid, and I still hate this story. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

  23. I thought this film was going to be a typical average fantasy film like Secret of Moonacre, but when I watched it and she died it was actually really really shocking, I quite enjoyed the film.

    Could you do Patch Adams as your next one? I loved the initial review and it would be great to hear your real thoughts. 🙂

  24. pharaohyami5000

    Heh. We got both Bridge to Terabithia and Junior in this video.

    I’d like your thoughts on your videos that broke over a million views (Man of Steel, I think has been covered by Sibling Rivalry).

  25. Please do a video about Eight Crazy Nights next

  26. I would love to see one of these on the animated Titanic movies


    Hooray! You did one of the ones on my list. The only other ones, I would like you to do is the Magic Voyage, Felix the Cat, and Theodore Rex (the NC review I ever saw).

  28. You guys are saying it’s not realistic and it’s really Disney but it really all depends where you grew up. First things, I think the movies is okay, wouldn’t call myself a fan at all but I grew up in a community where barely anyone swore, in a school that had bullies but they really weren’t bullies…does this mean my life growing up was a Disney life, that it wasn’t realistic? Are you saying that my life isn’t real? Am I in the Matrix?!?!?!? Just think about it, not everything has to be specific to how YOU grew up, every one grows up differently.

  29. Can you guys watch Room 237 and tell us about it?

  30. Could you possibly give me your real thoughts on “Son of the Mask”?

    I gotta say, the Nostalgia Critic’s reactions to the film in any scene he has shown were MY EXACT REACTIONS on the film! I saw the movie twice without wanting, and I couldn’t STAND watching that horrid imagery on the screen! And it’s not because it was lame animation, but it was SCARY animation! I think this movie scares me more than actual horror movies that have intentionally scary imagery. The imagery in the movie was unintentionally scary that it ended up scaring me more than making me go on a wild ride! That’s actually kinda my own taste in disturbing imagery. I think I can handle when live-action does horror imagery rather well, but when CARTOONS do horror imagery, that’s when I get unsettled!

    So, if you read this, could you consider doing real thoughts on “Son of the Mask”?

    And maybe real thoughts on “Space Jam” (I like that movie, BTW, and not because of Lola; I’m not at all attracted to her; I care not for the bunny boobies)?

    And possibly “Super Mario Bros.” (which I also like)?

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