Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Captain N

And you thought the Wizard was one giant commercial…

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  1. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure for me

  2. i was also a child when they aired this, during the mid 90s (i guess it was translated into spanish for my young self one or two years after the run had started in the US)
    but to be honest with you, there was a competing show called the power team, which had one of the killer tomatos, and a big monster truck from a video game too.

    it was a lot better than this travesty with this version of simon belmont, i could never watch too much of this.

    • FataMorganaPseudonym

      Ah yes… the Power Team (not to be confused with the Christian bodybuilders of the same name).

      If you thought Captain N was bad… well, Captain N at least had the mainstream Nintendo characters like Mega Man and Simon going in its favor, even if they were grossly misrepresented. With Power Team, you had a bunch of D-listers such as: a guy from the basketball game Arch Rivals, the cop from NARC, the dude from Wizards and Warriors, and, yes, Kwirk, a tomato from a Game Boy puzzle game (no, not one of the Killer Tomatoes) and Big Foot, a talking monster truck.

      The Power Team was… *not* better than Captain N. It wasn’t worse, necessarily, but it certainly wasn’t better.

      See for yourself:

      I’d love to see a Nostalgia Critic review of the Power Team, even (perhaps especially) if Doug and Rob never actually watched it as kids.

      • you may be right of course, i think it’s mostly mother brain that kills captain n for me

        another funny thing about my circumstance of watching these shows was the fact that when they were translated in my country the super nintendo i think was the new thing so the game tips we couldn’t care less about – and the cartoon was entertaining for the 15 minutes it lasts, i could just leave the tv on and watch parts of it and it was entertaining enough.

        so one can tell why captain n would be less appealing to me

        • hey one thing occurred to me just now wasn’t narc super violent?
          i didn’t know that game as a kid but it’s certainly odd that acclaim would promote that game in a kids show by using that character it seems quite odd

  3. Samus appeared in the comics based on this show. They at least got her gender right, I think.

  4. I still need to see The Wizard. Unfortunately, Comcast makes you pay for it. NINTENDO! D:

  5. Actually, there was a web series that parodied Captain N called Taco man: the game master; and they featured the Virtual Boy. With the series, it was meh (not the greatest, but at the same time not the worst.)

  6. I really liked watching Captain N: The game master for awhile when I was a kid.
    But eventually I got sick of hearing Kid Icarus ending every sentence with “icus”, and Megaman saying “Mega” in every sentence.
    But the kicker was the obese, green-skinned, bad guy with boxing gloves, and no shirt on…
    He had BREASTS!
    That was just nasty.

  7. please do once upon a time, magic voyage, swan princess, we’re back and pagemaster. pleeeeeeease.

  8. If they based the characters on the manuals, than Samus Aran would have been a male robot, based on the use of male-pronouns and a misunderstanding of the term “cyborg.” They might have scraped Samus as there would have been two robot characters in the show: Samus and Megaman. In all likelihood, they would likely name him “Metroid, the Cyborg Space Bounty Hunter” and give him a corny cowboy accent… y’all.

    It gets really weird watching the DIC cartoon and then reading the Valiant comics, as Valiant did a better with the characters and stories than DIC (including The Legend of Zelda). Valiant introduced Samus Aran into the world of Captain N as a fairly accurate character to the canon Samus, with a detailed backstory. The only thing they change about her is that she was a romantic rival to to Princess Lana, where she actively plots to take Kevin for herself — she seems too good for such childish antics. Had it not been for the fact that the other characters — Belmont, Pit, and Megaman — were so poorly represented and established by the show, they might have drafted them as better characters, and as is was, they did not make much use of them for it.

  9. I must admit, while much of the show was stupid, I genuinely loved Dr.Wily in this for being Mother Brain’s competent henchman(contrast to Hippo and Wizard) and essentially her right-hand man, and particularly for insulting and attacking the two most annoying characters on the show in really hilarious ways.
    “So long, Kid Idiot!”
    “Sorry to interrupt the party, Mega-Jerks!”

  10. Am I the only one who watched the “Mega Man” cartoon?
    It was hit and miss, but it WAS about Wily trying to take over the world and Doctor Light helping Mega Man stop him. And I liked that Roll was…. well… not a creepy little-girl-bot.

    • “Wooow, she’s preeeetty!” said Mega Man about his sister.

      There’s a re-upload of The Switcher’s “Mega Man Stupidity” floating around on Youtube; there are also other video game cartoon “stupidity” montage clips originally from Switcher as well (mostly Street Fighter). And while there’s a Zelda stupidity video, sadly there are no Captain N stupidities… 🙁

  11. I liked Captain N as a kid and my favorite character was Kid Icarus. lol

    Simon was gay? He was into Lana, wasn’t he? Simon was just a narcissist, from what I remember.

    I still feel the Super Mario Bros Super show Mario cartoons were good for what they were given the little they had to work with. They had to get creative with the cartoons…yeah they were goofy and stuff, but it was still a bit creative imo. They only had the first two games to work from and there wasn’t much going on there for those games.

    At least one cool thing about Kevin was that he was portrayed as a normal kid. He was into video games, he could play sports, and he had friends. He was well-rounded and wasn’t a stereotypical nerdy character.

  12. After seeing this it brought me back to another video game show from the early 90s and that was Video Power. It was a hybrid video game game show/tips and tricks/cartoon with Acclaim characters. It was syndicated and I love it…back then. After watching it now, it too is so laughable. Did you guys used to watch this back in the day and it would be great if the Nostalgia Critic can do a review on this show, I think there is more than enough material to write based on youtube eps.

  13. I feel the same. This was something I was so excited for as a kid, but really had to learn to like. LOL

  14. Do or make your Real Thoughts of all The Neverending Story movies will you?

  15. Please someday soon do your Real Thoughts on The Neverending Story trilogy for me, please for me and everybody who are your fans for that matter.

  16. I barely remember anything about Captain N now, but I know I loved it as a kid. I went as Captain N for Halloween the year it came out. My dad made the costume, and it turned out pretty well. I even had the leather-work N for a long time afterwards.

    Hmmmmm… I guess that was my first and only experience in cosplay…

  17. I only have one episode of this show (it has Link in it); I’m pretty curious to see the rest of it now 😛

    Also, I have that Avatar shirt… Teeturtle really does have some great designs 🙂

  18. This show was just bad.. even to me as a kid.
    And I was the kid who loved the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.. and the Pac-Man cartoon.. 😐

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