Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Care Bear Movies

From evil books to Dark Heart, we take a look at the cuddliest of annoying nostalgia.

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    • The Phantom would be a good one. I still want to see Tank Girl… as well as seeing you guys tortured by memories of “A Troll in Central Park” 😉

    • The thief and the cobbler!!

    • futuremoviewriter

      In the matter of Toy Story 3, Lotso is near unanimously considered a Complete Monster. Most people will say his fate is 100% deserved.

      • Steve the Pocket

        Yeah, Lotso was actually put in a position where his life was on the line, and they rescued him, and they gave him a chance to return the favor, and he was like “ha ha fuck you guys”. They did a good job making him impossible to feel sorry for, compared to Pete (or even Sid; can you imagine what kind of effect that horror-movie scenario happening in real life would have on a kid?)

  1. NO HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I knew I wasn’t the only kid who saw the 3rd care bears movie and was scared of that 1 evil laugh scene.

    That and the tom and jerry movie with thay creepy doctor vet old man walking too close to the camera, I honestly had a moment where I wondered if tv was evil; like possessed. I was even a bit scared in case more came after.

    I got over it but, yeah… those movies were messed up.

  3. Trixie_is_best

    From the reviews of those movies, I mainly remember ‘DAAAAARK HEAAAART’ and the wonderland comparo with Care Bears in Wonderland. I vaguely remember the series and almost nothing of the movies, but I can see their appeal to children though.

    You guys should do a real thoughts on the Thomas movie and Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle.

  4. Second Movie is the best: best songs (face it, animated children’s movies are remembered for their songs. No songs, you’ll quickly forget it), and best villain. And YES, Forever Young during the credits OWNED.

  5. Hey…anybody feel Dark Heart got crapped on, but didn’t realize it until after the credits? He gave up all those powers…to become a real boy with no home, no family, and maybe…MAYBE Kristy will come visit him next year. Meanwhile he has to bum around on the campground, foraging for food, water and shelter.

  6. well i liked this video, would like to see your honest thoughts on short circuit

  7. My Little Pony in its current form one ups the care bare stare with strong implications that the characters have actually killed. We call this “The orbital friendship cannon.”

  8. Your welcome

  9. With how much they appreciate the movies not bitching out and resorting to violence, and sticking to their guns with the caring thing, I get the feeling the brothers are really going to like Steven.

  10. At 10:57 Doug and Rob say “um” in perfect (and I mean seriously perfect) unison.

  11. id love to hear your thoughts on the burton batmans?

  12. Good news for today’s world: If you’re dragged to a movie you don’t want to see, just bring an ipad and Terminator 2. Problem solved!

  13. You should talk about your real thoughts on baby geniuses

  14. Don’t think I ever saw any of the Care Bear movies growing up. I definitely watched the TV show, but I don’t seem to recall any of these films.

    I’d say that I was blessed, but I still used with the TV show, Captain Planet, Power Rangers, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the Super Mario Bros. cartoons, the Tom & Jerry movie and Space Jam, so I guess it wouldn’t have mattered anyway if I saw them or not. Not like I knew they were bad, I was a toddler.

  15. You should do a Real Thoughts on:

    The Good Son
    Captain N
    The Pagemaster
    Pokemon and Digimon movies
    Judge Dredd

  16. Oh, and also a Real Thoughts on Follow that Bird

    • Steve the Pocket

      Ha ha… you know, I was really excited for that episode because it was one movie he was covering that I remembered really well, and when I saw it I was like … “What a rip-off!” I’d still love to see a genuine Nostalgia Critic episode on that movie, whether it’s followed up with a Real Thoughts or not.

  17. DOUG, to you saying that you’ll never review any more Care Bears movies, I have one thing to say: It’s Not Over

  18. I really hate the idea that just because it is for 5-year olds it somehow gets a free-pass to be stupid.

  19. Can you please do Real Thoughts on Lost World in time for Jurassic World to come out??

  20. SchrodingersCat

    I once read a review of an actual Care Bears slash fan-fic, in which the other Care Bears decide that they’re tired of Grumpy Bear’s constant negativity, so they decide to give him an attitude adjustment.
    By gang-raping him.
    The review was on a site called (what else?) God-Awful Fan Fiction.

  21. Hey. This is Hadley a.k.a. Nicholas/Darkheart. Loved the in depth review. Despite the fact these early films don’t quite stand up to the Pixar standard we see today, I have been really amazed to see so many old and new fans still embrace these. Still reaching out with a kind word or sending me fan art.

    Best wishes to some most kickass fans!

    Hadley Kay

  22. Steve the Pocket

    I’m impressed that you noticed and pointed out the difference in the animation between the first film and the others; that was something that struck me too when I went back and re-watched the two videos back to back. The first one seemed to be going off-model more, but in a way that gave them personality. It’s like the difference between the two versions of the opening to The Simpsons, except the second movie wasn’t that polished either.

  23. I somewhat remember that movie…

    I also remember strangely… very strangely loving and be fascinated by this movie, when I was younger. It’s almost like there was a hidden ‘hypno-toad’ every few frames…
    And, I remember being kinda emotional about the villain, especially around the end.


  24. I know this comment is way late but while I usually would agree with forgiving bad guys, I don’t think it should ALWAYS happen. like Lotso from Toy Story 3 was what TV Tropes calls a Complete Monster, a villain that has no personality outside of being evil and can never be redeemed. and besides, was the spell book from the first Care Bears movie redeemed? and it doesn’t matter that she wasn’t human, she was still a sentient being.

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