Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Casper

Which one of us REALLY hates this movie?

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  3. I liked Casper, Spiderman, and X-Men…I’m so offended that I might burst

  4. Hmmm…I do wanna hear their thoughts on Master of Disguise.

    Also, as for the Casper movie, while I didn’t like I, howeever I did enjoy the spin off cartoon they made from this movie which I’d say actually had some funny material, and most of the time took a piss off the older cartoon and Casper was kinda snarky and sarcastic in this one, even several times snapping whenever he got really angry.

    • Ryan Dewitt-Todd

      I liked the two direct-to-video spinoff films that came out 2-3 years after the original film did:
      “Casper Meets Wendy” & “Casper: A Spirited Beginning”

  5. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Doug, I’m sorry but…. I really wish you would start doing these on your own. I makes it more easier to hear your opinion

  6. 9:12 ……Ok, I’m really sorry, but, come on…..*were*???

  7. Devil's Advocate

    I think I agree with Doug.

  8. “CASPER” & “DUMB & DUMBER” the only 2 films I ever walked out on.

  9. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    Rob may not like Casper, but Doug hates Waddles. I think Rob is the winner here.

  10. The Mysterious M

    It’s a shame I hate this movie, because I really like Cathy Moriarty (the actress who played the main villain; Eric Idle played her sidekick). Actually, thinking about it now, she was the only part of the movie I liked.

  11. Vader_the_White

    Only once have I ever fallen asleep in the theater. Once.
    It was when I saw Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

  12. I’m with Doug on this one. I find I tend to be a lot more forgiving of bad movies if I can tell that there was real effort that just didn’t pay off. I get a lot more bothered by movies that are bad because no effort was put into them. Casper had a lot of problems, but there was effort, and there were some good scenes.

  13. Avatar Fangirl16

    I don’t mind Casper too much. Like Doug I do appreciate its effort. Also, when are you guys gonna do Big Hero 6 on Sibling Rivalry? I know you already expressed your thoughts, but I remember Rob posting on Facebook that it was supposed to be done in December

  14. I love this movie but like Doug I think it has problems, like the ending and the machine bringing the dead back to life. Even as a kid that just seemed really stupid to me. The part where Casper talks about his own death -did- make me tear up as a kid though. Mostly because of the music in that scene.

  15. Pepsi commercials.

  16. I used to watch the spinoff Casper the friendly ghost prequel of how Casper was supposed to go to school for getting a haunting license. Now years later, it looks like shit but it’s not the worst though. This movie was eh but like what you said you guys. It’s nothing really special but it’s eh to me. Also doug walker or the nostalgia critic. If you like everything of what people like. what do you even think about DragonballZ. including with your brother rob walker. Now that I would really want to know and I’m beyond curiosity of why you guys never reviewed “Dragonball Evolution movie that came out in 2009.” Anyways, great video of what you guys thought about casper the movie or casper the friendly ghost.

  17. I loved the TIMING joke.

  18. Devil's Advocate

    however, how come Rob can’t take Casper seriously but he can take Sonic in Satam seriously? not trashing the latter but still.

  19. Zombie Crossing Guard

    Why don’t you call this Reel Thoughts? Come on, guys.

  20. I had this on VHS as a kid (and I mean little little kid) and I remember seeing it numerous times and enjoying it (I think it was the morbid subject of killing off characters that interested me, as I’d never seen a movie really do that as many times as Casper did, I mean look at the kill count!)

    When I watched the review (which was like the third NC I’d ever seen at the time) and only then did I realize that it wasn’t as good as I remembered it.
    I agree with Doug, it was trying to do stuff and it didn’t really succeed (I still like the scene where she goes through that machine on the moving chair, that was fun)

  21. But, as Doug likes to say, comedy is about pain. The fact that you hate the “timing” joke is part of why it is funny.

    (Actually, that’s a good example of one that wasn’t about pain–originally.)

  22. I honestly think they did a really good job of updating Casper. They gave us his uncles and gave him a story. Casper was this creepy cartoon before this–one that no kid I knew ever liked.

    • Also, glad you guys finally admitted that you were snotty kids. Because that’s the way your reactions seem to me. Kids generally don’t hate movies the way you guys describe yourselves hating things.

  23. I kind of like Casper (1995), but yes admitingly it is problematic with it’s story elements and some special CG effects and acting chops.

  24. Hey Walker Brothers here is my list on what I would like you to do for your Real Thoughts reviews: The Neverending Story (even though it wasn’t your Nostalgia Critic review since it was a good movie although personally I don’t really think so of where you introduced your Chester A. Bum character for the first time as part of a April Fools joke), anyway discuss The King And I, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the earliest NC review, Patch Adams, The Garbage Pail Kids if you want to, Catwoman, The Master of Disguise, Man of Steel, Wicker Man, BloodRayne, Blues Brothers 2000, Small Soldiers and many others I’m sure you’d wish to do.

  25. Bart Simpson was right: Casper is the ghost of Richie Rich.

  26. I actually miss “TIMING!”. I have never seen this movie and I have no interest in seeing it. The NC review is enough for me. Although, I liked seeing you two argue over this movie. How entertaining. Hey, I’m with you Doug on Spiderman 3. I like that movie, too! I can’t stand with you on X-Men 3 (pun intended) but I have your back on Spiderman 3.

  27. thatchickwithlonghair

    Doug, you’re right. Rob, you’re wrong. Some aspects of Casper definitely worked very well for me; taking death seriously, the relationship he had with Kat and the other heavier stuff. Even some of the goofy comedy had a little charm. I honestly do like this movie a lot. (though the whole treasure thing with two dumb villains is very lame lol) I’ll watch it pretty much any time it’s on. I watched the cartoons as a kid….but this movie took those cartoons and really brought so much more to the silver screen.

  28. AloneAmongstGods

    I’m going to have to side with Doug on this one. I think it may be because I was way younger than either Doug or especially Rob when I saw it. But I loved the set design and I liked exactly the aspects about it that Doug mentiones. It was sort of balsy at the time to have a social outcast as the main, bonding with the Ghost and going to those darker places, like his death. For me it worked. I could take it seriously. That may be in part because I wasn’t a casper hating high-schooler expecting it to be shit to begin with but a five year old. 😛

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