Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Cat in the Hat

Wow, we got REALLY angry on this one.

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  1. Will you guys do a real thoughts video on the movie Steel? I want to hear what you guys think of that movie.

  2. pharaohyami5000

    And the critics give this movie… 2 middle fingers.

  3. reallywhocares

    The Grinch had it’s problems but I think it’s a good movie over all.

    This movie had potential but it was ruined as soon as The Cat in the Hat showed up on screen.

    • I think the problem here with the Grinch at least is that Doug is projecting too much of the book onto the movie. It was very clear when I first saw it, that they were trying to go for their own identity. They weren’t making the book, they were making the movie.
      I would even argue that the lesson wasn’t intended to be the same. It wasn’t so much about the wholesomeness of Christmas, but about prejudice. ‘Cause you know, the focus was how badly everyone treated the Grinch. That’s why the who’s were more materialistic. The movie was majorly changed from the book, and I believe it was totally on purpose.

      • Excuse me? If you’re going for “your own identity”, then GO for your own identity without using someone else’s characters & stealing title & ideas & market-recognition from a well-known book and…you know…saying you’re an adaptation of that book.

        Nope, your argument doesn’t fly. If they were going for their own identity, then they should be stealing the identity of well-known & well-loved children’s books.

        • I’m guessing copyright would disagree with you. If people want to retell an existing story in a new light, the only person with any say in the matter is the original rights-holder. Whether that creates a good movie or not is an entirely separate matter from how faithful an adaptation it is.

          A loose adaptation can still make for a better movie than a faithful one, as you probably noted from the Nostalgia Critic’s review of the Shining.

          • My thoughts exactly. There have been plenty of great reinterpretations out there. Hell, that’s practically the entire Disney library.

            Just the idea that a reinterpretation is automatically wrong or bad, just shows you’re an idiot that doesn’t know anything.

          • Additionally:
            HTTYD and Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists are very different from the book in many respects.

  4. The picture with Doug and Rob says all that needs to be said about this movie.

  5. The Mysterious M

    Yeah. Of all the Dr. Seuss movies, this one is the worst.

    The Cat and the Hat — Universally panned
    The Lorax — Mixed to negative (I have yet to see a positive review, but yeah there’s actually mixed out there)
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas — Mixed
    Horton Hears a Who — Mixed to Positive

    • Personally, I’ll defend Horton Hears a Who. They stuck to something close enough to the book, expended on it, and had some decent gags that fit the characters well enough. It’s stupid and has some really dumb moments, but I’d say that’s the preferred way to turn a Dr. Seuss book into a full-length movie. By taking the simplistic plot and trying to expand it with some jokes without really screwing with the general plot itself.

      Too bad they didn’t remember that concept when they made The Lorax….

  6. The reason the Cat in the Hat is so associated with Dr. Seuse was because that was the foundation. There was a group advocating that it was possible to create childrens books with genuine stories and not just Dick and Jane books, and they asked dr. Seuse to write a story using a very short list of simple words. Seuse supposedly started by just picking two words at random and getting Cat and Hat.

    Once the Cat in the Hat was finished and became a huge hit, Dr. Seuse went back and started writing all his other most famous books.

  7. OH, I noticed you guys have the entire “Flight” comic anthology! I do too, I think they’re a beautiful piece of collaborative writing.
    I wonder, do you two have the “Explorer” comic anthologies? They’re by Kazu Kibuishi like the Flight books.
    I just find it cool you guys own the books.


  9. daniel joker 94

    Can you guys please do your real thoughts on stephen king? Any of his movies is good but I think it’d be cool to know your thoughts on him in general, thank you!

  10. I actually forced myself to forget I ever saw this movie right after watching it as a kid. Until the review came out I lived my life as an innocent person, who hadn’t been confronted to such a painful sight. And then it all came back to me, the confusion, the horror, the nightmare, the what-the-fuck-is-that-shit-ism, the feeling of having been tainted, dirtied…and it all left me with this single question…why the f*ck was this thing made?!!

    • It’s not What-The-Fuck-Is-That-Shit-ism, it’s actually more like What-The-Fuck-Is-That-S.H.I.T.-ism…. Because apparently, they thought it was a good idea to make a film for young children teaching a message that would mainly apply to young children and then name their car the Super Hydraulic Instantaneous Transport. Even though it’s not Super, Hydraulic, or Instantaneous.

      So it’s not even technically the S.H.I.T., it’s just the T.

  11. So when are we getting a Green Eggs and Ham movie? It can have a plot about where all the green eggs and ham come from (Emerald City, obviously).

    • I used to joke that if they made a movie of Green Eggs and Ham, they should cast Billy Crystal as Sam-I-Am and Dennis Leary as the Grouchy Guy.

      • green egg and ham should be a road movie. with one guy always trying to get his companion into trying green egg and ham while traveling to varies places

    • That could actually be pretty great as just one big crazy expanded thing without much dialogue where it’s just one gag after another after another after another after another until they finally just get to the end in the last 5 minutes. It would be stupid as heck, but the concept of stretching the joke out as far as possible could just come full circle and end up hilarious, especially if they just slowly go as over the top with this as possible.

  12. HEY, Mamma Mia is my FAVORITE movie. D: Anyways, onwards to Cat in the Hat. You know what? This movie taught me about penises! You see, due to that happy sack- lady on a swing scene, I didn’t understand it so my mom was FORCED to briefly mention penises. I’m so sorry, Ma, for having to subject you to this movie. I used to love this movie as a kid. I saw it multiple times in elementary school. Then, when I saw it again, in my freshman year of high school… I was like “I LIKED THIS?!” 🙁

  13. The animated special didn’t star the Smucker’s Jelly announcer, it was Allan Sherman (probably best known for his song, “Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder.”) who was dead long before those Smucker’s commercials.

  14. Ok now i’m NOT defending Cat in the hat by any means but, the scene where the cat in the hat got kicked in the balls, and it cuts to him on the swing?

    He was going to his “happy place” to block out the pain. Yes, thats what the scene was going for. I don’t know why it was difficult for you guys to get, the scene is kinda self-explanatory.

    But otherwise yeah, i’m with you guys all the way….movie was terrible.

    • See, it’d be a lot easier to tell if it was supposed to be the Cat’s happy place if it actually looked, you know, happy. Instead, it’s as if we’re briefly watching some strange horror flik, (that, or seeing the Cat’s hidden cross-dressing desires…) because the scene throws out any proposition of ‘happy’ for just plain ‘weird.’ If he was frolicking in a field of flowers in bright sunshine, maybe it would have been obvious, but what we got instead? It wasn’t anywhere close. (And none of this excuses the dress. Seriously, why the dress? Just taking that out would do wonders for making the scene comprehensible.)

    • I remember when I first watched that and I thought they went to a sort of “we are experiencing technical difficulties” type of thing to cover up the Cat in the Hat shouting some swear word in front of the kids. Which would definitely explain their reactions afterwards and wasn’t too far off from something they did later on with naming a car the “S.H.I.T.”

  15. I remember this piece of shit, I had to watch it in my high school video class, the teacher was literally the only person in the school who knew how to fix computers and they all got knocked out by a storm so he just played random movies until he was done (Side note, easy A :D)
    But man we all just sat there dead silent as this shit played. There was only one laugh the entire time it was at that stupid part with the car the “Super Hydrolic I T” whatever I T was and the kid tries to say “shit” and the cat in the hat stops him. Some guy in the back of the room was just like “You mean shit? Like this fucking turd?” and everyone chuckled a bit. Then more silence until class was over. Such a bad movie

  16. The Cat in the Hat is awful and one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Mike Myers is TERRIBLE in it. The poor sod is bad at the best of times – the Austin Powers movies work because he has so much supporting cast and even then his characters are irritating. It’s like the Love Guru playing the Cat in the Hat. Ugh… The writing is abysmally bad, too – cheap, ugly gags which might get a chuckle out of an infant but would insult the intelligence of even a little kid. And worst of all, the movie is BORING.

    I have no special love for Dr. Seuss. Never read his stories, don’t really care to start now. However, I don’t feel like I need to. The Cat in the Hat is an awful movie purely on its own merits regardless of how it measures up to the original story or the previous adaptations.

  17. littlewillie610

    This might just be nostalgia talking, but I don’t The Grinch was that bad of film, despite its groan-worthy moments. There’s no defending Cat in the Hat, though.

  18. I didn’t like ‘The Grinch’ even when it came out!

  19. honestly, I’m indifferent to all the Dr, Sues movies. I don’t like them, I don’t hate them, I certainly don’t despise them like these two do, I just……meh them. although I did think Horten Hears a Who was kinda funny. and ok, I’ll admit, I did laugh a number of times when I first saw the Cat in the Hat, but I blame that on being a VERY unintelligent child.

  20. Oh, no worries guys, I completely agree with you, 100%! I hate this movie too. In fact, this film stared me to death when I was a kid. And, as Master Yoda said, “fear leads to hate”, and I now hate it to this day.

  21. You guys should do a real thoughts on Foodfight!, I’m just really curious on your thoughts and how you would compare it to other films you’ve reviewed.

  22. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    With the Cat in the Hat, it feels like the writers of the film just didn’t like Dr. Seuss or something and really wanted to stick it to him…

  23. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Serious question Doug: “Would you rather watch ‘Casper’ then watch ‘Cat in the hat””?

  24. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Fun Fact: Before Bo Welch directed Cat in the Hat, he directed some TV show episodes. He directed an episode of Secret Agent Man, & he directed two episode of “The Tick”. Don’t believe me? He says so on the commentary for the movie

  25. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Good vlog Doug but really… I think you should start doing these on your own. Nothing against Rob it’s just… he kinda gets in the way for me…

  26. Doug, we are both that Gen-Y/Oregon Trail/Lost Generation. I think every one of us in that bracket haaaaaaaaaaaaates The Grinch. I’m with you, buddy. And yes, Cat in the Hat is soul suckingly terrible. I’m so hooked on these vids you and your bro do. Reminds me of me and my bro shooting the shit. Brava. (I HATE THE GRINCH).

  27. Geezus Rob, have a Snickers :p


    THIS movie! I kept watching this a lot as a kid. Not because it’s was good. No way. I literally studied what was wrong with this forced piece of unappealing mess. Paris Hilton in the nightclub scene, Hank Humberfloob A.K.A The world’s most forced character in character and performance wise, the water ride sequence with a advertisement for Universal Studios ($$££), the creepy Things 1 & 2, the out-of-nowhere jokes, the racist jokes, the songs, Alec Baldwin, Mrs. Kwan (WTF) and Mike Myers for his career starting to go down the drain. The only thing I like was maybe a bit of the production design and that Smash Mouth version of The Beatles song “Getting Better” from the iconic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Extremely hated this movie.

  29. I would really want to hear your real thoughts on A.I and Waterworld 😛

  30. Doug, you should do a Nostalgia Critic review of Horton Hears A Who!

    It’s the only one you haven’t done yet!

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