Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on Cat in the Hat

Wow, we got REALLY angry on this one.

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  1. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    Don’t cry because it happened, smile because it’s over.

  2. thecartoonfaxuator

    Who else clapped for Doug?

  3. RebeccatheCartoonFan

    I sincerely hope the people behind this movie never get their hands on The Sneetches.

    • Steve the Pocket

      Heh, have you ever seen that joke storyboard for a Sneetches trailer that’s been making the rounds? It’s supposed to be terrible, but it actually sounds less awful than most of the actual Seuss movies so far.

  4. I watched The Grinch as a small child, and reseeing it in your review did make me realise how… NOT good the movie actually was.
    Same with Casper (by the way, can I see your real thoughts on that please!?)

  5. I remember when this movie came out my family and I avoided it just like the plague because after seeing the trailers we knew exactly that movie would have been a nightmare to watch. And not like the nightmare after watching a movie like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” I mean like watching like a loved one being anally raped and then get shot in the head while being getting flayed alive. I do have a lot of sincere respect for Dr.Seuss and the cartoons based on the his stories so much that none of movies that came later could ever top off of what was so unique about them. And even though I do enjoy Faith Hill’s “Where are you Christmas” and some of the make up design for Ron Howard’s “The Grinch” it cannot even place it above the Chuck Jones version. I’m so glad there were no more live action adaptations of Dr. Seuss’s works after this movie even though some of the CGI films do miss several points on being good interpretations. I hope there are studio directors and executives who could make good use of the source material that’s already good to begin with and make them into groundbreaking films. There are wonderful ideas that could come out from these wonderful stories and you get someone like Hayao Miyazaki or Henry Selick to direct them.

  6. Maybe even a Brad Bird

  7. Just watching clips of this movie made me think this is one of the worst things put to screen.

  8. Eik, this movie. say what you want about the grinch movie, but atleast it a dumbed down immature way. But not like they cat in the hat movie. So, So many poop, sexual, fart jokes.. Movies like these are why some kids and adults have ADD. And if they did include these horrible, immature jokes to appeal to the adults that were begged into watching this in theaters by their kid…then that’s just sad. it’s no wonder Americas education is declining. People think that poop jokes are funny. The originals are way more mature than their live action counterparts.

    • Steve the Pocket

      I really don’t see the connection between Americans’ taste in entertainment and our horrible education system, unless you’re implying that we’re just literally retarded and thus incapable of being taught.

  9. ‘ “The Cat in the Hat” is so good it breaks your heart for not being better.” ‘
    Stephen Hunter, The Washington Post.
    I’m kinda shocked.

  10. BrianGriffinFan

    I saw The Cat in The Hat in theaters and at the time, I liked it. I was only about 12 or 13 and I wasn’t overly familiar with the original Dr. Seuss story. Once I saw the NC review, I realized that this was an embarassingly awful movie. I was cringing at most of the scenes from the movie that were shown.

    The movie is really bad, but the review was really good.

  11. To be honest, I hate Dr. Suess books. I never ever could like them at all. I thought the art style was ugly and the stories, I think were too childish for even me to get into, even as a kid. I’m sorry if I offended anyone by saying that, I just couldn’t get into em. It’s not even that I think it’s bad in morals, honestly or just think it’s bad at all. For me, it was a series I just couldn’t get into even when I was real little. I didn’t like the rhymes, I didn’t like the art. Only Dr. Suess book I ever liked or could get into was Fox in Sox. That was the only book that I sorta liked.

    Um, so naturally I didn’t care if the Suess movies were a success or not. I watched Cat in the Hat when I was in middle school and bloody hell, I wanted to slam my head into the desk. It was just so fucking stupid! Everything was just making me cringe. People in my class were laughing at it. I just was like “Why?” the whole time. It’s a painful movie that I think they should torture prisoners with. You see, we don’t need the death penalty. Just make the murders, rapist, and so on watch this piece of shit! But then again, maybe that is being inhumane…

  12. I watched this once. Once was one more time than I wish I had. It was the grossest, most insulting movie I’ve ever had to witness. The Grinch was bad enough, but THIS… ARGH! There is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever. Every copy of it should be stuffed in the landfill they put all the ET games in and never be heard from again. The IMDB entry should be erased. All references to this movie’s existence should be removed from all media, and anyone that ever mentions it again should be taken out and shot.

  13. Next Real Thoughts: The Thief and the Cobbler?

    I actually really loved that movie as a kid because I thought the Thief’s internal monologue was hilarious.

  14. Haven’t seen “The cat…” but regarding “The Grinch”; the reason you hate it, is because you have memories of that cartoon which have made you biased. As this is the first and only rendition I and many others outside the US have seen, it is natural that me and others like me will like prefer the Carey version, even if presented with the cartoon.

  15. Moviemantweeter1999

    I liked horton hears awho but not cat in thehat. I also cant tiill tmmrw #sharkboyandlavagirl.

  16. I agree that this movie is an insult.

    The Lorax is just as bad. You’ll understand after a few years.

  17. Honestly, I think The Lorax was worse than The Grinch. The studio pandering hurt the Lorax a lot worse, since the story depends a lot more on its sincerity and its intelligence to work. The message of The Grinch isn’t really essential until the end (where the movie at least tried to be sincere), so there’s a little more room to just have fun with the character who’s become a synonym for gleeful anti-holiday sentimentalism. And though it came with some cringe-worthy adult humor, there were enough genuine Jim Carrey laughs in there for me to at least call it a guilty pleasure.

  18. Would you two consider a Real Thoughts on Super Mario Bros.? I’d love to hear your opinions about President Koopa. He was so much fun… A shame his performance is so-often overlooked. I think he comes pretty close to Raul Julia levels of hilarity when he’s really trying. “PLUUUUUUUMBEEEEEER!”

  19. BrianGriffinFan

    I saw this in theaters and I actually kind of liked it at the time. I wasn’t overly familiar with the book, so that’s kind of why. Also, I was about 12 or 13 at the time, so I kind of liked the “adult” humour.

    Once I saw the NC review, I realized that even just the clips that were shown in the review were embarassingly awful to watch. My reaction to the movie was pretty much the same as you two.

    I don’t care too much for the Grinch movie myself. To me, it’s just so-so, but I’m aware a lot of people like it.

  20. You are not alone. I have NO IDEA why people like the Grinch. It violated my childhood. I may hate it even more than you do, if that were possible. I can’t post what I honestly think about it because you would have to take down my comment. That, and I’m a nice person.

    Dr. Seuss deserved so much better. So much. Needless to say I refused to watch The Cat in the Hat.

    WHY IS HOLLYWOOD DETERMINED TO DESTROY ALL I LOVE?!!! Dr. Seuss, Willy Wonka, Ella Enchanted, Bridge to Terebithia, etc. Where does it end?

  21. partariothegoth

    I think there are several reasons I like the grinch better than the lorax (never saw horton hears a who so can’t comment on that) and that’s, nostalgia, I always found the dog butt kissing and the breast face planting scenes to be stupid but I liked the movie overall and can’t seem to get over that. also it’s not a musical, there are only a few songs and I don’t find them as intolerable as in the lorax. and probably the biggest reason, my family only ever got this movie because of Jim Carrey, we never read the book or watched the cartoon, so I never had anything initially to compare it to

  22. I use the excuse that I was a kid, and didn’t know any better. I was 11 when it came out, enjoyed dirty jokes that had no redeeming value, and now this movie is one of my VERY, VERY guilty pleasures as an adult.

    I still have to rank The Lorax as the worst Seuss movie because of those fucking Mazda ads. That’s as unethical as it gets for both companies.

  23. Juan Potgieter

    I wonder if a Mickey Mouse movie can be possible but not like all these other ones for the movie maybe make the movie about someone trying to make the movie and the trials they have to face like getting permission from disney to do this but they want to respect Disney’s wishes of not selling Mickey but the film maker goes ahead and makes the movie anyway but not only does he get backlash from the disney company but also from the audience because they grew up watching Mickey Mouse and the movie was an insult to him the film could end with this this film maker losing everything. But he gains a greater respect towards childhood classics and becomes a better person because of it.

  24. I’d put this movie at probably the third worst film I’ve seen, just ahead of Napoleon Dynamite and Pay It Forward (because at least this movie didn’t bore me shitless). It’s also probably the worst movie I’ve seen in the movie theatre. I believe even Mike Meyers said he hated it. And this is the guy who went on and made the Love Guru. Hell, it’s the reason why the studios were no longer allowed to make live action Dr. Seuss movies. Seuss’ widow was so enraged by the film that she forbade any more live action. That’s why Horton Hears a Who and the Lorax were animated.

    Those middle fingers pretty much sum up my feelings for the movie as well. I like Mike Meyers, but I don’t think he’s going to live this one down.

  25. I actually kinda like this movie.
    But I like it for different reasons.

    First of all, I did watch it as a kid, so it could be the nostalgia factor. But EVEN as a kid, I knew there was something wrong with the movie. I read the book. I saw the animated version. So when I saw the movie, I knew they changed a bit too much just to make it theatrical-worthy. And even then, I knew they were feeding me bad language and lessons and dirty humor. At least I was smart enough not to do the same stuff they did in the movie. But this film did introduce me to dirty humor, which is one reason why it’s awful.

    The thing is, I found a lot of creativity in the jokes done in the movie, both visual and verbal. However, I think they could have worked better if they were done in an ADULT-themed movie rather than a children’s film based on a children’s book. Yes, I know that some adults hate to walk into the movie theater to see something based on a children’s product aimed at children, and so Hollywood feels that adding in dirty humor would keep the adults seated. However, didn’t they consider that the dirty humor would slip into the kids’ minds and their parents would be horrified at the fact that their kids are taking all of this material in and growing up with it?

    If this movie was actually aimed at adults rather than kids, maybe the jokes could have worked better. Yeah, they’re immature, but at least kids wouldn’t be allowed to watch it. And even then, they’re kinda creative, like the springy hat when the Cat sees a picture of their mother in a bikini, or how he grabs a garden hoe and calls it… well, you know. Oh, and “Super Hydrolic Instantaneous Transporter”. Only adults with an extreme sense of humor would get these jokes. Maybe it could be an adult movie with a childish innocence. At least the film would establish that it’s clearly not for kids.
    It’s just the fact that this IS a kids’ movie that makes it horrible and disturbing, because the book it was based on was meant to make kids smarter, and the movie just kinda made kids dumber.

    I just really find it funny how Hollywood (at the time) thought that this is how movies should be made because this was what people wanted to see. Maybe that’s also why I like it, because it failed on a much bigger level than Super Mario Bros. It’s a prime example of what Hollywood THINKS the public is into, and they are SO wrong!

    So, yeah. The movie is horrible, but I like it anyway. If I were to ever see it on TV, I would gladly watch it, but I wouldn’t tell everyone it was a good movie. I just like it for how horrible it is.

  26. I love you guys forever and ever.

  27. Anyway all Dr. Seuss children’s book based movies are shit, I would just break the DVD of The Cat in the Hat buttfuck anal raping of our five senses as sentient sensible human beings, I’d always say we should organize national public bad Hollywood bad movie (Both theatrical film tape and home video media discs) bonfire burnings like the Nazi book burnings but in method only, that’s my idea don’t wear it out.

  28. Can you imagine that Universal Pictures placed The Cat in the Hat DVD or theatrical preview in my 2003 Dragonheart and Dragonheart A New Beginning double-feature once you flip over the disc on side B DVD, I never minded that much or ignored it because right after there is Universal Pictures’s own version of Peter Pan theatrical trailer right after, but now that you Doug mentioned with Rob twice since you Nostalgia Critic review of this loathsome creature feature two years ago and today, I’d now say how fucking dare they (Meaning the Universal Studio Beaurocrats with a capital B) put the fucking trailer for The Fucking Cat in the Fucking Hat? Outrageous indeed.

  29. Also I would to mention that even though you Doug praised as a good movie classic or the best family film ever, can you bros do your Real Thoughts on The Neverending Story circa 1984 as a small favor even though I’m not donating to you because I don’t really like this fantasy film because I’m positively traumatized by it everytime I make an effort to watch it as part of my habit every half a year for the past twelve years I believe so I hope you guys do your real thoughts on Wolfgang Petersen’s adaptation of a book by Michael Ende (Both were and are Germans by the way) soon, thanks if you do.

  30. Hello
    First of all: I grew up in Germany and therefore had (almost) no exposure to Dr. Seuss until I saw the NC’s reviews. He really got the point across why he is so fond of the original books and thinks them valuable and why he despises these movies.
    That being said: When Doug’s brother did his “WHY ARE WE WATCHING THIS????!!!!!” reenactment it suddenlystruck me that I had still underestimated how terrible they were and I imagined one of the characters from German children’s series and books to be kicked in the balls for cheap laughs in what is supposed to be a reimagening targeted at children. After the first thought of the Little Sandman (it just came to my mind first) being kicked in the balls and being on a swing in a dress, I immediately got into a killing mood.
    I am impressed that you did manage to keep watching this movie after that scene.
    And I’m grateful its directors never found a chart about about Wickie, Maya the Bee or Nils Holgersson.

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