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I mean come on, the guy who directed Son of the Mask MUST have made a good movie here, right? Doug and Rob explain the horror.

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  1. My biggest problem with The Lost Worlds pretention is how they treated the dinasaurs. You’re supposed to feel bad for the dinasaurs, even when they’re scary they are victims of their own existence. They shouldn’t exist, so they are abominations of nature, but at the same time they can only do what they were programmed to by nature, none of it is their fault. And instead of doing that, they treated T-Rex like Godzilla. They had no respect for the core principle of the story.

  2. I watched this movie a lot as a kid. I think I was in middle school or maybe late elementary school when it came out. In the NC review, I must admit I did laugh at that son of my mom joke. Also, I love Rob Goldblum. For me, Goldblum never gets old. For Independence Day, I liked the president, Will Smith, and Goldblum.

  3. I liked Mystery Men! It was parodying super hero movies before the age of super hero movies we’re currently in right now.

  4. Could you guys please do real thoughts on FOODFIGHT.

  5. Everyone knows that the only animal qualified to take over the world is a laboratory mouse.

  6. No mention of the sequel? What happened to Shameful Sequels’ review? Oh yeah, that fair use controversy. I agree with you on most points. I always have had that same opinion. It was quite forgettable.

  7. 1:57 I think that every time your brother speaks over you Doug, it’s not very endearing, it’s not very funny, and honestly while have gotten used to him in your videos I still don’t find him very funny or watchable. I’ve tried watching ATFW and other things he does but TBH, I quit watching because he’s not very funny and doesn’t get into things until at least a third of the way into his videos, at least the ones I’ve seen.

  8. Any chance you’ll do Mystery Men?

  9. BrianGriffinFan

    I liked this movie as a kid and as an adult, I still like it. I’m not gonna defend it as anything great, but I enjoy it for what it is and I understand if you like/dislike it.

    I was actually kind of surprised that this movie was chosen for an NC episode, but I liked the review.

    I haven’t seen the sequel, but I’ve heard that it isn’t very good. The trailers didn’t help much either. I wouldn’t mind seeing an NC review of that if possible.

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