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Was “Jelly Side Down” really as funny as they made out in the review?

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  1. It was based on “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie. It was adapted into a great 1945 movie. Didn’t you know that? You mentioned “Doctor Who”, “Star Wars” and “Pokémon” all in the same video! You did the same thing with the Scooby-Doo sequel. You know, make a twist better than the movie.

    • I know right? It always bothered me when he praised Shyamalan’s creativity when he just stole the idea from one of my favorite books.

      • lilith_ascennding

        To be fair, Shymalan isn’t the only person to use “And Then There Were None”‘s plot (and amazing twist). A good example is the anime/videogame series Dangan Ronpa. I always describe it to people as “And Then There Were None” meets “Saw” because the series does feature themes presented in both stories. It even has one of the same twists as both films, though it’s presented in a different way. Honestly worth a playthrough/watch if you’re interested in anime/video games/surreal yet humorous and intriguing mysteries.

  2. LOL at 1:20, you see a random hand close the door. It’s probably Shyamalan not wanting to hear their criticism. Although, man, as much as I hate to admit it… you had me cry-laughing at that Pokemon thing. One last thing: Please do a sibling rivalry review on the upcoming Shyamalan movie. Please and thank you! ^.^

  3. Ever heard of the short “Elevated” by Vincenzo Natali?
    All this talk about the idea of a suspenseful simple film about being stuck in an elevator made me think about it.

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