Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On: Disney Afternoon

Doug and Rob give their Real Thoughts on the Nostalgia Critic review of Disney Afternoon.

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  1. Someone needs to point out that the first 4 shows had extended themes.


    • the Ninja Turtle toy deal is a little different than average.
      They wanted to make toys of the turtles,April,Splinter,Shredder and a Foot Clansmen,but toy companies WOULDN’T LET THEM without a show,then the franchise became a runaway train with the success.

      It wasn’t as scummy because many toys were designed in Pin-up art form by the creators’ friends,who worked on the great black and white comics,and they would even get a cut. I heard that straight from Peter Laird.
      That’s cooler because the usual is why Orco has a zero on his chest.
      According to Paul Dini,his creator said “it’s because that’s how much money I’ll make off him”

    • Can we have a full review of that weird raggedy ann movie? i think that would be rad

  2. Okey Now you made me want you to do a real thoughts on Doug and Doug first movie for some reason!

  3. Don’t worry Rob I understood you completely at the end (txt me) 😛

  4. Oh c’mon, Spongebob is great too 😛

    • Ericthebearjew1

      Spongebob can go die in a fire on account of how much it fucked over Korra

      • If you say that about SpongeBob again, you’re dead!!! SpongeBob is an AWESOME show!!! And FUCK KORRA!!!

      • Can you really blame shows with a better viewing audience? Korra’s last on-air premiere was just barely over 1 million. SpongeBob regularly pulls in 4 million. But odds are, SpongeBob viewers are more loyal channel viewers than Korra as it is. I can’t tell you how often the Korra fandom attacked Nick over anything. (Talk about biting the hand that feeds you a high-quality animated television series despite its illegally-downloading fanbase.) Studios want all their shows to succeed, and Nick clumsily thought online premieres could save their show. But Korra wasn’t going beyond its current plans as it was. The creators were tired; they didn’t want to work on either of their shows forever.

  5. hey doug.. question

    have you seen “Dinosaurs” the muppet tv show?

  6. Real thoughts on Doug and Doug first movie.
    Off course!

  7. Wow… I’m sure that I should have laughed at that Goofy cancer joke… but I did. I grew up in the times where the Disney afternoon was starting to get EXTREME. I don’t even REMEMBER Quack Pack. I remember liking the Mighty Ducks. I LOVED Gargoyles so much that even though I was never allowed to watch it, I would ALWAYS find a way, ALWAYS. I got caught at the beginning of the third season. I remember not liking Darkwing Duck because as a kid, a hero who didn’t have a type of Captain America/Superman morality (since he was kinda selfish and whatnot). Wow, I didn’t think that this video would get so in-depth. In my opinion, the furry thing is fine as long as it’s a person who likes humans dressed as animals but if you like actually bunny boobies and stuff…

  8. littlewillie610

    I’ve scene a few episodes of Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck, but the Disney Afternoon lineup was before my time. I mostly grew up with Cartoon Network.

  9. It’s kinda like how they came out with Goofy Movie and eventually followed with An Extremely Goofy Movie.

  10. I can’t believe I missed that era! Although I did witness One Saturday Morning which is not so different!

  11. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    wow Doug & Rob…. you guys are crazy

  12. To answer your question Rob, yes those Disney Afternoon worlds do apparently crossover in the same universe according to this crossover comic Disney Adventure Magazine had.

  13. The Disney Afternoon era was awesome. Ducktales reigned supreme, but Rescue Rangers was also awesome. Plus, we had Talespin and the much hipper Darkwing Duck.

    I’d like to see the NC get more into Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, ,and even Histeria.

  14. *Dons helmet*
    I honestly am not sure that AT is going to hold up as entirely “timeless”. The style of humor is pretty rooted in popular “random” humor. A lot of the lines and images feel like they’re designed to be made into .gifs.

    That’s mostly applying to the first season, though, since I haven’t seen the rest yet (and may yet not). 😛

  15. Again, Doug, you need to do more music. You were singing a high C in the beginning there, with no effort. Stop singing so low on all the specials and use your amazing tenor skills, like we’ve heard you do before!

  16. TheGangstaOfLove

    I think the theory is that Uncle scrooge died, left most of his money for launch pad who spends it on constantly repairing his plane and helping out his new employer, Dark Wing Duck. Meanwhile Huey, Dewy, and Louie are sent back to live with Uncle Donald and at that point, going through all these relatives has made the boys very apathetic, cynical teenagers.

  17. The funny thing is that the TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck toy lines actually did quite poorly back in the day. A second wave of DWD figures was planned (there are images online!), but cancelled due to the first wave’s low sales. The figures were pretty poorly articulated, and I don’t think a single one was able to hold the accessories it was packaged with.

  18. Well that was an interesting discussion.

    Though if I have to note one thing about the whole talk about kid shows today, I feel like you give Adventure Time WAY TOO MUCH credit.
    (Then again I may also be just salty from how crappy Season 6 was, esp. that god awful finale you’ll somehow like despite it obviously being crap).

  19. Gargoyles was the shit. That show really needs to come back.

    Goof Troop does take place in the same universe as DuckTales, doesn’t it? Because They’re all directly connected to classic Mickey Mouse characters. Huey, Dewey and Louie are Donald’s nephews, and Goofy is Mickey’s friend. Unless Goof Troop is an alternate reality version of Goofy… and he isn’t? I dunno, my memory of DuckTales is extremely faded, and I never even watched Goof Troop. Just the Goofy Movie and its direct-to-video sequel.

    Pokemon is dated? Wut? Well, yes, it WAS a huge 90’s fad, but so was the Disney Afternoon. And, Pokemon is still around, even though it has ahem evolved to suit the times. As for the 90’s show itself, the Indigo League Pokemon anime took place in a fantasy world just as the early Disney Afternoon shows did, so it can’t really be dated. I mean, it’s kind of awkward and silly sometimes, but that’s just 4kids. It’s still watchable.

    Yeah, from Adventure Time to Steven Universe to Phineas and Ferb to Gravity Falls, the majority of modern cartoon characters are ridiculously easy to draw. You’re definitely right about that. But when you think about it, all of those shows have really impressive and detailed backgrounds (Phineas and Ferb to a lesser extent – more in their specials and later seasons). So, simple character designs working in beautifully detailed environment art. Works for me.

  20. What was that about sexy gadget? xD

  21. I can remember that even as a child I never liked unresponsible or airhead characters.
    Baloo was a bit borderline for me. Bonkers was an idiot and the tick wasnt my thing either. If you dont know it’s satire, that’s what you get.
    I hated Goof troop. I used to see the older original disney cartoons with donald, mickey etc and I couldnt possibly like “the new Goofy”.

    And then there was Gargoyles, Batman and Darkwing Duck. That’s what I had a TV for. ^^

  22. Hey Doug, are you gonna review the Raggedy Ann Doll movie? That would make for a funny episode.

    • Steve the Pocket

      Oh god yes. You did Little Nemo, you HAVE to do an episode on the Raggedy Ann movie. I happened to be on Google Video a few years back, for some reason — after Google Video had stopped being A Thing but before it was actually shut down — and spotted it in the related videos, and decided I was bored enough to sit through it. I’m still baffled that there was ever a time when something like that could get made and put in theaters and nobody would try to stop them.

  23. Oh thank god
    I thought I was the only one who had a thing for Gadget

  24. Hmm, makes me wonder if you’ll ever do another NC like the one on the Disney Afternoon for Cartoon Cartoon’s on CN.

    Also Doug, tsk, tsk, love between a mouse and a human, don’t be a Racist now.

  25. The Disney Club veriation with the better non cheesy Instrumental mix version of the music is what we had here.

  26. do judge dredd or sidekicks

  27. I actually liked Quack Pack. In Finnish. But not in English. I guess it might be another example of how voice acting can make or break a show or movie. Another example, to me, is Disney’s Atlantis. The English version just sounds… boring, while the Finnish voice actors – mostly, anyway – have the energy to pull through jokes and scenes.

  28. It’s funny how you guys bash cartoons trying to be all “cool” and “extreme”, yet you love TMNT so much, when that was pretty much the whole theme of the show

  29. You two do realize that Goofy having a son is nothing new, right? I mean, he had one in a number of his original shorts (whether he was called Max or not, I don’t recall).

  30. I never got to see Quack Pack (didn’t grow up with cable) and I feel like I dodged a bullet. You guys always have such neat things to say and it’s nice to hear as an aspiring animator.

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