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  1. Don’t insult Dobby!

  2. We’ve gotta get you two to a good game, man. D&D/Pathfinder “isn’t someone’s thing” until they find the right group! ;D

  3. John Rhys Davies is indeed Professor Arturo from Sliders AND Gimli from Lord of the Rings.

  4. Don’t know what that says about me but at first I saw a bong on Dougs Tshirt.

  5. Will you start posting the Steven Universe Vlogs already ?

  6. IncognitoBandito

    The sad thing is that D&D/Wizards of the Coast has a ton of source material from which to make a truly bizarre and engaging fantasy universe for either big or small screen and they really haven’t done much of anything with it.

  7. That is something that is missing in D&D and that is Wayne Brothers. Also, if possible, someone from our world.

  8. The Iron Weasel

    This movie is actually a work of genius, think about it. Overacting, thin plot, nonsensical plot points, this is a dumb campaign with a bunch of friends realized!

  9. I’ve never seen this movie but my God, I really want to! Is it my headphones or was the volume messed up in parts? Also, you know you cut off, the HACHACHACHACHACHA at the end, right?

  10. When I first saw this movie, I absolutely hated it. Acting, storytelling, characters….absolutely awful. But the main reason,why this pissed me off, is that this movie is to fantasy genre, what Battlefield Earth is for sci-fi and Mamma Mia is to romantic chick flicks.

    Movie that think, that just because it has some elements of that certain genre, in this case,magic, dragons, prophecies etc, it equals as fanatsy.
    Movie that instead of creating something good and new, something that would make it interesting, just says “Who cares? It’s a stupid fantasy, right? Nobody will take it seriously”.
    Even fantasy series, that is intentionally funny parody of itself, like Discworld series from Terry Prattchet, is creative and very interesting. This… is exact reason, why some people see fantasy/sci-fi as low immature genre, instead of something that is doing different take on reality, just with fairy tale elements or future elements.

    I know, why you enjoy it Doug, but I simply cannot.

  11. Personally its the best thing D&D put out in motion picture after Dungeon and Dragons cartoon

  12. I do have to say, the NC review of this is one of my favorites.!

    It’s a so bad it’s so good movie. BUT, I feel like there is a lack of serious fantasy films (maybe I have to search more and go foreign), and this film just feeds into the “outsider” viewer that the fantasy genre is a joke.

    Another bad fantasy film that I enjoyed because I viewed it with a grain of salt is “In the Name of the King”, the first one, the other sequels were boring. Oh, there’s some over acting goodies in it.

  13. I saw this movie when I was 13, and I’m pretty sure this was the first movie I watched where I actively realized, before it was even done, ‘This isn’t very good’.

    Didn’t know much about D&D then, other than it involved monsters, dungeons and dragons. I thought, ‘There is NO WAY they could mess this up. I must just not understand it.’

    This movie was my awakening to the truth that people with the money to make big films could still be idiots.

  14. Yeah, I only actually saw this film last year, I’ve been playing D&D for about 4 years now and… yeah, knowing D&D does NOT help you get into this film. There are things that they got right cosmetically, but all of the details are wrong.

    That being said, I LOVE this film! I loved it from the moment I started watching and saw Jeremy Irons and Bruce Payne try to tame a dragon as the opening scene. It’s bad, but it’s the best kind of bad and I wouldn’t have it any other way because if you’re playing D&D right, THIS is how it should be going, except that EVERYONE should be acting like Jeremy Irons and Bruce Payne. Everyone who plays has had a game like this; where everything is going wrong in the most glorious fashion possible and the players are going to take every opportunity to make it worse while still basically following the plot, mostly because they’re either waiting for the perfect moment to ruin EVERYTHING the GM has planned in one fell swoop.

  15. There seems to be some audio trouble because the sound keeps fading in and out. Could you please fix that? Also, could you fix the ending because it fades immediately when the two of you start impersonating Jeremy Irons.

  16. Was someone playing with the audio gain? I don’t know if it was just me, but the audio seemed to slowly fluctuate between very loud and very soft, starting about halfway through the video.

  17. I laughed my ass off when Snails died. Best part of the whole movie. Besides that it was kind of a gaudy mess. Amateurish on every level. Tom Baker seemed like he had been paid in as much booze as he could drink prior to the shoot, and Richard O’Brien was having a lot of fun with his part of the film.

  18. Jeremy Irons cannot play bad guys!

    He was God-awful in Die Hard with a Vengeance with his atrocious attempts to be Alan Rickman mark II!

    If anything he was even worse in Dungeons & Dragons!

    The annoying thing is that he’s actually a really good actor who just should turn down any offer to play the bad guy!

    As for Dungeons & Dragons the Movie – There’s so much I loathe about this movie {Starting with Jeremy Irons himself and ending with that truly inane last scene!} but what really gets me about it more than anything else is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Dungeons & Dragons the Game!

    D&D has so much potential and backstory with multiple Worlds and even a Cosmos that it’s truly astonishing that they decided to completely ignore all of this in favour of a generic fantasy city state {yes I know they call it a Kingdom but what do we see of that Kingdom? One City and One Town!} and a Story that was basically {as you’ve stated in this video} a Phantom Menace clone!

    The really strange thing though is that I can’t help finding this movie enjoyable….Right up until that last scene where I just want to scream!

    I also found Marlon Wayans to be the most likeable character in the entire movie! Not saying much I know but I never can understand why he gets all the flak.

    The straight to video sequel feels more D&D and is frankly a better movie over-all than the first {again not saying much}
    The 2nd straight to video sequel has by far the strongest D&D connections but makes huge mistakes like having a Good God of the Sun, Light, Strength and Healing require his Paladins {Holy Warriors} to do Evil BEFORE they gain their Powers!
    This is the exact opposite of D&D!

    Another thing I don’t get about any of the D&D movies so far is the lack of a decent religious character in them.
    Clerics {Warrior Priests} are one of the four main archetypical character types in D&D and the closest we get in the movies is the dumb@ss in #2 who decided to try and Turn {A D&D ability that destroys weak Undead creatures like Zombies} a Dragon! Even if that Dragon was indeed Undead that Cleric should have known that Turning it was quite simply impossible!

    This along with Clash/Wrath of the Titans and many other movies have proved to me that Hollywood these days cannot see the good in ANY Religion or Deities!
    Oh sorry…Apart from Buddhism of course! {Yes Stargate SG-1 annoyed me to no end in later seasons though I still love that show}.

  19. It’s okay Rob I felt the same way about Dobby’s death in the movie and I read the books. I was fine with Dobby but his death never made me sad… but that’s mostly because I was crying through the rest of the book (Hedwig’s death nearly broke me). I also thought his death was a stupid part to end part one on.

  20. Yes, even us fans of the game all agree this was a HORRIBLE representation of the hobby, but still fun to watch ^_^

    The thing is, now that the “Lord of the Rings/Hobbit” movies have shown how to make a truly good fantasy movie (your mileage may vary), I don’t think anyone will even try to make a serious “Tolkienesque” fantasy pick again, much less one based on this property (although I still think it has promise, but maybe for a Direct to DVD or SyFy limited series).

  21. “wired one-eye snake, Medusa-head thing”- that’s a beholder, a classic Dungeons & Dragons monster. Occasionally shows up in fantasy novels and video games.

  22. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Unlike Doug, I have played D&D, and it’s very clear that the writers of this movie had not. Most likely they just pasted the name onto a pre-existing script to give it a built-in audience.
    This movie fails to reflect the spirit and feeling of D&D at the most fundamental level. D&D is, first and foremost, a TEAM effort–a group of disparate individuals who come together to achieve a goal that none of them could accomplish alone. A good D&D party operates like a well-oiled machine, everyone doing their job. You have the fighters to provide muscle and serve as a shield for the squishier members; the mages to cast spells from a distance; the thieves to sneak around, circumvent traps, open locks, and stab enemies from behind; and the clerics to keep everyone healed. This movie has none of that. Ridley does EVERYTHING. Snails is utterly useless (as well as annoying and racist), the dwarf (who is never even named or identified as such to my knowledge), and the elf (who has to be played by a black girl so Snails can be romantically interested in her, because otherwise you’d have a black guy lusting over a white girl, and Hollywood just can’t handle interracial romance–IN A MOVIE WITH ORCS, DWARVES, ELVES, AND GOBLINS) never do a fucking thing, and the mage is only there to make magical portals to escape through when the plot requires it).
    Granted, Riff Raff’s maze was basically a test designed for a lone thief, but they had the perfect opportunity for the group to work together as a team when they attack the castle, and instead the elf chick says: “They must do this themselves.” WHY????? That is totally contrary to how D&D is supposed to work! Hardly anyone EVER does anything by themselves! So yeah, this movie sucks big time, and even Irons taking a four-course meal in scenery couldn’t save it for me. I hated it when it came out and I hate it now.

  23. Snorgatch Pandalume

    And some day, perhaps not in my lifetime, Doug and Rob will be able to get through a review without mentioned how much they hate Jar Jar. Because it’s not like we haven’t all heard that 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times.

  24. The Mysterious M

    “It’s like doing a Doctor Who movie.”


  25. You have bad audible connections for the first time in this review.

  26. Always make sure your audio is in top notch condition Walker bros.

  27. Well Doug you asked for it here it is, this is the actor who plays the dwarf, he has a very funny part in season 2 off Tales from the Crypt in the episode For Crying Out Loud. I really recommend you check it out.

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