Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts on – Event Horizon

It has a following, but can Doug and Rob figure out why? Find out what Doug and Rob’s real thoughts on the movie Event Horizon.

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  1. Being a fan of both Alien and Hellraiser, I do like the concept of this movie, but yeah, it doesn’t entirely succeed at combining those ideas. It is enjoyably corny though, and has some legitimately cool set designs, particularly the engine core chamber of the ship. Sam Neil is definitely the best part. I love the bit when he slowly backs into shadows exclaiming, “I am home.”

  2. WTF guys? Event Horizon was an AWESOME movie!

    #1- (1st)Mortal Kombat(1995), Event Horizon(1997), Soldier(1998) and, (1st)Resident Evil(2002)= Proof Paul WS Anderson was once capable of making great movies.

    • Soldier, I don’t know. Remember it looking like a long intro to a VG or a cutscene.
      The rest… Like’em. Stupid, 4kids action that doesn’t take itself seriously at all.
      It’s called 3 o’clock feature here.

  3. I never saw this movie. The only main thing I knew was that it might be the most recent movie with lost footage. As in, no one knows where it is. Then again, “Pootie Tang” might have too. Not that that’s any better. It’s probably worse.

  4. Event Horizon isn’t my thing but it’s so forgettable to me. At first I thought this was about that Stephen King movie that you recently reviewed. My bad. Haha. Also, I had never heard of this movie until your NC review.

  5. Believe it or not some people did like the Mortal Kombat games for more than just the gore.

    • As I recall, at some point Doug mentioned that making goreless MK is like making goreless Itchy & Scratchy cartoon, so he kinda sees franchise as that – gory gimmick with no any real value besides.
      MK Fatalities are impressive, but after successfully performing em 3-4 times, there is no real point to finish your opponent this way, it’s just feels as waste of time a bit – devastating your rival during the actual battle is way more interesting task.

  6. You say it is a “dude” movie. I don’t agree:

    1) it is a SciFi, and it uses sciency technobabble
    2) the horror relies more on the imagination, than gross-out scenes

    Real “dude” movies are Saw or Hostel, not Event Horizon.

  7. I was expecting Event Horizon to be bad. Was pleasantly surprized. A very happy film. Lots of stuff happens, explosions, crazy underlying things insinuated.
    B-movie goodness.

  8. >Is Sam Neill ever not entertaining?
    Escape Plan. Place where charisma dies.

    As for Event Horizon, I think it’s quite good, bit less entertaining than actual Hellraiser in Space though. And I believe that only reason this movie exists is because in some parallel universe Anderson made DooM movie instead of MK, and Event Horizon is just an echo from that bizarre place.

  9. I did like this movie, funnily is that Sam Neil is in 2 of my favorites horror movies, Events Horizon and in the mouth of madness

  10. I think part of the following its because it’s kinda like Lovecraft in Space, also I liked that it tried to be more psychological, I never was into gore, I taught it was interesting to see them play with the fears of the characters

  11. and was the film’s idea of Hell really that silly? depending on how you interpret what the afterlife is, wouldn’t it be an alternate dimension?

  12. “The Teleporter” would have been a much shorter movie.

    “Frank, we need you to transport this package. No questions asked.”



    “Oh, that was easy. And since I was standing right here I don’t even wonder if you saw something you shouldn’t, necessitating an overly complex and ultimately doomed plot to kill you. This worked out well. Here’s your money.”


    (Credits roll)

  13. I DO like this movie! Its got a subtle buildup, then goes batsh$t! The thing is, is this movie is not big budget, but it’s not “B” either. It was more phycological thriller then bloody bloody. So many movies now rely on the *jump scare* too, see Paranormal Activity franchise, that this is a nice movie to return to, but like you point out, it does have its issues, most middle ground horror flicks do. A possible movie that does this concept better is “Pitch Black”, which I really want you guys to review! Just ask yourself; are you afraid of the dark?

  14. Please talk about Cool As Ice!

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