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Two hams for the price of one? Sounds like Doug and Rob’s kind of movie! Here are their real thoughts on the Cage & Travolta movie, Face/Off.

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  1. This was one of my favorite “Real Thoughts On”. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie! Wait, I was pretty young at the time this came out and it’s obviously rated R. Have you ever seen “Adaptation”? It’s my favorite Nicolas Cage movie. I just love to see you passionate about such a great movie.

  2. Hey have you guys seen Hard Target? I believe it was John Woo’s directorial debut in America. Anyway, it’s a pretty kick-ass action film featuring Jean Claude Van Damme sporting a greasy mullet. Not to mention Lance Henrikson as a typically over the top villain.

  3. Are you sure there *isn’t* a comic book of this movie? Somebody summon Linkara. If anyone would know, it’d be him…

  4. This video got extremely surreal around the point where you said you couldn’t think of anything wrong with this film. Seriously? I get why you like it, but really? “Best 90s movie”? I’m legitimately baffled. I can’t tell you guys what you do and don’t like, but is it possible you’re letting a few films slip your mind? Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Terminator 2, Silence of The Lambs, The Shawshank Redemption, maybe a few others that are similar in content and tone that may provide worthy contenders?

    Also, I’m going to have to heartily disagree about Face/Off being reminiscent of a comic book… Sure, Nic Cage is a living cartoon, but the rest of the film? Not really.

    • Shawshank, Silence and the two Tarantino Movies are blatantly different Genres. T2 is up there for sure but again is more a Sci-Fi than a Pure Action movie and I choose to believe Doug and Rob were talking about Pure Action Movies at that point.

      Die Hard 2 came out in 1990 and Lethal Weapon 3 in 1992 and were sequels to 80s Originals.

      The only actual 90s Pure Action Movies that can hold a candle to Face/Off are Under Siege {which let’s face it was Die Hard on a Boat anyway}, Demolition Man {which could perhaps be classified as Sci-Fi but I prefer to classify as Action}, Bad Boys and Cage’s other Magnum Opus: Con Air!

      • True Lies? Speed? Point Break? Total Recall? Blade? Fifth Element? Desperado?

        Okay some of those might be pushing genre lines a bit, but they all came out in the 90’s, were not sequels to earlier franchises, and are all pretty good action movies.

        • Fifth Element isn’t pushing genre lines it’s outright shattering them!

          Desperado is a Western.

          I didn’t actually like Total Recall, I definitely didn’t like Blade, True Lies is legitimately bad.

          I’ll give you Speed {Surprised I forgot that one}.

          • Those all came up under a quick Google search for 1990’s Action Movies, I just cherry-picked the better ones from the list. I might not’ve put Fifth Element or Desperado on the list under normal circumstances. But really, the only difference between them is the setting. It’s still a bunch of high-energy action scenes, hero vs. bad guys, etc. Replace the car chases with horses or spaceships, that’s about it.

          • MightyDavidson

            Desperado is not a Western. It’s not set in the Old West and none of the characters is a cowboy.

            It’s an action movie about a Mexican man seeking revenge on a drug dealer, in Mexico, for the death of his beloved.

      • Lets not forget The Rock. I’m not a fan of Micheal Bay but that is one undeniably great action film. “Heroes go home and fuck the prom queen!”

      • Demolition Man, Con Air, True Lies, Fifth Element are all movies which I enjoy to watch to this day. Face off isn’t, the movie is terrible, there is nothing good about it imho.

        And then there is The Rock, but to be honest, the only thing I like about the Rock is the scene with Sean Connery in the hotel.

    • I think they mean that it’s just flat out unapologetic. There is never a wink at the camera scene. It’s such an insane concept that is just played so fucking straight it’s hard not to just gawk at it. A lot of those movies you mentioned are great on their terms, but some had very very noticeable wink at the camera scenes. or tongue in cheek scenes or they obviously had some kind of underlying “message” that (while maybe a great message) you just can’t help but notice on repeat viewings. I mean the thumbs up at the end of T2? Shmaltzy. Resovoir Dogs is amazing but I would hardly classify it as an action film, it’s character study if anything with a lot of just pop references and artistic music choices that it’snot really playing it straight either. ( IT IS AWESOME PLEASE DON”T THINK I”M RAGGING ON RESERVOIR DOGS). When Travolta brings home cages son as a weird “hey honey i replaces our dead son” part at the end it is played just straight as an arrow. There’s no message, no art, no pretense. The movie is just played straight and as an audience you can just pick up on how insane that is.

  5. Face/Off is the only R-rated movie that my mom actively likes. I still couldn’t take the gore and usually she can’t either but she says that it’s so fun.

  6. I love Face/Off and Darkman, both great and way over the top. Nice to see them get along and really like a movie. I think Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino both had a lot of great 90’s movies with awesome side characters that were really interesting, and Quentin is one of the best at writing interesting characters; sometimes the characters don’t even have to say anything for you to want to know more about them.

  7. Nick Cage gets a bad rap but he’s made two of the Greatest Action Movies of All Time in Face/Off and Con Air.
    He also made two very good Action Movies in The Rock and Gone in 60 Seconds.
    Then there’s the possibly best Fantasy Movie not made by Peter Jackson since Willow – Season of the Witch.
    And of course Kick Ass.
    Bad Lieutenant and National Treasure weren’t bad either.

    My personal Top 10 Pure Action Movies of all time would be:

    1) Die Hard
    2) Face/Off
    3) Lethal Weapon 2
    4) Con Air
    5) Demolition Man
    6) Die Hard 2
    7) Under Siege
    8) Bad Boys
    9) Lethal Weapon 3
    10) Commando

    Looking at that list I can’t recall you reviewing any of the 4 Lethal Weapons, first 3 Die Hards, the 2 Bad Boys, Under Siege or Con Air?
    I also don’t recall Gone in 60 Seconds or The Rock Nostalgia Critiques?

    • I’d agree with that sentiment mostly except with the The Raid 2 right at the top. If you’re looking for non-stop martial arts action it’s easily the best around.

      • The Raid 2 is great, but i actually prefer the first one. I love action films that are confined to a single setting, much like Die Hard or Assault On Precinct 13 (the original, not the remake).

    • That’s a great list. Would you put “big trouble in little china” as an action film? ‘cus if so I would swap it out with die hard 2. Other than this that would probably be my exact list with honorable mentions for Bloodsport (guilty pleasure), terminator 2 (which I count as an action film) and Aliens (which I also count as an action film) those last 2 only get mentions since I just prefer the first ones more.

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