Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – FernGully

Find out why this environmental tale SHOULD have been the last rain forest. Rob and Doug discuss the early 90s film, FernGully.

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  1. I liked the first film. I thought it was alright. Decent animation and all.

  2. Hey, pssst, you’re not supposed to mention the ozone, because otherwise people might notice that this horrific, massive hole in our atmosphere that was surely going to sun-lazer us all to death has stopped being a thing anyone even talks about.


  4. While I wasn’t a fan of this movie, I did think it was ok when I saw it as a kid, but I would have much preferred a Captain Planet movie if I wanted to get motivated to clean the environment.

  5. HHOW DHARE HYOU insult fruit-misting!?!!???!!!!? I’ll have you know that fruit-misting keeps fruits misty! What, would you rather eat NON-misted fruit, you GHAHD-DHAMNED BHASTHARD!?!

    That was “bastard”, not like “bas-thard”. It’s just breathy between the T and A. You know, just so there’s no confusion. It can be really frustrating to read a comment and not be sure what one of the words used was, because then it’s like, “in what direction are you being weird?”, you know? And you guys don’t need that, you’ve got shit to do.

    S’HOCIAL JHUSTCE WHARRIHOR SHIT, hyou anti-mistite p’hoopy-heads!

  6. thatchickwithlonghair

    I really f*cking loved this movie as a kid. It got me really obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with fairies and I loved rainforest…..anything. It made me want to go see one. It made me build a miniature terrarium of one for school and I got the top grade on it too. And indeed, the animation is beautiful to look at. It just enchanted me. The script is a little goofy though. But I thought Batty was funny. XD

    It’s a very creative movie and a visual treat and it probably inspired a lot of young kids who were into art….so at least there’s that. I was also old enough to know that fairies were not responsible for plant growth but I honestly thought that was a magical idea. I mean, flowers growing literally as you walk on the ground looks pretty awesome.

    ….the forest spirit in Mononoke did that too, of course. But Fern Gully came out before it so that was my first time seeing such a cool power.

  7. Devil's Advocate

    and about Captain Planet, Ma-Ti’s power isn’t that lame, he can read minds and control animals but is just morally opposed to those uses because reading someone’s mind against their will can mess them up and the other power would violate the animals’ free will. because if he can communicate with animals, he’s gonna see them as people too.

    and since it’s similar, I already told you about someone disagreeing with your review of Once Upon a Forest but since that video no longer exists, for one thing, there was no choice but to send the kids to go get the flower as they wouldn’t know how to take care of Michelle and do you really think the old guy with the bad back would have had any better chances of surviving the journey?

    • As I was watching this I reminded the HILL-ARRIOUS reviews of Captain Planet episodes seen here

      While it’s easy to make of CP, the first episode to really address the rainforest issue head on Skumm Lord, was probably one of there better entries in hindsight. Captain Planet himself is barely in it. Wheeler is incapable of talking for half of it (that ALONE is a plus) And Ma-Ti…poor pitiful Ma-Ti…easily the most maligned of the planters not only manages to use his powers impressively, he comes off as the most competent of them all. He figures out where to find a cure to the villains plague, outmaneuvers his attack vehicle in a close chase, and doesn’t hesitant to use power to send animal attacks on his zombified friends before they spread the plague further. He doesn’t whine about how BAD it feels it is to do this. He sees there’s a tough jobs to be done and goes for it!

      More importantly, the environmental message didn’t really arrive until more than half way through and the villains plot was generally threatening in a cheesy B-movie kind of way. The focus was a stopping a disease and they find it in part of the rainforest that being cleared for cattle, leaving the plant with the only cure on the brink of extinction. So the message kind of makes scenes since you could apply it to a real world disease.

      Don’t get me wrong, it still not very good. It’s still preachy and somewhat clueless as they tell us at the end you can help save the rainforest by recycling paper (even though there very plot shows what the NChick pointed out in the original FernGully review, that BEEF industries are real threat here!) However, it was one of the few times they handled a lesson they way I think it should be done. Let it flow naturally from the story. Put focus on creating interesting plots and characters first and than trust the viewers to learn while there being entertained, instead of just making them a flat palette for your message to be mounted.

  8. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    Yeah the tikki room is pretty old but it could be worst….at one point in the Florida one they had Iago and Zazu in it and they sang modern songs and stuff.

    Yeah I don’t know who’s idea it was to have Gilbert Gottfried sing, but we were traumatized

  9. Unfortunately deforestation and forest fragmentation is now a bigger problem leading to decrease in biodiversity and and increase of extinctions rates of many species. The forests are also directly related to climate change as they act as natural carbon sink. By clearing forest or even prairie for land development or even just to plant crops we are taking way the planets ability to store Carbon from CO2 and are actually then releasing the carbon the land had been storing. To be honest I completely expect to see the collapse of a number of major ecosystems in my time most, noticeably the marine environments. It’s not all bad as there has defiantly been a push to halt deforestation and land clearance and in general i think the world is shifting to a more sustainable future. The question is how fast we can do that before we cause so much harm to the planets climate that it leads to the extinction of the human race.

    btw in the long run the planet will be fine once were gone in a things will probably even out again but we will not be there to see it and i know some will argue that might be a good thing.

  10. Few things have made me laugh of late quire like this. Well done finding ways to offend everyone. LOL

    I think the reason there was so much focus on the rainforest in the early late 80s and early 90s is two fold. First the deforestation of the Amazon along with destroying rare plants and animals was also killing the indigenous people of Brazil with water pollution and diseases. So there where tribal leaders from Brazil working on a public stage with various activist in the US and UK (in particular the rock singer Sting), making it more of international cause with a human face. Second it tied into the climate change (or global warning as they called it than) because deforestation is the most sitter man made contributor after burning fossil fuels, with biomasses absorbing most of the earth carbon gases. So it was a multi-purpose cause.

    The same year FernGully came out the UN Earthy Summit was held in Rio. Bush was still president, but even when he ran for office in 1988 he was trying to market himself as an Environmentalist to decent himself from the Reagan record (with only marginal success). I may not have know as much about the politics of it all as a kid, but I did follow the news (and yes other kids shows) enough to now that saving the rainforest usually meant the Amazon. So even than I found it odd they choose to set FernGully in Australia.

    A looking around reveals this was adapted from a book by the producers former wife released FIFTEEN years early! Apparently they’d spent close to five years trying to get the darn thing made and only after the success of The Little Mermaid did they find someone who believe animated film could be big again. Maybe if it had been made they it wouldn’t suffered from charges of following trends or falling behind the new Disney Renaissance. It did better at the box office than any other non-disney animated film that year, but not by much.

  11. You brought up some good points. This is my problem with the Liberal side of the spectrum, they are great at pointing out problems but they are horrible at actually fixing things. You can’t fix everything by just passing a law.

    • Laws are important but what is more important is enforcement of said laws with out the enforcement laws are useless. this isn’t a liberal thing that’s just common sense and climate issues should not be a liberal issue it should be a $@%#%@ human issue. besides if you actually look at the climate science we have given option for how to slow climate change they are just expensive and will involve some some inconvenience to some people but much less inconvenience if we just keep going the way we have been and don’t try.

      • One of those options is increased nuclear power. Suprisingly, the people most vocal about climate change don’t seem to care for it.

        • I’m actually with you there and most people who actually understand the science are there too. i mean there are places that nuclear power is not a great idea especially in places with high amounts of tectonic activity such as near active fault lines. but if you develop a smart power grid connected to wind, solar,hydro, wave, nuclear and some way also to store massive amounts of power we will have a much smaller carbon foot print.

    • You can say that about any sort of government.

      But, alas, you’re forced to ignore countless activists in order to construct that “argument”

  12. Yeah, Tim Curry as the Smog guy was by far the best part of the movie for me when I saw fern gully as a kid. Then again, I always did gravitate more towards the villain characters, I was sad when the t-rex died in Land Before Time.

  13. Hey! I AM OFFENDED BECAUSE… I love Rainforest Café. LOL. Anyways, I’ve never seen FernGully so no comment there. Also, I know nothing about politics. I just know that there is a donkey and an elephant that stands for something. Although, what do you have against religions that go door-to-door?

  14. These enviromental messages still make me turn off lights, screens, water, fridge doors and etc.

  15. Actually, the California reservoir levels are a result of mismanagement. Water was pumped out of California’s reservoirs to go to other reservoirs in different places… that didn’t even need the water. California would not be having this massive problem if the reservoirs had been handled properly.

  16. I like you pure Americans sometimes in that manner, you’re the craziest paranoid people you were or maybe still are occasionally.

  17. Da what Mikhail Gorbachov had on his thining now completely bald head was called a port wine stain birthmark, Whistler’s mother puff.

  18. Yeah go kill and wear some cliched baby seals or sea lions.

  19. Watch The Young Turks on Youtube if you both wish to sometimes.

  20. Devil's Advocate

    and about the jokes about the trees that were cut down to make this film, at least in this country, no one cuts down forests anymore, paper is made from trees grown pacifically for that purpose.

  21. That’s just dumb. People telling you they are offended and explaining why is pretty much the only way you’re going to know that you did something that hurt someone else.

    Going around assuming everyone is lying or manipulating is just too far. Just know what manipulation is and pay attention. And actually go out and see if there are other people who are offended, and how things work.

    I mean, assuming that people are lying otherwise gives you a big out to ignore their points if you disagree. Because, like it or not, you have political beliefs, too.

    And, for goodness sake–you’re quite liberal–as least, for the U.S. I can’t remember once seeing you advocate for anything conservative. But I’ve seen you advocate for liberal stuff all the time.

    The only reason I might bring up “Fox News” is because I’d assume you’d not like them, either. I mean, it’s TMZ but for politics.

  22. From my experience, it would seem that what qualifies as “liberal stuff” is mostly eye of the beholder. Although you mention there are different national standards (at least in terms of party platforms), but even that is somethings that gradual changes with time. The liberalism of yesterday often become the conservatism of today.

    Plus, there’s a difference between merely advocating something and being sensationalistic about it.

  23. 1) While I’m not supportive of switching non-white roles to white roles, the issue with Tilda Swinton is actually even more complex because coming iat it from the opposite direction, you also have exoticizing of Asian characters as racist, and that seems to be what happens in Dr. Strange (maybe I’m wrong, but it certainly looks like it). So on one had you have racism due to whitewashing and on the other you have racism due to stereotypical representation. It was a bad example to pick because no matter what side you’re on, you can’t win.

    2) How I feel about people of color replacing white characters varies depending on the character. Idris Elba is a great actor, but he really shouldn’t have been playing an Asgardian. He’s not the least bit Nordic. It’s really a role that calls for a white guy. Meanwhile, Flash’s Iris West is wonderful and Supergiirl’s Jimmie Olson is fine (my issues with him have to do with how he’s written rather than the color of the actor. Jimmie Olson is just not supposed to be that suave).

    3) Yes it is rather disturbing not using little people and instead wanting to show off special effects. However, there’s an additional wrinkle in Tyrion’s character from ASoIaF: The character is all about prejudices against dwarves. So having David Tenant do the role (for the sake of using your example) would be kind of like putting Patrick Stewart in blackface to play the lead in a Martin Luther King Jr. biopic. Blackface by itself is offensive, but you’d have increased the offense tenfold.

    4) Cloud Atlas doesn’t bother me in terms of the various faces because the point is to track reincarnation, and there were multiple actors of different races all treated the same, with stories that focuses on different races at different times.

    Side note: Wolverine is Canadian, not American. I thought everyone knew this, eh?

  24. SPEAKING OF DOING SOMETHING… You guys should post a video about your thoughts on Donald Trump. I think a lot of people look up to you guys, and if you and other internet celebrities posted something, I think it could make a difference. Just remember that issues such as freedom of press and free speech could be on the line based on things he has said.

  25. there are worst things to be manipulated to do i guess hahaha, i didnt mind ferngully when i was a kid I liked it. I watch it for nostalgic purposes. Love old animation from childhood 🙂

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