Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Flintstones

It’s a yabba-dabba-dumb dumb flick, but is it as bad as we made out? Doug and Rob look over the classic blunder, Flintstones.

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  1. If you’re gonna dig that much, you should play the Game Boy game based on the movie. Throw in your LP skills so people will get mad about that.

    • (I bring it up because it was my first Game Boy game and the first game I owned that wasn’t a hand-me-down. It was also the first game I played where dying didn’t freak me out.)

  2. I liked this movie as a kid. The weird thing is that I still think it’s pretty faithful to the cartoon. I mean, it just seems like someone who would be more into “The Flintstones” would like it more. I heard a lot of critics say it was just okay. Yep, I heard that this set a record for most writers on a movie! I’ve been waiting for a “Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas” review forever!

  3. Steve the Pocket

    I looked up the director; you’re probably thinking of the Scooby-Doo movies he worked on, which weren’t even the theatrical ones. He did also direct two very famous ’90s movies, “Beethoven” and “Jingle All the Way”, which I was surprised to learn came out only two years before this one and two years AFTER it, respectively; for some reason I’d always thought of both of those as much older movies than this.

  4. Robert Bateman

    On Friday, May 20th on the way back to where Yonagonaf lives after work Yonagonaf was singing “The Rubbles are leaving today, today. The Rubbles are leaving hooray, hooray.” from the second season episode “The House Guest”.

    When I got to where I live I watched “Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Flintstones”.

    The timing is interesting.

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    Here’s the thing about The Flintstones: for a lot of us who grew up in the late 70s or early 80s, it was the one cartoon that came on in the late afternoons for us to watch when we got home from school. That is, until He-Man and G.I. Joe came along to change that. You guys who grew up in later decades, you had other choices, including whole cable channels dedicated to feeding your kid brains with mindless entertainment. For us, it was The Flintstones or The Andy Griffith Show. Or maybe Bewitched.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Also, the show was intended to be an adult sitcom rather than a children’s show. It was basically The Simpsons for the 1960s. So a lot of the scenarios would be more enjoyable by adults, but very tame by modern standards. Someone should go back in time and make Hanna-Barbera create Dexter’s Lab instead.

  6. Oh, I loved your Flintstones review. Now, I want to see the NC review again. The Flinstones was past my time but I used to play this game on the Cartoon Network website called Ask Kazoo. I remember I’d ask questions such as “Will there be hot dogs at lunch today?” So that’s as much as I know about Flinstones. Also, it’s sad that this movie was Elizabeth’s Taylor last movie. *cries a little*

  7. Gentlemen, with this Hanna-Barbera related film having been discussed, both here & via Doug’s Nostalgia Critic, might i recommend a review of a great series from Cartoon Network that addressed & made fun of everything in that franchise? Harvey Birdman – Attorney at Law?!! Such a great & hilarious show for the short time it ran- 3 seasons if I remember correctly.

  8. The best bit of the Flintstones is the Hungarian dub. For some reason, they decided to put the entire show in rhyme, and that was pretty epic. 😀

  9. “It’s a living.”

  10. The best HB prime time show was Top Cat.

    As for the Flintstones movie, I have to disagree. It’s perhaps the most faithful live action adaptations of a animated tv show I’ve ever seen. As for Fred’s arc, that’s stripped straight from the show. Fred’s always been a jerk with a heart of gold who lets ambition cloud his judgment.

    However since you don’t care for the show you’re obviously not going to care for seeing a retelling of the show. Keeping that in mind you may actually like Rock Vegas better. It’s bad but it explores the relationship between Fred and Wilma. In fact that movie has the best portrayal of Wilma I’ve ever seen.

  11. anonexistentuser

    So, “yabba dabba do!” paved the way for “Baziinga!” to provide talentless hacks with 9 seasons and millions of dollars per episode. All of a sudden, I hate “The Flintstones” too.

  12. Remember Spielberg’s A.I.

  13. When the hell will you two review your real thoughts on 2001’s Artificial Intelligence?

  14. thatchickwithlonghair

    Rob’s reaction at the beginning cracked me up. XD

    Liked the funny cartoon as a kid. Hated the movie. It was very bad.


  15. surprisingly didn’t hate this movie when it came out. I thought it was okay. I was a fan of the show when I was little. I also liked the jetsons too so seeing it come to life was kinda kool. John Goodman did a good job as Fred. I mean… how do you really make a sitcom cartoon based on cavemen who live in suburbia and basically live normal lives otherwise… except for the whole dinosaurs live among them thing…
    its really hard unless you get away from the source material.

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